Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DJT Chalks Up Another Win

Chalk up another "W" for the DJT.  We previously posted about the unsightly pile of garbage that Ted Orkin and his buddy Chip Matthews had allowed to be piled at the rear of Orkin's property at 206 West Capitol Street.  Here's what the property looked like back then: 

This eyesore had been in this condition for many months, clearly visible to anyone going to do business at the McCoy Federal Building across the street.  We wrote about this mess and "politely" "requested" that Ted Orkin clean this crap up. 

Less than 48 hours after we posted the story, the mess was gone.  Here's the "after" shot of the property:

Now, if Ted will just clean up the human trash on the inside of the building, we'll be all squared away.

The DJT.  Cleaning up the community one piece of trash at a time.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Dear Occupy Jackson

Clean this shit up.

This is the scene downtown residents were treated to all weekend at the Occupy Jackson commune.  An unsightly pile of crap left unattended on the sidewalk.  This is a far cry from the "clean as a whistle" image presented at the City Council meeting by the Occupy malcontents.

Occupy Jackson evidently thinks that its First Amendment right to complain that the World hasn't given them everything they want (with no effort from them), includes the right to make our community look like a Rankin County yard sale.  So, to Chelsea "Squeaky" McDonald, Professor of Hygeine James Parker and the rest of the shiftless Occupy Jackson crowd, we say clean this shit up.  Or, bettter yet, go pile this crap up on a sidewalk in Brandon (you know, where you live). 

This is our community.  Please stop trashing it. 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Benji Boyd Arrested. Henry Michel Hides Under His Desk

The DJT previously wrote about the Millsaps Building, which in our estimation is an incubator for crime in downtown Jackson.  One of the primary offenders is one Benjamin Boyd, also known as Dirty White Boy.  Among other things, Boyd built the illegal rooftop bar known as the Skybox (or Skyyboxx or Sykyboxx, depending on how many rocks one has smoked).  The property manager, Henry Michel, received numerous complaints about Boyd's illegal construction, yet did nothing.  According to Henry, since Dirty White Boy wasn't doing anything illegal (and paid his rent on time), he could not evict the miscreant from the building. 

City of Jackson Code Enforcement subsequently paid a visit to the illegal rooftop bar.  Rooftop bars are not allowed in the City of Jackson.  Another problem was that Boyd's construction skills aren't exactly a model of industry standards.  While there are several examples, this is the DJT's personal favorite:

The DJT is not an electrician, but this just didn't look too safe.  Halfass wiring aside, this was uncovered and exposed to the elements.  Something about rainwater + electricity just made us nervous.  (Note that Henry Michel had previously looked at this and saw no problem). 

Code enforcement ordered Boyd to dismantle all this crap immediately.  All Boyd had to do was take down this "construction" and there would be no penalty--not even a citation.  So Boyd did what any red-blooded downtown Jackson trash would do:  he refused to take it down.

Two weeks later, Code Enforcement came back to inspect the property again.  Somehow, they found out that Boyd did not take down the bar as ordered.  This time, they brought the JPD Precinct 5 Commander and another police officer with them.  When the officers arrived, Benji was none too happy.  When code enforcement tried to talk to Benji, he put a cussing on them that would have made Bobby Knight blush.  Despite giving him several opportunities to shut up and allow access to the property, Boyd refused.  His final words to the officers were:  "PO-LEESE in Jackson ain't SHIT!"

And you know what happened next:

Benji Boyd Jackson MS Arrest Report

That's right, they arrested his sorry ass.  (NOTE:  This document is not the officer's narrative report.  This document is an MPRA incident report, which is a Clerk's short synopsis of the arresting officer's report).

Even after this incident, Henry Michel refused to regulate Dirty White Boy's conduct.  He continued to proclaim that "he isn't doing anything wrong so I can't evict him."  Well Henry, how about this for a reason to evict the dirtbag?:  (1) As stated in the report, his construction violated City code.  Using the premises to engage in an unlawful activity is always grounds for eviction; (2) Committing a crime and getting arrested on the leased premises also justifies eviction; (3) Disrupting other businesses by committing #1 and 2 is another grounds for eviction.

Despite receiving this and other evidence of DWB's conduct, Henry Michel hid under his desk and did nothing.  As a result, Benji Boyd finished the rooftop construction and the Skybox fire trap was open for business.  Henry Michel is complicit in the activities of Boyd and the Locker Room, just the same as if he was a partner in the venture.  And, in many ways, we suppose he is. 

The next time you see Henry Michel or Walter Michel, make sure and tell them both how much you appreciate their efforts to make downtown Jackson all it can be.

Friday, November 25, 2011

NEW RULE (No. 2)

If Occupy Jackson is going to make its point by quoting Jew-hating Russian authors, they must spell all the words correctly.

This sentiment was expressed in a book written by Russian anti-Semitic author Fyodor Dostoyevsky.  The title of the book, you ask?  The Idiot.  We kid you not.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Brian Eason Does a Drive-By on Councilman Quentin Whitwell

City Beat Reporter Brian Eason recently penned a patented Clarion-Ledger drive-by on Ward 1 Councilman Quentin Whitwell.  The blog post, entitled Jokes Reign at latest Occupy Jackson Hearing, attempted to highlight alleged bad behavior by Mr. Whitwell at a recent City Council meeting.  That's an ironic title, considering that the only "joke" arising from this meeting was Eason's post.

During the meeting, the full City Council considered the shower-education awareness group Occupy Jackson's request to set up a commune in Smith Park.  Mr. Whitwell spoke against the request, generally citing "law and order" concerns.  Whitwell made no personal attacks or insults in his pithy comments.

When Whitwell concluded his remarks, Ward 2 City Councilman Edwin Taliaferro Chokwe Lumumba made the obligatory (and completely irrelevant) reference to race.  Sticking to his lifelong race-baiting schtick, Lumumba said of Whitwell's remarks, "Senator Bilbo couldn't have said it better."  The insulting comparison to Bilbo, a vile racist, was a blatant and inflammatory personal attack on Whitwell.  After Lumumba finished his remarks, Whitwell attempted to object to the inappropriate comments.  The chair of the meeting, Council Vice-President Tony Yarber, repeatedly spoke over Whitwell to prevent him from making his objections.  To make matters worse, SoJack's finest made no attempt to reprimand or caution Lumumba not to make such statements.

Despite the deplorable behavior by Lumumba, and gutless behavior by Yarber, Brian Eason made up a story that falsely stated that Whitwell acted inappropriately during the meeting.  Here's what Eason wrote:

He (Whitwell) and Ward 2 Councilman Chokwe Lumumba exchanged heated words at the first meeting, and the Council Vice President, Tony Yarber, got on Whitwell repeatedly for speaking (and occasionally shouting) out of turn.
Any reasonable person who reads this would get the impression that Whitwell acted inappropriately at the meeting, and had to be jerked back into line by the Principal.  There's only one problem with Brian Eason's claim:  It's a complete fabrication. 

Thankfully, we don't have to accept Eason's claim that Whitwell shouted, because it's on video.  Watch the video, and decide for yourself whether Mr. Whitwell was "shouting."  (Note to Brian Eason:  If it's easier to hear Whitwell than it is the others, it's not because he was "shouting."  It's because he was speaking directly into a sound amplification device commonly referred to as a "microphone."  The purpose of this device is to assist members of the audience in hearing the speaker's words.  For more information regarding this cutting-edge technology, click here).

Eason's claim that Whitwell was "speaking out-of-turn," is not exactly accurate either.  In Legislative bodies, it is a common and accepted practice for members to respond to inflammatory statements and personal attacks by other members.  This allows the member to ask the chair to strike the inflammatory comments or admonish the offender.  This practice is sometimes referred to as a "point of order."  Evidently, Tony Yarber and Brian Eason are not familiar with this procedure. 

Eason's blatantly false jab at Whitwell is compounded by the fact that he didn't say one word about Lumumba's inflammatory remark.  He didn't even mention it.  Comparing a fellow councilmember to Bilbo is inappropriate by any standard.  Despite having this clear evidence of inappropriate conduct staring him in the face, Eason ignored it.  Instead, he makes up a story that it was Whitwell who acted badly. 

Why would Eason do this?  Why couldn't Eason bring himself to even mention Lumumba's remarks?  Why go to the trouble of making up a story about Whitwell, when he had clear proof of obvious bad behavior by a notorious race baiter? 

Eason's half-ass attempt at drive-by journalism would be bad enough had his dishonesty-by-omission ended there.  But it didn't.  Later in the post, Eason described the Planning Committee meeting that took place the next day.  During the meeting, Lumumba showed his behind again and walked out of the meeting.  Inexplicably, Mr. Eason did not think that was worthy for inclusion in the post.  Once again, Eason neglected to mention Lumumba's conduct.  And once again, we ask why.

Mr. Eason, why did you fail to mention Lumumba's deplorable comments in this post?  Why did you fail to mention that Lumumba injected the irrelevant race issue into the discussion?  Why did you fail to report that Lumumba disrespectfully walked out of the Planning Committee meeting when he didn't get his way?  Why did you overlook all this actual misconduct, and instead fabricate a story about Whitwell acting inappropriately?

In other words, Mr. Eason, why are you covering for Chokwe Lumumba?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Rule, Part II

The DJT previously reported that the Jackson Downtown Neighborhood Association (JDNA) did not appear at the City Council meeting on November 21 to address Occupy Jackson's demand to camp out in Smith Park.  At that meeting, only former Jackson Mayor Kane Ditto appeared in opposition to the request.  The Council ultimately referred the matter to the Council's Planning Committee for further consideration.  The Committee was scheduled to meet the following day.

After the meeting, we contacted JDNA to determine the reason for JDNA's silence.  Specifically, we asked the following questions: (1) What is JDNA's position as to the occupiers' demands to camp out overnight in Smith Park, and (2) Whether JDNA had communicated its position to the City Council.

We got a response shortly after 9 a.m. on November 22.  The response was that the JDNA had not taken a position one way or the other.  Sometime between 9 a.m. and the time of the Planning Committee meeting, the JDNA evidently adopted a position in opposition to the occupiers' request.  Members of the organization appeared before the Committee and voiced opposition to overnight camping.  The Committee ultimately decided to recommend a compromise measure that would allow Occupy Jackson to stay in Smith Park until 11 p.m.

The DJT previously criticized JDNA for not appearing at the City Council meeting on November 21 to oppose Occupy Jackson, and for failing to adopt a position on the issue at all.  That criticism was both accurate and fair.  However, it would be patently unfair if we did not commend (and thank) JDNA for quickly adopting a position and appearing at the Planning Committee meeting the following day. 

Occupy Jackson Update: Councilman Edwin Taliaferro Takes His Toys and Goes Home

Yesterday, the Jackson City Council Planning Committee took up the issue of Occupy Jackson's demand to camp out and teach bathing lessons in Smith Park.  And once again, Councilman Chokwe Lumumba Edwin Taliaferro used the opportunity to act like a preschooler.

The Clarion-Ledger reported that Councilman Taliaferro made a motion to allow the protesters to camp in Smith Park overnight as they demanded.  When the motion died without a second, Edwin walked out of the meeting.  Edwin said he did not want to participate in the meeting if the Committee was not going to capitulate to the occupiers' demands.  Ever the clown, Edwin stated "It would be just like our predecessors telling Martin Luther King Jr. or Medgar Evers how to march...."

Yeah, Edwin.  Just like that.

Ultimately, the Committee adopted a compromise to waive the dusk closing time and allow the occupiers to stay in the park until 11:00 p.m., but not overnight.

Like clockwork, the Occupy Jackson Whining Machine went into full effect after the meeting.  Chelsea "Cricket" MacDonald, Occupy Jackson's spoiled, overindulged spokeswhiner, immediately started complaining because they didn't get exactly what they demanded.

The issue will ultimately be resolved when the full City Council meeting next week.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


You don't get to call yourself a neighborhood association, if all you do is call yourself a neighborhood association.  Yes, I'm talking to you Jackson Downtown Neighborhood Association.

As reported by Jackson Jambalaya, the Occupy Jackson crowd continued their fight to turn Smith Park into their own degenerate 24/7 two-and-a-half month dirty campground.  The anti-money protesters appeared before the City Council at the full council meeting on November 21, to appeal the daylight-to-dusk permit granted by the administration.  Incredibly, only former Jackson Mayor Kane Ditto spoke against allowing the protesters to turn the park into a campground.  After Mr. Ditto spoke, the Council was treated to a veritable loser parade of occupiers, some of whom claimed that the community actually wanted them there on a 24/7 basis.

The troubling part is that no one appeared to speak on behalf of the residents of downtown Jackson.  Not a single representative from JDNA appeared to give the residents' perspective of this grime pile.  In fact, JDNA hasn't even taken a position at all on the issue.  JDNA has been completely AWOL on this issue. 

This is no small matter.  We have a bunch of Rankin-Madison-Scott County trash trying to set up a camp, complete with porta-jons, fifty (50) feet from where residents live.  Yet, JDNA cannot be bothered to think about it.  They are far too busy planning the next feel-good mixer to be bothered with such frivolous matters as quality of life.

How hard would it have been to appear at the meeting and speak for two minutes on behalf of downtown residents?  Or if you did not want to appear at the meeting, why not write a letter to the Council in opposition of the occupiers?  It's not like it would have required that much effort.  We've already done the work for you, just print it off and send it to the Council. 

By your silence and failure to act, you tacitly approved of the occupiers' appeal.  The Council knows that we have a neighborhood association for downtown residents.  When JDNA stands mute, it sends a message to the Coouncil that downtown residents don't care how many Occupy fools occupy the park, or for how long.

There is more to being a neighborhood association than planning cocktail parties.  It takes more than putting up little flyers telling people where to go hang out and drink.  Besides, we already have a little flyer that does that--the Jackson Free Press.

A neighborhood association takes action to protect and advocate on behalf of the residents.  The DJT sees no evidence that the JDNA has any interest whatsoever in protecting and advocating on behalf of the residents of downtown Jackson.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Occupy Jackson Update: Councilman Edwin Taliaferro a/k/a Chokwe Lumumba Shows His Butt

Former New Afrika Republic Minister of Justice, and current Ward 2 City Councilman, Edwin Taliaferro Chokwe Lumumba did what he does best during the Occupy Jackson appeal hearing today:  He showed his butt.

As reported by Kingfish, Councilman Quentin Whitwell moved that Occupy Jackson be allowed to protest in accordance with the original permit issued by the permit department.  Whitwell stated that requiring the protesters to follow the original permit was consistent with good "law and order."  That evidently set off General Taliaferro Lumumba as he compared Whitwell to former racist Mississippi Gov. Theodore Bilbo.  Kingfish has the video here.

It's no great shock to the DJT that Taliaferro Lumumba showed his butt tonight.  After all, he's made a life of acting like a clown.  In fact, we could probably devote an entire blog to Taliaferro Lumumba acting like a fool.  It's also no great surprise that Taliaferro Lumumba would sympathize with the occupiers, as his own seditious proclivities support a complete occupation of the entire southeastern United States.

What we do find shocking is that gutless SoJack Councilman Tony Yarber, who was chairing the meeting, did not smack Taliaferro Lumumba down when he made the remark.  In most Legislative bodies, comparing a colleague to the likes of Bilbo would result in a rebuke from the chair.  But Tony Yarber is apparently too much of a coward to stand up to Taliaferro Lumumba.  Rather than rule Taliaferro Lumumba out of order, he shouted down Whitwell when he tried to object to the remarks.  Disgraceful.

Some free advice to Tony Yarber:  This is the City Council, not a faculty meeting at Marshall Elementary.  If you aren't man enough to stand up to Taliaferro Lumumba when he makes these outrageous statements, you need to hand the gavel back to Mr. Bluntson and go review some lesson plans or something.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Devil Went Down To....Alabama??

We all know that Chip Matthews likes to have his tentacles in many different scum bars in downtown Jackson, even though he continuously tries to hide his involvement in those clubs.  What many do not know is that Chip is an "interstate" purveyor of trash.

Back in 2009, the Chipster decided to try his hand at the trash bar bidness in Birmingham.  His target was the Five Points Music Hall in Birmingham, Alabama.  The DJT doesn't know anything about Birmingham night life, but Five Points was apparently a big deal a few years ago.  Despite being a popular venue, an underage patron had a little too much to drink one night and decided to hone his marksmanship skills in the parking lot, resulting in the deaths of 2 people.  The bar closed shortly thereafter.  Like a vulture on a dead possum, here comes Chip Matthews.

In July of 2009, Chip Matthews and 2 guys from Birmingham re-opened Five Points to much fanfare.  And then, a short 8 months later, it abruptly closed without explanation.  An "owner or manager" appeared in the middle of the night and cleaned the place out, even packing up the tables.

It appears Chip made some new friends in Birmingham.  A few of them stopped by the above post to wish him Godspeed, farewell, and following seas:

We have repeatedly said that Chip Matthews does not intend to contribute anything positive to downtown Jackson.  He has opened (and closed) every type of trash bar imaginable in Jackson, never once leaving the community better, or at least no worse, than he found it.  Many people in Jackson know that Chip Matthews opens and quickly closes so-called clubs and bars.  We doubt many people knew that he does this on an interstate scale as well. 

This is how Chip rolls.  It's a pattern and practice.  A modus operandi.  Chip Matthews' latest trash dive is not going to benefit our community.  It will hurt our neighborhood, and in a few months Chip will cut-and-run like he always does.  And a few months after that, we'll find him slipping around in the shadows looking to do it all over again.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The "New" Fire (Re)Opens!!!

If bullshit was a controlled substance, Chip Matthews would sell it by the gram. (h/t Vanilla Ice).

After mysteriously closing a few weeks ago, the Fire sewer Club looks like its ready to reopen.  But it's not the old Fire.  Apparently it's the "all new Fire."  Chip Matthews announced today that a new show was coming to the bar he doesn't (wink, wink) own:

The Sultan of Slime already has shows planned for two more dates after that.  The DJT welcomes the "new" FIRE to downtown, though we question what is "new" about it.  It appears to be the same skank hangout its always been.  And, of course, the "new" FIRE has Chip Matthews ass-deep in the operation, just like the old FIRE.  What, exactly, has changed?

Looks like some more Chip Matthews shady bullshit to us.  At any rate, we're sure the old/new FIRE  will make a positive contribution to the community.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Does Madison County Resident Chip Matthews Own Fire?

Several readers have commented that Madison County scum merchant Chip Matthews owns Fire.  This appears to be a widely-held belief.  Chip did a drive-by on another post and made it a point to say that the only business license he held was for some other location--not Fire.  However, the undisputed Baron of Bullshit stopped just short of denying an ownership interest in Fire.

We know that Chip's modus operandi is to open bars, and then go to great lengths to hide his involvement in them.  So naturally, the DJT wanted to poke around in this pile of feces to see what was under it.

According to the Secretary of State, FIRE, LLC was created on November 7, 2005.  Members of the corporation include Charles E. Matthews, Jr., Cecil Fox, Jr. and Samuel Pittman.  Here's the Certificate of Formation:

Fire Club Jackson MS-Certificate of Formation

On an incestuous note, "Samuel Pittman" is the same name ("Sam Pittman") listed by Club Volume patsy DJ Cornbread on his Facebook page:

Less than a year later, the Three Stooges broke up.  On June 14, 2006, they submitted a Certificate of Amendment (signed by all three) to the Secretary of State.  The amendment removed the Chipster from the LLC and replaced him as registered agent.  This left Cecil C. Fox, Jr. and Samuel Pittman as members of the corporation.

Fire Club Jackson MS Certificate of Amendment 6-14-06

Six months later, the Fire starters filed yet another Certificate of Amendment.  This time, they removed Samuel Pittman and added F. Earl Fyke, IV as a member of the LLC.

Fire Club Jackson MS Certificate of Amendment 1-22-07

As it stands now, those are the members of the corporation.  So Chip is telling the truth.  He has abolutely nothing to do with FIRE.  And we believe him. 

Yeah, right.

That's an awful lot of change in membership in such a short period of time.  It's also inconsistent with Chip's actions in appearing to be skank deep in Fire's operations.  The DJT wonders what is really going on here.  Why is Chip so secretive about his involvement in these dives?  Who is Cecil C. Fox, Jr.?  F. Earl Fyke, IV? 

Wonder how long it's going to take us to put this little scum-puzzle together.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Club Volume-Here We Go Again

Did you know the average adult cockroach can lay 400 eggs in a single year?  We know this because Jackson's most famous human cockroach keeps hatching his eggs downtown.

The latest clusterfuck business venture is Club Volume.  Consider this an open forum on the new club, located at 206 West Capitol Street.  What do ya'll know about these miscreants young entrepreneurs?

The DJT has a few questions:

1.  Is this a Chip Matthews production?

2.  If so, is the slimeball going to have the stones to admit it's his place?

3.  Who is "DVDJ Clover?"

4.  Is Mr. Clover a resident of the City of Jackson?  If so, does Mr. Clover live downtown?

5.  What do you get when you take a lame white dude and give him a street name?

6.  Is Club Volume gonna bring some uptown to downtown?

7.  Who is Elizabeth Peabody Smith and what, if any, connection does she have to this club?

8.  Will Club Volume have a delousing station and penicillin vending machine in case Chip drops by to visit the club he "doesn't" own?

Let 'er rip.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nice Shot

Oakland PD "asks" occupier to move along.

Jackson City Council Tells Occupy Jackson Trash to Come Back Later

The unemployed butt monkeys from Occupy Jackson showed up at the Jackson City Council meeting to demand that they be allowed to turn Smith Park into a makeshift campground for 3 months.

The City of Jackson previously granted a permit to Occupy Jackson that allowed them to publicly make fools of themselves protest in Smith Park.  The permit, however, stopped short of Occupy Jackson's demand to invade and permanently take over Smith Park 24 hours a day for two-and-a-half months.  Even though Mayor Johnson's office made reasonable accommodations to the protestors, they were still not satisfied.  The entitled little princesses pitched a fit and filed an "appeal" of the permit decision to the City Council.

As reported by the Clarion-Ledger, a procedural error resulted in the appeal not being properly placed on the agenda.  Ward 2 Councilman Chokwe Lumumba asked that the Council hear the appeal as an "emergency" matter (Lumumba didn't specify what part of Occupy Jackson's little tantrum constituted an emergency).  Thankfully, Ward 1 Councilman Quentin Whitwell objected to the motion.  Because emergency matters require a unanimous vote, Whitwell's objection prevented the appeal from being heard.  The Council rescheduled the hearing for Monday.

Occupy Jackson motormouth spokesperson Chelsea McDonald lied her ass off tried her best to spin that the protesters were neat and tidy in the park.  McDonald, who is from Rankin County, told WAPT,
All of our stuff is picked up and moved out, and we clean up around it. We have our recycling bins that we use. We dump all the trash ourselves.
Oh really?  Well how about this pile of shit stacked up on our sidewalk:

Is this Ms. McDonald's idea of picking things up and cleaning?  Tell you what Sweety, why don't you go pile all this crap on a sidewalk in Brandon (you know, where you're from)?  Hint:  Taking a bucket seat out of a car and using it as lawn furniture may be perfectly acceptable in Rankin County, but we consider it a bit "uncultured" over here.

The DJT is sure the Occupy Jackson Trash will be back whining and crying at the Council meeting on Monday.  We appreciate Councilman Whitwell's efforts to eradicate these pests from downtown, and pray that he continues to do so.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Don't Eat Uncle Fuller's BBQ in Canton MS

Uncle Fuller's BBQ in Canton MS is the very first business to be placed on the DJT's Boycott/Do-Not-Buy List.

This place is owned by Madison County slimeball Chip Matthews.  Uncle Fuller's restaurant appears to be a nice, quaint little BBQ place.  Nothing like the shitholes Chip Matthews opens in our community.  In his own community, Chip opens barbecue restaurants near the courthouse.  In our neighborhood, Chip Matthews opens overflowing sewers like The Joint freak parade and Wendy's Whorehouse Playhouse.  Places that he is so ashamed of he has to get "front men" to run them.

The DJT is fed up with this nasty MF shitting on downtown Jackson.  He has enough respect for Canton and Madison County (where he lives) to not open dives, but has no problem whatsoever disrespecting Jackson with his human sewage.

Slimeball Chip Matthews has no respect for Jackson, so the DJT sees no need for Jackson to respect Chip Matthews.  If you find yourself in Canton around lunchtime, find somewhere other than Uncle Fuller's to eat.  Every dollar you spend at this place helps finance this fat bastard's operations in Jackson.

The DJT likes Canton and Madison County.  There are plenty of good restaurants to choose from in Canton.  But Uncle Fuller's ain't one of them.  The DJT encourages you to show Chip Matthews the same amount of love and respect he shows us.  Boycott this place.  Don't spend one cent in Uncle Fuller's restaurant in Canton MS.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Occupy Jackson Thugs Threaten DJT With Cyberterror

The peace-loving freaks at Occupy Jackson love the First Amendment, except of course when someone with a different viewpoint exercises their First Amendment rights.

The unemployed butt monkeys at Occupy Jackson apparently took exception to the DJT calling them...well...unemployed butt monkeys.  They also got really mad when DJT posted their tags to show that they were not from Jackson.  So mad, in fact, that they solicited the group Anonymous Hackers to do us harm.  Note the following post from the "Occupy Jackson" twitter page:

We've also noticed some rather curious search activity relating to IP addresses here lately.  More updates as the investigation proceeds.

In the meantime, we pose the following question to whomever in the Occupy movement threatened us:  If we know what you're up to, how hard do you think it is for the FBI to figure it out?

Occupy Jackson Trash Trashes Downtown

The professional whiners at Occupy Jackson finally heeded the City's warning to get out of Smith Park.  But, just to piss off the Mayor, they moved their garbage dump to the sidewalk at the corner of Amite Street across from the Governor's Mansion.

For weeks now, we have heard spin from people like James Farrar who claim that the Occupy clan was actually cleaning up the park.  They're just good people doing a little protesting and leaving the world a little bit better than they found it.  Yeah...bullshit.

Here's the scene on the corner of the sidewalk as of Sunday morning:

This looks like shit.  These unemployed butt monkeys have taken a bunch of crap, stuffed it into cardboard boxes and placed it on display for every downtown resident, businessperson and government official to see.  Imagine how this trash piled on the sidewalk looks to someone who comes to Jackson to do business, or official guests of the Governor at the mansion.

The DJT wonders why Occupy Jackson doesn't trash the sidewalks in their own communities.  Why don't they pile this trash up on the sidewalks where they live--you know Madison, Rankin and Scott County?  Why must Occupy Jackson insist on trashing the community where we live?

The fact is that Occupy Jackson is not here to improve anything.  They have no respect for the community or the law.  Occupy Jackson created a phony controversy with Mayor Johnson, and this is their way of giving him their figurative middle finger.

How much longer will the Mayor and JPD tolerate this nonsense?

Dear Ted Orkin

Clean this shit up!

This is the back door of the property owned and/or managed by Jackson MS property manager Ted Orkin.  Located at 206 West Capitol Street, this property was previously home to such "upscale" Chip Matthews dives like "The Joint" and Wendy's Whorehouse Playhouse.  This mess is clearly visible to anyone going to do business at the A.H. McCoy Federal Building across the street.

Ted, you wouldn't leave this crap laying around your clients' residences in Annandale, would you?  Of course you wouldn't.  So why the hell do you think it's okay to do it here?

The fact that this place is already a dump does not give you the right to turn it into an actual landfill.  So clean this shit up, Ted Orkin.  Or would you prefer someone clean it up for you--and deliver it to your house?

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Level 3 Thugout Last Night

The Level 3 thug bar had another "dope" thugout party last night.  The festivities got started bright and early at midnight.  Thankfully, there were no fatalities.  But the Level 3 continued to do what it does best: create a nuisance in downtown Jackson. 

Perhaps it is asking too much for them to abide by complicated laws such as "Thou shall not start shooting at people in the middle of the street."  Or "Thou shalt not have butt naked strippers downtown."  And the equally difficult "Thou shalt not blast music all night that can be heard inside residences."  That being said, it is astounding that the Fresh Prince of New Orleans and his customers cannot abide by the most simple, common sense laws and ordinances. 

The Level 3 has been told over and over again that (1) its patrons cannot block the sidewalk in front of the club, and (2) its patrons cannot block traffic by sitting in their cars in the street in front of the club.  These are not just courteous and considerate suggestions.  They are laws.  As we saw this weekend, neither the Level 3 nor its patrons give a shit about the law.

For example, here's some really important asshat who thinks he is exempt from the rule against blocking traffic.  He sat on his thuggalicious ass and blocked this lane for 30 minutes while he chatted with another Level 3 patron.

Well, that's really no big deal.  At least not until something like this happens:

This is yet another mentally-challenged Level 3 patron who saw no problem whatsoever with parking in traffic.  The car that is pointed at an angle came within inches of hitting the moron who stopped in the middle of the lane to talk.

So, who's fault is this?  It's the Level 3 thug bar's fault.  Management has been told not to allow patrons to park in the street.  All the Fresh Prince has to do is tell the door man to tell them to park somewhere else.  That's it.  Problem solved.  But for some reason, the Level 3 thug bar won't do that.  Given the easiness of the solution, this refusal to remedy the problem seems to be nothing more than Saleem Baird and his pals extending their collective middle finger to the City of Jackson.

One of my all time personal favorite moves by Level 3 is it's insistence in creating a line that has to wait an hour to get in the club, when there ain't a damn soul inside.  Here was the scene last night:

And here's the end of the line:

The line eventually wrapped around the corner.  The effect of not letting these folks in the club (even though there was no legitimate reason not to), is that the thugs, thugettes and other patrons completely block the sidewalk.  This is illegal.  No other citizen can use the sidewalk because these people are blocking it.

This problem is caused solely by Saleem Baird and his friends.  These photos were taken around midnight.  There was not one customer in the club at the time.  Management just had not given approval to allow anyone inside yet.  The obvious reason for this is that having a line that stretches around the corner is good for business.  Other potential customers see this and think this must be the hottest club in Jackson.  Some may say we're cynical, but this fits with Saleem Baird's character.  He's a poser.  A bullshit artist.  JC Watts by day, Fiddy by night.  This is precisely the kind of cheap stunt someone like Baird would pull to increase the street cred of his club.

If Saleem Baird wants to use cheap ploys to give the false impression that his club is something other than a thug bar, that's his business.  However, when his idiotic plan causes his customers to block the sidewalk in violation of the law, then it becomes our problem.

Even after customers are eventually allowed into the club, Saleem Baird doesn't do a damn thing to prevent customers from walking outside to smoke a blunt cigarette and then endlessly loiter on the sidewalk.  This photograph was taken around 3:00 a.m.

Loitering and continuing to block the sidewalk is a problem that Level 3 could easily solve.  When people loiter outside, security should simply ask them to come back inside or leave.  Once again, Saleem daDream won't do this.  And once again, it appears that he refuses simply because the City wants him to.

Our fake-angry disadvantaged young businessman is actually creating the perfect situation for JPD, if only they would capitalize on it.  When a patron blocks the sidewalk or stops in traffic, officers can detain the customer to find out if he has warrants or is carrying half a key under the front seat.  Why JPD supervisors will not allow the street level officers to do this is a mystery.  Loitering and impeding traffic are minor offenses, but frequently lead to more serious felony arrests.  Pretty soon, word would get out that you better not go downtown if you've got warrants or are "holding" for someone.  The net effect is that thugs would stay out.

Perhaps one day some aggressive officers will take advantage of the Level 3's arrogance and stupidity, and put some numbers on the board for the good guys.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

NOLA Thugs in Downtown Jackson: Saleem Baird and his Whores

The DJT previously reported that Saleem Baird, aide to Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker, held an interest in the Level 3 thug bar in downtown Jackson.  We have known for some time that the Level 3 was a nuisance, raising hell and discharging firearms into the wee hours of the morning.  Considering this history, the DJT was not exactly shocked when Kingfish reported last week that Saleem Baird was arrested by JPD Vice for running an illegal strip joint at the Level 3.  Officers also arrested two of Saleem Baird's butt-naked strippers for violating the City of Jackson's adult entertainment regulations.

According to the incident report obtained by Jackson Jambalaya, Saleem Baird's address is 7041 Renaissance, New Orleans.  Saleem's whores, Anastacia Webber and Holly Hill, listed addresses on Thalia Street, New Orleans.

The New Orleans connection caught the DJT's attention.  Even though Baird works for Senator Wicker, he claims an address in New Orleans.  The little French Quarter miscreant was not content to run a thug bar in our neighborhood.  He had to take it to the next level and make it an illegal strip club.  And to top it all off, he imports some New Orleans skank whores to come and infect our neighborhood.

We have plenty of home grown thugs and criminals here in Jackson.  We damn sure don't need New Orleans' human sewage bubbling up downtown.  Mr. Baird, take your thug bar, whores and fake-ass angry rapper mug back to New Orleans.  Destory your own neighborhood, cause we'll be damned if we're going to let you destory ours.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Why Can't Occupy Jackson Trash Follow the Law?

For weeks now, Occupy Jackson degenerates protestors have been bitching and moaning about how mean ol' Mayor Harvey Johnson is violating their First Amendment right to take over and trash Smith Park.  Well, now that more facts are emerging, we have discovered that our unemployed agitators are full of crap.

Here's the deal.  The City of Jackson has allowed these dirtbags to set up their silly tents and ridiculous third-grade quality signs in the park, to the asthetic detriment of downtown Jackson.  The City has allowed these unemployed butt monkeys to stay in the park from sunrise until dusk. 

Occupy Jackson claims that the City is violating its right to free speech, by refusing to allow them to camp overnight in the Park.  What they don't tell you is this:  Smith Park closes at dusk.  The closing time applies regardless if one is a protestor, a citizen walking his dog, or a bum looking for a place to huff fix-a-flat.  While Occupy Jackson trash cries that their freedom of speech is being violated, what they are actually demanding is special treatment.  These outsiders want to be exempt from the same laws that apply to every  citizen of the City of Jackson who wants to use Smith Park.

This controversy isn't about Mayor Johnson trampling First Amendment rights.  It's about a bunch of malcontents who think they are entitled to special treatment not afforded to everyone else.  Where they found this sense of entitlement is unknown.  However, this attitude may explain why so many of them are unemployed.

Come dusk today, if Occupy Jackson doesn't pack up and leave Smith Park in accordance with the law, we hope that JPD will introduce them to Lasko, Fido, Rin-Tin-Tin and the rest of the JPD "community policing" K-9 unit.

Senator Roger Wicker Aide Arrested for Running Illegal Strip Club

Local blog Jackson Jambalaya is reporting that Saleem Baird, aide to Senator Roger Wicker (R-MS), was arrested by JPD Vice-Narcotics for running an illegal strip club at the Level 3 thug bar in downtown Jackson.  See Wicker Aide Arrested for Strip Show at Club.

During a routine sweep of bars in Jackson, agents observed butt-naked strippers performing at the Level 3 in violation of city ordinance.  This club is only 1 block away from the King Edward apartments and Standard Life flats.  The agents arrested the strippers, as well as club manager Saleem Baird for running the illegal strip club.

As the DJT previously reported, when Saleem Baird is not running his thug bar/strip club, he serves as a full-time aide to Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker.

Once again, Kingfish proves that he is the best damn investigative reporter in Jackson.

Bravo Zulu to JPD Vice for putting a stop to this crap.  These officers have a dangerous job, and their efforts to clean up our neighborhood are not unnoticed by downtown Jackson residents.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Jackson MS Dance Lessons by Benjamin Boyd

When Benji Boyd a/k/a Dirty White Boy was building the illegal rooftop bar for his pal, convicted killer Sean Antonio King, he told everyone that he was actually building a dance studio. In addition to being a first-class bullshit artist, DWB is apparently an accomplished ballroom dancer.

The dance studio line was a cover story for the Locker Room's illegal bar. In order to make the cover story believable, DWB did actually give a few ballroom dance lessons in his rooftop apartment. Our surveillance cameras recorded some of the dance lessons provided by Benji Boyd:

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Another Locker Room Thugout Last Night

DJT has received a report that there was another Locker Room Thugout last night.

Reports are that the Locker Room thug animals whooped and hollered all morning (3-4am), and there was significant property damage to several vehicles. Reports are also that the thugs were raising hell on the roof of the Millsaps building (you hear that, Henry Michel?).

As usual, JPD sat on its sorry ass and didn't do shit.

More Occupy Jackson Trash

After unemployed loser OccupyJackson propaganda minister James Farrar, Jr. called the DJT to threaten to file a lawsuit for slander, we decided to go see what the degenerates were up to in Smith Park during the daytime.  In addition to raggedy tents and Stokesesque homemade signs, we found about 3 malcontents and a couple of bums hanging around looking stupid (ironically, the bums were the only ones doing anything productive-scoring some food).

Since we know how much it pisses them off, we just couldn't stop ourselves from taking a few pictures and posting them here:

 And, of course, another scumbag that isn't from Jackson.

62--Scott County, we believe.  Go home dirtbags.  We don't need OccupyJacksonTrash downtown.