Saturday, March 31, 2012

Judge Tomie Green's Illegal Sentence Given to Anthony Demon Jones

In our last post, we discussed the disgraceful and abysmal performance of the Hinds County District Attorney in giving 10-time violent habitual offender Anthony Demon Jones the sweetheart plea deal of a lifetime.  Of course, Judge Tomie Green, arguably the worst judge in America, approved the plea deal.

On closer examination of this farce, it appears that not only did the District Attorney and America's Worst Judge act in reckless disregard of public safety, they acted illegally in giving this gift to Mr. Jones.

As we previously reported, 10-time prior convicted felon Anthony Demon Jones was given a sentence of 7 years, with 2 years suspended, and 5 years to serve, as to all 3 pending felony indictments against him.  Judge Green then sentenced Jones to "3 YEARS SUPERVISED PROBATION."  Obviously, that sentence is a disgraceful betrayal of the public trust, given Anthony Demon Jones' record and current crime spree.  What makes it even more shameful is that the sentence was illegal.

Jones' Sentencing Orders

Mississippi law does not allow the Judge to suspend time in the case of a person who has been previously convicted of a felony crime, and place that person on "supervised probation."  Mississippi Code Section 47-7-33 provides that the trial judge may suspend a sentence of a defendant and order probation for a period of time.  During the period of probation, the portion of the suspended sentence remains "hanging over the defendant's head," and may be imposed if he violates the terms and conditions of supervised release.  However, Section 47-7-33 explicitly provides that a sentence shall not be suspended or the defendant placed on probation "where the defendant has been convicted of a felony on a previous occasion in any court or courts of the United States and of any state or territories thereof."

Now that Section seems pretty damn easy to understand.  But, not surprisingly, Judge Tomie Green just can't quite get it.  Anthony Demon Jones had been convicted of a felony on a previous occasion (10 previous occasions, to be precise), so Judge Green was clearly prohibited from suspending any portion of the sentence and placing him on supervised probation.  But she did it anyway. 

Perhaps Judge Green would know more about the law if she spent a little more time studying it, and a little less time sticking her nose into Sheriff Lewis' business.  If Judge Green can't even perform the very simple tasks she was elected to do, what the hell makes her think she is qualified to tell the Sheriff how to do his job.  I know that protecting her bailiff-bellhops is a matter of urgent public concern, but I'm sure most citizens of Hinds County would prefer that Judge Green do her job properly, and let other elected officials do the same. 

Perhaps a little less time writing stupid poems, and a little more time reading the Mississippi Code, might enable Tomie Green to give the citizens of Hinds County the service they deserve. 

In the last post, we asked why Hinds County District Attorney Robert Smith would give sweetheart deals to Anthony Demon Jones and his manslaughtering, coke-dealing employer.  This time we ask why Hinds County Circuit Judge Tomie Green can't comply with the simplest of simple laws.  Why did Judge Green suspend a portion of Anthony Demon Jones' sentence and order supervised probation, when it was unlawful to do so?

Many do not know this, but the DJT is an amateur sh*thouse poet in his own right.  While you ponder the above questions, we leave you with this closing verse.
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Read the law Judge Green,
And you'll look less like a fool.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hinds County DA's Office is a Joke

Why would the Hinds County District Attorney’s Office give a sweetheart deal to a 10-time violent felony offender and menace to society, when he was facing a life sentence on 3 different felony charges?

Good question, ain’t it?

Many of our readers are familiar with the well-chronicled confrontation between the DJT and career criminal Anthony Demon Jones. To recap, Jones is the piece of excrement we caught breaking into our office in downtown Jackson. We took Jones into custody and turned him over to JPD for disposal.

We then trusted the Hinds County District Attorney’s Office to do its job and lock this animal away for good. This trust was misplaced.

At the time of our burglary, Jones was under indictment (and out on bond) for a felony auto burglary he committed on February 18, 2011. At the time Jones committed that auto burglary, he was already under indictment for yet another auto burglary he committed on August 16, 2010.

That’s quite an impressive feat by Mr. Jones. Somehow, Jones was released on bond after he committed the second auto burglary, even though he committed the crime while already under indictment for another felony crime. Jones therefore was not entitled to bond on the second auto burglary. But, mysteriously, he got one.

This means that at the time he burglarized our office, Jones should have been in jail without bond. But since the Hinds County District Attorney’s Office sat on its ass and failed to do its job, Jones was out committing more felony crimes. Of course, had the District Attorney done his job, we would have never encountered Anthony Demon Jones.

These facts, standing alone, should have been enough to throw the book at Jones. But setting aside his out-on-bond crime spree, Jones’ prior criminal record justified demanded that he be locked in a cage for the remainder of his natural life.

According to the District Attorney’s own records, Anthony Demon Jones has previously been convicted of the following felony crimes:

Burglary (Hinds Circuit No. T-0531)
Business Burglary (Hinds Circuit No. A-0224)
Receiving Stolen Goods (Hinds Circuit No. 08-0-563)
Vehicle Burglary (Hinds Circuit No. 04-1-326)
Possession of Cocaine (Hinds Circuit No. 99-1-266)
Aggravated Assault (Hinds Circuit No. 93-2-367)
House Burglary (Hinds Circuit No. 92-4-448)
Business Burglary (Hinds Circuit No. 97-17-33)
Strong-Arm Robbery (Hinds Circuit No. T-0104)
Burglary (Hinds Circuit No. 01-0-844)

Folks, these are felony convictions, not mere arrests.

Under the law, Anthony Demon Jones is what is called a "violent habitual offender." This means that the law provided for a mandatory minimum life sentence if Jones was convicted of any one of the felony counts against him. The Hinds County District Attorney was well-aware of Jones’ record, as they listed these prior convictions in his indictments:

Anthony Demon Jones Indictments

Considering all these facts, there was never a more appropriate candidate for a life sentence as a habitual offender. Jones is precisely the kind of incorrigible, dangerous animal that the Legislature had in mind when it enacted the habitual offender law.

The Hinds County DA initially indicted Jones as a habitual offender. However, after the dust settled from Jones’ foray into our office, the District Attorney inexplicably cut Jones a mind-boggling sweetheart deal.

On March 7, 2011, Jones appeared in the Circuit Court of Hinds County and entered guilty pleas to all three felony indictments. Rather than protect the public from this dangerous 10-time violent criminal, the Hinds County District Attorney dropped the habitual offender portion of the indictments. Before everyone asks "WTF?," wait, it gets better. The DA then made a recommendation that Jones be sentenced to 7 years, with 2 years suspended, and 5 years to serve on each indictment, with all sentences to run concurrent. This means that Jones was sentenced to a total of 5 years for his crime spree. But again, it gets better. Because the DA’s office dropped the habitual offender part of the indictment, Jones will be eligible for a number of early release programs. To round out the insult, Jones got credit for time served since last August.

The net effect of the DA’s wanton and reckless actions is that Anthony Demon Jones will be back on the streets in no time, rehabilitating himself by stealing your shit.

See Jones' Sentencing Orders; Jones Petition to Plead Guilty

With results like this, is it any wonder Hinds County is a cesspool for crime? What on Earth would possess the District Attorney to to essentially turn this violent sociopath loose on the citizens of this county, when he could have easily ended Jones’ criminal career permanently?

Why was Jones given bond on the second auto burglary, when he was already under indictment on the first one? Why did the DA not move to have the bond revoked after the second auto burglary as provided by law?

Something doesn’t add up. There is no jurisdiction in the English-speaking world that would give Jones this kind of pass.

So what’s going on here?

We searched long and hard to find a case anywhere in the United States where a prosecutor had extended such mercy to a defendant under similar facts. Ironically, the only case we could find involved this very same District Attorney and a violent, notorious drug dealer named Sean Antonio King. The ironic part is that Sean Antonio King was Jones’ employer at the time he burglarized our office.

As we’ve written before, Sean Antonio King is the operator of the Locker Room, a thug bar located half a block down from the King Ed. Jones was working at the Locker Room at the time of the burglary, although it is unclear exactly what his job duties entailed.

Sean Antonio King is himself a violent habitual offender and known drug dealer. During the Peterson administration, Sean Antonio King was a suspect in at least 2 separate drug-related murders. King was arrested and charged with both murders. Ms. Peterson proceeded to trial on one of the murder cases.  King was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison.  Due to errors by the trial court, an appellate court reversed his murder conviction.   Even though the Court reversed the conviction, the appellate court did not turn King loose.  Instead, they remanded the case to Hinds County and ordered that King be re-tried for murder.

By this time, the current DA had assumed office. In yet another shocking plea deal, the DA allowed Sean Antonio King to plead guilty to manslaughter, and recommended a sentence of TIME SERVED.

The District Attorney turned Sean Antonio King, a convicted killer loose upon the public. King subsequently opened the (cash-based) Locker Room thug bar, using his thugette wife (also a convicted felon) to obtain alcohol licenses from the City of Jackson.

Deals like this are unheard of in the annals of American justice.  It is highly unlikely that any DA would offer this type of sweetheart deal to any violent career criminal.   It is damn near a certainty that no honest DA would offer these types of deals to TWO violent criminals, both of whom just happen to be associated with the same business enterprise.

So, we ask again, what would motivate a prosecutor to recklessly endanger public safety by turning not one, but two, dangerous criminals loose upon the public?  Do these deals have something to do with King's and Jones' occupation, or are they just mere coincidences and statistical anomolies?

No criminal justice system can be considered legitimate with these results.  The fact is that the District Attorney made an ass out of the criminal justice system with his handling of these two cases. These cases are proof positive that Hinds County's "justice" system is a joke.  And career criminals like Sean Antonio King and Anthony Demon Jones know it.

If you live in Hinds County and are looking for justice, move to Madison.  In Hinds County, you won't find justice at the courthouse.  Around here, justice is 7.62 milimeters in diameter and comes from the bayonet-end of a rifle.  The law-abiding citizens' only hope is to kill the criminal before the criminal kills him.  Short of that, Hinds County citizens are out of luck.  The citizens of Hinds County, and Jackson in particular, should expect exactly what they are getting from our criminal justice system:  not a damn thing.

In the words of Mike Gundy, it makes me want to puke; that's all I've got to say. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wild Animal Exhibition-Downtown Jackson-March 2

What a treat for downtown residents.  On March 2, there will be a wild animal exhibition at Club Volume, compliments of Madison County slimeball Chip Matthews.

Club Monkey

Anyone paying good money to live downtown should take a good look at the 11 monkeys on this flyer.  Do you really want any one of these pieces of shit walking around your residences (much less all 11 of them)?

A typical Chip Matthews production.  Chip is fond of saying he wants to work together to "solve Jackson's problems."  When you hear him say something like that, remember this flyer.  Chip Matthews doesn't give a rip about your community, your safety or the quiet enjoyment of your residence.  Shit Matthews only cares about temporarily putting some white trash money in his pocket as fast as he can.  He's got a short window of opportunity, as he must get as much cash as possible before this dump goes belly up (just like every other bar Chip has ever owned).

As springtime nears and the weather gets warmer, expect more of this garbage.  Stay alert.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Whiskey For My Men

Beer for my horses.  That's the first song that came to mind when we heard Attorney General Jim Hood talk about being "on a manhunt."  We can just picture Twitty driving home at the end of the day with this blaring on the radio, while he fantasizes that he's a real law enforcement officer running Code 3 to take down an evildoer.

Ultimately, though, after listening to Twitty's billy joe badass 'manhunt' talk for 3 weeks, this song by the original Conway Twitty came to mind.  Somehow it just seems to fit.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thank God for Jim Hood

The past few weeks have shown us that Attorney General Jim Hood doesn't play.  He will relentlessly pursue criminals and convicts that dare break the law or try to play the system.  All the way to the ends of Wyoming if necessary.  Jim Hood.  Our tough-as-nails AG standing between us and manhuntin' the forces of evil.

The message to criminals is clear:  When you break the law in Mississippi, Jim Hood will hunt you down and make you pay.  No exceptions.

OK, well, almost no exceptions.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

JFP Hurts Tat Monkeys' Feelings

The DJT is very familiar with the thin-skinned nature of the tat-monkey crew that supports downtown Jackson trash bins like Club Volume.  Every time we post a story about the community-killers, we get a barrage of logic-challenged BS comments defending the white trash way of life.

Recently, we witnessed a public temper tantrum by some of our more conspicuous tat monkeys that confirmed what we've known for some time:  They are all a bunch of little over-indulged, spoiled crybabies with entitlement issues.

Apparently, the local tat monkeys are miffed that they were not included in the Jackson Free Press "Best Of" list this year.  So miffed, in fact, that they formed a Facebook page called Anti JFP (Jackson False Press)

So how pissed are they?  Check this out:

In addition to this tat trafficker, the bartenders are also distraught:

And then there's some miscellaneous rumblings:

They were also kind enough to give the DJT a random shout-out, although we have nothing to do with the JFP:

But it was refreshing to see a white guy proclaiming his African American heritage:

And not so refreshing to see the obligatory jab at the "lushes at Parlor Market:"

Seriously, though, how pathetic and silly must one be to start crying because they didn't win an award?  They got their feelings hurt because they didn't win a JFP "Best Of" award?  Seriously?  And they're pissed off enough to make a Facebook page to whine about it?  Do the idiots not realize that the "best of" is voted on by people who read JFP?  If more people had voted for them, they would have won.  They did not get enough votes.  Therefore, they lost.  Maybe they should get their subhuman white trash friends to put the pipe down and go vote for them.  Or maybe they just suck.

Losers.  Spoiled brats.  Over-indulged, self-entitled, crybaby bitches.  Fatherless animals that Mommy never told "No."  They just don't understand that they are not entitled to win awards.  Not entitled to make a nuisance of themselves in other folks' neighborhoods.  Not entitled to trash communities.  Not entitled to sell drugs.  Not entitled, period.

Regular readers of the DJT know that we hold a dim view of Donna Ladd and the JFP.  Like many people, we hold the JFP in such low regard that we really don't care what they think (unless, of course, they do something that threatens personal safety or intentionally hurts people).  That being said, who is so jealous, petty and pathetic that they form a Facebook page because some obscure, irrelevant drink special flyer didn't recognize their mad skills at white trashery?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Name That Skank

It's time for the new DJT monthly contest we call "Name That Skank."

Here's how it works.  We show you a picture of an alleged skank.  If you think you know the identity of said alleged skank, post it in the comments section.  The first person to correctly identify the alleged skank wins the monthly "Name That Skank" prize package.  This month's prizes include a signed copy of "Pushing Play for Dummies," by DVDJ Reign.

And now, this month's skank:

Bonus Questions:

For bonus prizes, answer the following bonus questions:

1.  What was this angel's occupation and who was her employer at the time this photo was taken?; and

2.  Which white trash dive bar in downtown Jackson currently employs this hoe?

This month's bonus prize is a framed, autographed picture of DVDJ Clover's Probation Officer, with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by MDOC Commissioner Chris Epps.

Good Luck.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Club Volume Run By Drug Dealer

Club Volume, the downtown Jackson trash dive that Chip Matthews pretends not to own, has a rather "interesting" young fella at the helm.  Sam Pittman, a white dude who gave himself the street name "DVDJ Clover," is one of Chip's front-monkeys at Club Volume.  If that name sounds familiar, it may be because Samuel Pittman was one of Chip's partners in Fire, Chip's flagshit flagship bar that he doesn't own.

In addition to running the club, Sam Pittman "performs" there quite frequently.  About 4 nights a week he is at Club Volume rockin' his mad skills at pushing "PLAY." 

We don't know how long Samuel Pittman a/k/a Clover has been in the DJ business.  But we do know that in 2007, the Ridgeland Police Department charged him with being in the methamphetamine business.  On April 14, 2007, Ridgeland police officers arrested Samuel Pittman and charged him with possession of 2 to 10 grams of methamphetamine with intent to sell, transfer or distribute.  A Madison County grand jury agreed, and issued an indictment against Pittman three months later:

Club Volume Jackson MS Indictment Meth with Intent

Even though Pittman was apparently dumb enough to try to sling rock in Madison County, he wasn't dumb enough to go to trial.  Pittman plead guilty to the lesser included felony offense of Possession of Methamphetamine:

Club Volume Jackson MS Conviction Possession of Meth

Interesting move, as Pittman did not have a plea deal from the State.  The only "deal" the DA offered was to allow Pittman to plead to the lesser felony Possession charge.  There was no recommendation as to the sentence.  In September of 2008, Pittman was sentenced to 10 years in the custody of the Mississippi Department of Corrections, with 8 years and 6 months suspended, leaving a year-and-a-half to serve.  Pittman was also placed on 5 years of supervised probation after his release from prison.

Club Volume Jackson MS Sentence Possession of Meth

Club Volume Jackson MS Criminal Possession of Meth

By our calculation, Pittman is currently on probation for this conviction.  [Note:  Evidently MDOC has gotten a lot kinder and gentler here lately, as there was a time when a person on probation would get violated for hanging out in bars all night.]

Folks, this is exactly what we have been talking about with Chip Matthews.  The man is not capable of running a reputable business, nor is he capable of surrounding himself with reputable people.  Chip Matthews, for all his bullshit to the contrary, has never contributed one positive thing to downtown Jackson.  In the past few months alone, Chip has brought us (1) the state-line-dive rendition of the Blue Oyster Bar, (2) Mrs. Crotch Rocket October 2006, and now (3) Sir Meth-a-Lot.

If this is the management, can you imagine the quality of the clientele?  Considering that Club Volume is marketed to the lowest of the low class displaced Electric Cowboy crowd, is it really reasonable to believe this dump is going to have anything other than a negative impact on the community?

These are the kind of degenerates and lowlife white trash with whom Chip Matthews surrounds himself.  Chip landed his Meth Head friend upon our community, and sees no problem with it.  Chip Matthews quite simply does not give a rip about downtown Jackson.  He's willing to open any kind of nasty dive, and jump into bed with whatever pieces of crap he thinks it takes, in pursuit of actually having a business that lasted more than a month.  If that means bringing convicted meth felons who are still under supervision into our community, then he will do it.

Remember this post the next time you hear one of his illiterate hangers-on talking about how we're so mean, that these are good people trying to "give" us something nice, or whatever else pops into their chemically-powered turbo-charged brains at 3 a.m.

Chip, you need to pack your shit and get out of downtown Jackson.  And take your pal DVDJ 8-Ball with you.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Does this picture make me look fat?

Well here's one for the "Are you f---ing kidding me" file.

At a recent City Council meeting, our elected officials demonstrated how focused they are on issues that really have an impact on the residents of the City of Jackson.  Maintaining a disciplined approach to improving our decaying City, our elected officials don't waste time getting sidetracked by frivolous issues such as crime, broken sewers and raggedy streets.  No, they concentrate on more pressing and critical issues, such as why Frank Melton's portrait is not up at City Hall, and how it hurts Harvey Johnson's feelings that his own picture from his first term isn't up either.

According to the Clarion-Ledger, City Council President Frank Bluntson asked Mayor Harvey Johnson, Jr. about Melton's portrait at a recent City Council meeting.  Apparently, this isn't the first time Mr. Bluntson has addressed the issue with the Mayor.

We'd like to report that Mayor Johnson quickly put Mr. Bluntson in his place, telling the old man "With all the problems we have in the City of Jackson and you come at me with this bulls&!t? That's a disgrace!"

That's what we would like to report.  Unfortunately we can't, as King Harvey instead took the opportunity to let everyone know that he is still heavily intoxicated by his own Mayoral Majesty.  King Harvey explained that Melton's picture wasn't going up because King Harvey's portrait from his first term (just prior to Melton) hadn't been erected yet.  His Mayoral Highness decreed that Melton's picture would be placed on the wall, but not until King Harvey's own monument to Himself was placed there (Melton's portrait will be followed by yet another portrait of King Harvey commemorating the current term).

Just when Jackson residents start looking around wondering if Ashton Kutcher is going to jump out and inform them that they've been punk'd, it gets even better.  King Harvey further told the Council that he and his staff have been working diligently to correct the injustice known as Portraitgate.  His Majesty said the reason the portraits were not up yet was because

he and city officials have been trying to decide on the right picture and frame for a portrait of himself from his last stint in office.

"As soon as we get the framing switched out and hang my portrait, we'll probably get them both up at the same time."
Yep.  The passage of time has done nothing to reduce the size of the massive chips that adorn King Harvey's non-profit shoulders.  The Mayor's pettiness in refusing to place Melton's portrait until his own is placed reveals the childish and petty nature of King Harvey's personality.  His sensitive little feelings were bruised because the Council did not vote to erect his portrait after he left office (probably because they were trying to forget it).  Now that he's back for another ride on the taxpayer gravy train, King Harvey will correct this slight to his massive ego.

Pettiness aside, is King Harvey so vain and impressed with himself that he must waste the time of city officials to choose the perfect picture to memorialize his first term in office?  Is King Harvey's ego really that big?

There are major problems in the City of Jackson, yet this arrogant, self-absorbed, Pride-Ridin' bureaucrat is pissing away time trying to figure out which portrait and frame make him look less full of shit.  Let us save you some time, Mr. Mayor.  You look that way in all of them, so just pick one.

To help Mayor Johnson expedite the portrait selection process, the DJT suggests the following portrait for both terms, as it so accurately captures the essence of the Johnson Administrations:

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Denny Crane on Guns

Denny Crane demonstrates intelligent solutions to crime after getting the perception he is being robbed.

Advance Advisory to Race Pimps:  As Boston Legal fans know, Denny Crane was a caricature of the stereotypical ultra conservative, right wing, gun nut.  This scene was to perpetuate Crane's hard right credentials, not to stereotype any particular race.

No actual thugs were harmed in the making of this video.