Sunday, October 30, 2011

Everybody Take Cover--The White Trash is Thinking

Intel says that white trash Wendy Ramage and slimeball Chip Matthews have a new plan to bring something skanky to downtown.  The super secret plan appears to be to reopen the club under a different name.  Those dumbass downtown residents will never figure it out.  Score!

I never thought it would be that easy to get rid of Chip and Wendy.  White trash is like herpes.  Damn near impossible to get rid of it. 

Lock and load.


  1. the people on your blog are all cowards or seem to be because they will not post thier names and you are just a stalker! you are correct it is not easy to get rid of us!!! people like you who try to give us a bad name makes us not stop! you need to tell the truth about what you said on the phone stop twisting it to make yourself look good! now that i have said my part i am ignoring this blog so go ahead and post away because i could really care less! you call me trash look at how your acting and you are an attorney? not sure if you are a very good one because seems like you would not have the time to sit around and blog all day long! goodgye and have a nice life and enjoy your blogging, lol....

  2. Genius, you didn't post your name either. You aren't smart enough to post here. As for stalking, are you really that dim-witted? Do you really have that low of an intellect? It isn't "stalking" if you publish it to the public. Idiot.

    If I want to know what I said on the phone, I will go listen to the audio.

    I can't help it if lowlife trash is so ingrained in your character that you can't even tell that you are lowlife trash. You and slimeball run your business however you see fit, and I will do whatever is necessary to protect my community.

  3. 10:34. It is "thEir", not "thIer".

    8th grade dropout from RCPS rears its ugly head.

    Amen to the rest of the 10:46 post.

  4. Hey "Anonymous" 10:34 AM,
    You make some great points.
    regarding anonymity and cowardice.

    BTW .....What is your name ?

  5. Yeah u are stalking my fb page loser.. Why dont u grow up! I really get a kick out of you and ur blogs lmao...

  6. Jackson does not belong to a certain group of people so move out!

  7. Dont hire this guy for ur attorney he wont get to your case bc he can't stop blogging

  8. I'm hoping that the mad "Uncle" will release some home movies
    of lil' skank when her family was encouraging her to run around neck'ed at that Thanksgiving dinner ( following the cock fight of course )
    back in November of 1984 .

  9. 11:06, 07 and 09. REALLY. Please post at least one post where you can prove you know proper English, spelling and grammer.

    Just one. Is that too much to ask?

  10. @ 11:16:

    Thats exactly why the classy folks over in Rankin said "HELL NO !"
    to raising taxes for the Rankin County Public Schools.

  11. After reading the comments made by people supporting this Playhouse (or maybe even Wendy herself), I can't help but feel sorry for them. In fact, as someone who completed the 8th grade, I can't help but feel that I have an actual civic duty to assist these people who were let down by the Rankin County school system. So before posting in the future, to you I offer a chart for assistance before posting any further comments:

    Its=indicates possession: The dog wags its tail.
    It's= form of "it is": It's a dog.
    There= indicates a place: It's over there.
    Their= indicates possession: It is their dog.
    They're= form of "they are": They're over there with their dog.

    Again, do not hesitate to refer back to this chart. And please note it is not all inclusive of the English language. For example, "gurl" is not a real word; nor is "boyz". But the links below offer further assistance should you need them prior to posting.

  12. Outstanding, 11:41! Outstanding.

  13. 1107 how would you like it if I came over and built a hog farm across the street from your doublewide? I mean with actual swine (not sows like Wendy ramage). Would you be down wit dat gurl? Or would you just air up da tirez and move?

  14. Two points:

    First, @1227 it would be cruelty to animals to put hogs in the same hood as those gurlz, but a hog farm might improve the smell.

    Second, Mr. Crowley you better delete anonymous Wendy Ramage's comments before your blog catches Gonorrhea.

  15. Rankin County is moving just a little too close to Fondren .

  16. Hello- I am Chip Matthews
    facts: I have had a legal permitted business at 206 west capital since 2004.
    I only own this business in Jackson, Mississippi.
    As for my future at this loction, i ask for suggesttion rather than attacks.

    I also am asking you to please reframe on all attacks towards me and those people that i have been associated with. Would love to sit down and speak with everyone and work to fix the problems of downtown Jackson, rather than just continue these attacks.

    I have invested 100's of thousands of dollars on bringing people to the downtown area over the past 9 years, my only regret is that it seams to not be what you want.

    Once again...blogs can be helpful when truthfull, these attacks have led to phone calls and threats on my well being and i ask you to please think before you blog.

  17. Threats on his well-being my ass.

    Welcome to the NFL Chip.

  18. Hello

    I'm Johnny Cash ......

  19. Don't get me started on grammar lessons.

  20. Chip, get your whore out of our city. Period. Thats what we want.

  21. reframe

    Sigh! Wendy's brother in education.

    Karen Carpenter said it best in her song, "We've Only Just Begun"

    Chip, the fat lady isn't even humming yet.

  22. Chip, have you ever been able to run a viable business at that location since 2004?

  23. And Chip what about all those businesses you ran that suddenly "burned" down? More coming on that

  24. Go Curt Go! Your legions (Rankin County, that means hundreds of followers) are cheering you on!

  25. GD tattoo-fests are Chip's forte. Go to Metro-Mix and see the class shit at his place called "Fire".

  26. Chip, thanks for stopping by. I've got a few questions for you.

    1. Did you or did you not run or have an ownership interest in Dick and Janes and/or The Joint freak parades at or near this location?

    2. What positive impact do you contend these bars had on the community?

    3. Did you or did you not recruit the crotch-rocket circuit model to open Wendy's Playhouse?

    4. What positive impact do you contend the single-wide queen and her friends were going to have on the community?

    5. What interest or association do you have in/with Fire?

    6. What positive things have you done to improve the community and quality of life in downtown Jackson?

    Here's the deal. Your idea of improving the community is bringing in a bunch of wild ass hyenas that stay up until 5am buying drinks from you. That does not help the community.

    As long as you think that fixing the "problems of downtown Jackson" includes you opening up yet another garbage dump, we really don't have anything to discuss.

    Since you asked for suggestions as to your future at this location, I'll give you one: Assign your lease to someone reputable and take off.

  27. And another thing, please lose the BS about "threats on [your] well-being." The only thing threatened is your pathetic attempt to sneak in yet another one of your dives into our community.

    The "threats" nonsense is a trailer park tactic that morons use when it gets too hot. That crap isn't going to fly here.

    Finally, don't come on here and insinuate that we are saying things that aren't true, without specifying exactly what you contend is untruthful. If there is a specific statement we made that you contend is false, then identify it and we'll take a look at it. Otherwise, shut up.

  28. All across the street from the newly remodeled King Edward, Standard Life and Parlor Market.

    Chip answer me these:

    Do you think a single, solitary soul from any of the above institutions, that live, work or relax there will be your customers at your scum shops?

    Now, do you think any people that frequent the Locker Room, the Level 3 or your skank palace Fire will?

    Answer is obvious.

    THAT is our issue. We don't want this shit in our backyard. Period.

  29. I say again Ms.Rampage's ... Sorry, ( Ms. Ramage's) nipples are not
    that attractive . After careful review and study of her nipples on her various public "adult" websites, I have reached the conclusion that silicon injections might help "booty shake'n " at the T-Ball game, but it has an adverse effect on her one time natural nipples .

    Subject ugly ass nips can been viewed by googling her calender.

    Purchase said calender for about twelve bucks.

  30. Curt please delete 2:30. Reading it makes me want to vomit.

  31. I think I saw Wendy in a Political picture from Pelehatchie!

  32. Sorry 2:33,
    You're right.

    I should have typed "Calendar" rather than "calender".

    After looking at Miss Rankin's many plastic nipple pics,
    I was speechless.

    My Bad.


    Pre-boobjob tits here.

  34. Wow read the interview from that classy honey. Downtown will really miss her. Says she was born in Laurel. Jones County gal. Don't know, but I will bet a dime to a donut she went to NE Jones and not Watkins.

    Free state of Jones. LMAO.

  35. Yeah, but she claims Brandon as her hometown.
    She prides herself on being a Rankin County Cheerleader.
    Really doesn't matter.

    Those ole fake tits add a new definition to the words "Swamp Belly" .

    I'm looking forward to her new venue next to the Jack Town IMAX.

    BTW: Has anyone determined the location of "Fire Magoo's" ?

  36. 3:38. "Fire Maggos" is at the former "Mardi Gras", which word on the street is, had a 2 p.m. "5 JPD car called" humdinger fight the first night it opened. Word is that it is the redneck turned black former bar "Electric Cowboy" from NE Jackson.

    Not confirmed, but that is what is floating about.

    Curt will get to this, I would bet, when time allows.

    Word on the street is builder Kenneth Simmons and his in-laws, the Browns (from Browns Frame shop in Fondren) own this puppy.

  37. I find it interesting that I posted yesterday that her fan address was a transmission shop on S. Gallatin and now today the fan address is a P.O. box in Flowood. Shine a light and the rats and cockroaches will scurry. Since you relocated to Flowood, Put your silly little club somewhere on Lakeland Dr. and see how long that lasts.

  38. This is directed at you Curt. Why do you feel the need to do a personal attack when it is seriously a zoning issue? That could have been handled a lot more mature than you're acting!! What is really your problem? Don't you know it's rude to bring your personal problems to the public? What kind of firm do you really operate down town? You're more adult than the rest, yet though you act like an angry child! You seriously gotta be pushing sixty years old? When are you going to "GROW UP?!" You must realize by now you doing a personal attack against Wendy, is going to get you no where! So the name calling stops here! Who are you to call Chip Matthews, Wendy Ramage, are anyone else names? I've told you once before, take a long hard look in the mirror, before you pass judgement on ANYONE! Who cares if you went to law school for ten years! You act as though, you're the skank, slut, idiot, that has nothing better to do than sit around passing judgement on others. First of all I call you a skank cause, how you talk on line for the public to see, when you're an attorney thats cares about his community! Second, I call u a slut for looking at things online that no one is holding a gun to your head making you look! Third I call you an idiot cause personally, you're wasting your time on this and no one really cares about your opinion! So, next time you want to attack someone.. be sure you look in the mirror first. btw. Same person! ha ~ (("~ We all at Wendy's Playhouse will see you next weekend, that is of course if you're brave enough to stop by? BTW. I've lived in Rankin County most of my life, and never had problems like this until you! Have a GREAT day! ~

  39. 3:58 DEAD ON. Rhodes and company had a shit fit about Olga's allowing the serving of BYOB. Imagine their reaction to this trailer trash. Is Paula Jones in here somewhere, or President Clinton?

  40. Hey 4:09 fuck off. Trashy ass whore.

  41. @4:09
    I'm pretty sure that just because you say "So the name calling stops here!" doesn't make it so. For one thing, you have no control over what Curt posts on his own blog so you must not be addressing your comment to him.
    And you obviously aren't making a declarative statement (exclamation point notwithstanding) for yourself because you immediately go on to spend several sentences calling him names.
    So who, exactly, is that statement directed at?


  42. Another idiot at 409. So you think you are going to come on here and tell me what I am and am not going to say? Funny.

    Your little dimwit friend can do whatever she wants to do. And we are going to express our opinions about it. As far as your statement that no one cares about my opinion, the comments and blog stats say otherwise.

    It's not a personal problem. It's about the quality of life in our community--which is the concern of all of us who live here. In other words, it's the public's problem.

    And it's not a zoning issue. If you would bother to read, we don't mind bars downtown. Just the kind of trash Matthews brings in.

    Einstein, no one is looking at Mrs. Crotch Rocket October 2011 online for fun. Those ridiculous, slutty pictures were posted on here so other downtown residents could see the kind of white-trash-and-proud-of-it reprobate that has invaded our community.

    And finally, I don't care where you live. You want to go to this pig sty so damn bad? Then open it in your own community. Oh wait, you can't because the people in the community wouldn't stand for it. Ya know, the whole "quality of life" thing.

  43. OK 4:22pm, that was actually pretty funny, but we can't have links to xhamster on here.

  44. And can you fix the time stamp on the posts?
    Pretty please?


  45. Shit Curt, 4:22 had some great stuff. Shoulda left it up, or post it yourself. Pre-boob job Wendy was FUNNY. What a troll.

    You gotta love Rankin County. Jeff Foxworty HAS to have kin there.

  46. Ya know... this will never change... I applaud Mr.Curt for taking a stand against downtown crime and riff raff but we have three key components missing to solve this problem.

    1:An effective, hands on Mayor to take the bull by the horns instead of sitting through 3 terms planning a convention center and DOOMED hotel.

    2: An effective, professional Police Chief who understands the concept that a city is not the same as a college campus.

    3: A city council that is actually held accountable by their constituents instead of sitting around renaming stuff or twittering feel good tweets or sitting there like a deer in headlights thinking give me my check I need to go back to my day job.

    Until you change the leadership... nothing will change.... Same ole shit, different day

  47. 5:59 kinda gloomy but a lot of truth there.

  48. Wendy Ramage vs. Chrome on Trailer Hitch


  49. @7:48 Get video and we'll upload it to I hope Mr Curt will defend us in court on the copyright violation

  50. you should bring your bitch ass to the trailer park !

  51. Why do people call them white trash again?

  52. U will no us wen we come to brake ur nek. Look for skinhedz and trashettes in big trucks yelling "white power." heeeeeehaawwwwww.

  53. Watch out Curtis! They may be packin' sporks!

  54. Everybody ought to just sit back and let the rabid wild dogs from Skankin County come over here to partay their fat asses off.

    They think because crime is bad in Jackson that Jpd doesn't do shit. What they don't know is that when jpd sees rankin plates in jackson after dark, they will regulate that ass. Sorry ass chip shitball can't help them in precinct 5.

    So let the dedmon crowd come on over. They will wish they had stayed home when Officer Cedric and Sgt. Donte give their sorry asses a full-ride scholarship to White Trash University (Raymond Campus).

  55. 2:07. Spoken like a true COP. Rock and Roll.

  56. From a actual interview with Wendy:

    retweetNAME: Wendy Ramage
    LOCATION: Brandon, Mississippi
    OCCUPATION: Model Have you ever considered modeling?

    Wendy: “Yes. I am a model” What’s the furthest a man has gone to get your attention?

    Wendy: “No comment” What makes the perfect date?

    Wendy: “Not sure if I would do this on a first date, but a perfect date to me is very simple. I would love to be picked up on a motorcycle, me wearing some sexy leathers, and going for a ride along the beach at sunset and then of course finding a nice little place so we could chat and get to know each other & hang out.” Name three qualities you look for in a man?

    Wendy: “Someone who is confident, independent & can make me laugh, a down to earth person, but someone who has a good head on his shoulders and goals for his life.” Tell us the worse rumor you have heard about yourself?

    Wendy: “I have not heard any rumors lately about me, maybe in my past but nothing I can think of.” How many times have you ever gone skinny dipping?

    Wendy: “A few times and it was fun!” What is the dumbest pick up line a man has ever said to you?

    Wendy: “Girl you must be tired because you have been running through my mind all day long” Does size matter?

    Wendy: “Size is a plus that is all I will say…” Your man cheats. Do you consider giving him a second chance, why or why not?

    Wendy: “No, my saying is “before you do me wrong leave me alone”. If my man cheats I’m done bottom line, I don’t need him anyway.” What is your favorite men’s cologne?

    Wendy: “Armani” Do you watch sports? If so what team do you root for?

    Wendy:“I watch a little college football every now and then. I love Ole Miss!!” Who do you consider the sexiest athlete?

    Wendy: “No comment” What makes a man sexy?

    Wendy: “His confidence, smile and kindness.” How can a man impress you?

    Wendy: “By being real, just be yourself.” On an average, how many men hit on you per week?

    Wendy: “A lot, lol” What advice do you give women so they can stay fit?

    Wendy:“Be consistent in your workout and watch what you eat.”

  57. "Watch what you eat" hahahaha

  58. As a female who lives in Jackson I personally think that she seemed to have answered the interview questions just like any normal female would.... Besides who hasn't gone skinny dipping at least once in their youth? (Even if you will not admit it to the public.) I do not see anything wrong in what she answered. May I ask what is the big deal about that interview set?

  59. The watch what you eat part. She is a fat chick giving advice on how to stay fit!

  60. 2:07 as in the terms of Nike...."JUS DO IT".

  61. Yes, thank you.


  62. 4:37 So all females must be skinny now? What is wrong with some curves?

  63. GD 6:41. Are you saying WR has "curves". You have to be a Democrat. Liberal ass curves.

  64. Yall just ignore this poor man. He truly needs help and a life. It is really sad that you take this woman and trash her but your mind is made up and I am sure you will keep on. You are only making us people in jackson look bad. Instead of attacking the club you go straight for a person. She seems not to worried about your post and that shows real class. If it were not from the people from other counties spending money in jackson where would we be. I pray when you lay down tonight you ask the lord to forgive you. I really dont think you are doing anything but trying to hurt someone and yhat lady probably cares less so let it go. Why want yoi look at the real issues we have in jackson rather than this. We in jackson are tired of you and wish you would move out. Your lowering yourself and making jackson look bad. Just think.about it and stop with this silly stuff we have bigger problems in jackson.
    God Bless You and I feel sorry for you!

  65. 6:41 no Republican

  66. Yeah he is just bored and all this is getting old find something new to talk about bc im getting bored. You want to post then post some stuff that matters I see nothing wrong with wendy and dont care to hear about her or the playhouse anymore.... Yawn...
    When you can find something interesting let me know. Move on to something else because that is old now....

  67. Okay, it was funny to begin with and the point of the blog was well taken. But, this is getting stoopid now.

  68. 8:43pm, think for a moment about what you said: "Instead of attacking the club you go straight for a person." The club did not put itself here, Wendy Ramage did (with some help from Fire boy). Wendy Ramage decided to dirty up downtown, not the inanimate club. So yes, we went directly after the person who did it. We called her by name, and will continue to do so.

    This is a "real issue" in Jackson. One of Jackson's problems is that folks in the community have let garbage like this operate. It's time for the citizens to say "ENOUGH. NOT HERE. NOT NOW. NOT EVER."

    And while you may live in Jackson, I doubt you live downtown where this crap is happening. We'll see how liberal you are when the white trash opens in your neighborhood.

  69. I think you should stop the hate blogs because you know this young woman could get hurt over your post and I will not sit here and watch anyone get hurt or even die because of the things you are posting about her and her body. This has to stop she shut down I say leave her alone she has not hurt anyone but the way you are goi.g someone might hurt her and this is enough. I think we all need to speak to the authorities for her protection. Seriously you read this stuff everyday. It starts out simple blogs and then someone like ms wendy could get hurt. Stop it!

  70. Curt you ROCK. SMOKE THAT 8:43 and 9:07. And 9:14 it ain't old, it is REAL. Excuse me, not old, "stoopid". Good Lord get some learning.

    HAVE to be JPS grads.

  71. Great excerpt from her interview. Wendy took donations for her DD boob job. What a winner.

    We heard that you’re planning to go for a double-D. What made you decide to do this? Does your husband approve?

    OMG my hubby is like heck yeah! He is all about me being happy and I go Monday morning 6:00am May 9, 2011! I wish it was right now. Yes I am planning on living with DD’s but I guess you will have to wait and see *laughs* trust me you will see! I have always wanted big boobs, so now I am getting them!

    How did your friends and fans react to this decision?

    Well I have had tons of support and a lot of money raised. I had some saved and the rest came in no time when I finally made up my mind. I just posted a few times and told some people what I wanted to do and my hopes for the future and it all fell into place! I had saved some money so I didn’t have to raise a whole lot but I did get a donation of $1400.00 instantly and was blown away! I won’t list the people who donated out of respect but it was much appriciated! I think it is an investment as well.

    How much does your surgery cost?
    Well my surgery is a little over $4,000.00 but now I had saved some money as well. I did not have to raise all of that!

    When is your surgery scheduled?
    I went for my consultation on Tuesday April 26, 2011 at 10:45am. I am scheduled for surgery on Monday May 9, 2011 6:00am.

  72. Like we all have not read about this.. OLD NEWS! Duh...

  73. All her fans support her in all she does! We Love You Wendy!

  74. Then you are a white trash skank whore too.

  75. Ok Ms Perfect... The issue is so clear, you only wish you could be her. I mean yall keep blogging but she is happy and still living her life. You have done nothing but make yourself look stupid. I know you wa.t to be like her but that will never happen. And have u seen her in person she is not fat. You are really talking shit you know nothing about and you are being laughed at. To think you have class and you say the same thing over and over and over. Come on lady get over it you are nevet going to be her!

  76. 3:21. We that despise all that Wendy and you stand for could care less if you wish to live a skank lifestyle. OK? We just want you to go away. Be a trash ass whatever elsewhere. Pat yourself on the back at how much you add to the world.

    ELSEWHERE, but not in our neighborhood.

    Please, PLEASE do not respond. Just go away.

  77. Never we want her to stay.... She aint going anywhere

  78. Yall started this. U think shes just gonna walk away? U just wait u have no idea what is about to come to ur door.... Time will tell.... She never gives up but she is smart in what she is doing... U know so much surprised u cant figure it out..... Gotta love that girl

  79. 8:48. Are you in "real life as" uneducated and plain stupid sounding as you are when you attempt to write and make a point?

  80. 8:48, no she is not going to walk away. Her white trash honor has been offended, so she is going to be as obnoxious and conspicuous as she can be in all her white trash skank glory. That's how trailer trash rolls. She is not welcome downtown, so she's going to make damn sure to be the biggest nuisance she can. White trash and proud of it baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "U just wait u have no idea what is about to come to ur door...."

    That statement proves that Mrs. Crotch Rocket 2008 has no good intentions. She is plotting to bring something godawful and trashy just to "show" us. The evil residents of the community will NOT keep good white trash down.

    Sweety, you are in way over your head. Please stop yelling "King Me" during our chess match.

  81. Not in deep enough although I heard you know a lil about that deep throating oh oops my crazy self mis understood ;)

  82. Read yourself. Such a redneck.

  83. I love Wendy and can't wait to party with her again! Bring back Wendy's Playhouse I'm ready to bring more friends this time!

  84. I see somebody was burning the midnight meth At 441am. You even been to bed yet whore?

  85. "I love Wendy"

    So said every riverboat deckhand in the fleet.

  86. Word is that Wendy uses "Off" for her douche.