Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dirty White Boy Identified

As stated in a previous post, the Locker Room thug bar has a mysterious friend, whose behavior we found a bit odd.  We code-named this unidentified white male "Dirty White Boy."  Here's a picture of DWB, apparently after a shower and a change of clothes (he never looked this clean when he was roaming around the Millsaps Building):

DWB was subsequently identified as Benjamin Boyd a/k/a Benji Boyd.  Benjamin Boyd occupies a small rooftop apartment that sits atop the Millsaps Building.  Part of the roof contains the apartment, while the other part is an open rooftop.

We observed things about Benjamin Boyd's behavior that were out of the ordinary.  Though Boyd "lives" in the apartment, he is gone for days at a time.  Boyd enters the building at odd hours, often accompanied by persons who do not appear to have any legitimate reason to be inside an office building.  Benjamin Boyd also appears to have no regular employment or source of income.  Needless to say, Benjamin Boyd is not your typical downtown Jackson resident.  Furthermore, his appearance is not that of someone a person would expect to see roaming freely about a professional office building.

It only took one face-to-face encounter with Benji Boyd to realize that he was not someone who was going to contribute anything positive to the downtown Jackson community.  During a conversation with Boyd, he stated that he was an "independent filmmaker" (INSERT JOKE OF YOUR CHOICE).  He stated that he had a house in Wisconsin and spent part of his time there.  Boyd tried very hard to give the impression that he was a major player in the entertainment industry.  He vowed that he planned to provide something "Jackson has never had before." 

During the conversation, Benjamin Boyd was visibly nervous, shaking and sweating.  His mouth was running in overdrive, while his pupils were completely dilated (while standing under a strong florescent light).

Boyd stated that he was constructing a deck on the rooftop to "entertain business associates."  This was an odd statement, considering that Boyd was always dressed and groomed as a vagrant.  What possible business associates could he have?

As it turns out, Boyd was lying about the purpose of the rooftop deck, but definitely telling the truth about building something "Jackson has never had before."  More on that next time.


  1. I think McPherson hired this guy at Schwartz

  2. What a phuck face whore. I had heard JPD shut down the rooftop deck?

  3. Looks like a fudgepacker to me.

  4. Gotta check out lover/dancer boy "Redneck from Rolling Fork's" facebook page:!/profile.php?id=100001468018945&sk=friends&v=friends

    If you go to his photos, you will see one shot from the top of the Millsap's Building on his illegal deck, one floor above his previous porn studio.

  5. I think he is a great ballroom dance teacher!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 3:57. Get a life that is away from the gutter. Do you like his porn studio as well? Are you one of his "actors"?

    He is a low-life, redneck, white trash male skank.

    Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it.

  7. Curt has this "rock star for the trashy" re-emerged?

  8. As said earlier, great tits.

  9. Gosh. Bet he just can't wait until the Farish Street entertainment district, or the Village Green development on South State Streets get finished - since they are going to be replete with recording studios and such. Hope he can do so quickly so he won't have to wait in line for a space. Certainly he would want his film studio to be in those friendly environs rather than in an office building like the Millsaps.