Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wild Animal Exhibition-Downtown Jackson-March 2

What a treat for downtown residents.  On March 2, there will be a wild animal exhibition at Club Volume, compliments of Madison County slimeball Chip Matthews.

Club Monkey

Anyone paying good money to live downtown should take a good look at the 11 monkeys on this flyer.  Do you really want any one of these pieces of shit walking around your residences (much less all 11 of them)?

A typical Chip Matthews production.  Chip is fond of saying he wants to work together to "solve Jackson's problems."  When you hear him say something like that, remember this flyer.  Chip Matthews doesn't give a rip about your community, your safety or the quiet enjoyment of your residence.  Shit Matthews only cares about temporarily putting some white trash money in his pocket as fast as he can.  He's got a short window of opportunity, as he must get as much cash as possible before this dump goes belly up (just like every other bar Chip has ever owned).

As springtime nears and the weather gets warmer, expect more of this garbage.  Stay alert.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Whiskey For My Men

Beer for my horses.  That's the first song that came to mind when we heard Attorney General Jim Hood talk about being "on a manhunt."  We can just picture Twitty driving home at the end of the day with this blaring on the radio, while he fantasizes that he's a real law enforcement officer running Code 3 to take down an evildoer.

Ultimately, though, after listening to Twitty's billy joe badass 'manhunt' talk for 3 weeks, this song by the original Conway Twitty came to mind.  Somehow it just seems to fit.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thank God for Jim Hood

The past few weeks have shown us that Attorney General Jim Hood doesn't play.  He will relentlessly pursue criminals and convicts that dare break the law or try to play the system.  All the way to the ends of Wyoming if necessary.  Jim Hood.  Our tough-as-nails AG standing between us and manhuntin' the forces of evil.

The message to criminals is clear:  When you break the law in Mississippi, Jim Hood will hunt you down and make you pay.  No exceptions.

OK, well, almost no exceptions.