Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thank God for Jim Hood

The past few weeks have shown us that Attorney General Jim Hood doesn't play.  He will relentlessly pursue criminals and convicts that dare break the law or try to play the system.  All the way to the ends of Wyoming if necessary.  Jim Hood.  Our tough-as-nails AG standing between us and manhuntin' the forces of evil.

The message to criminals is clear:  When you break the law in Mississippi, Jim Hood will hunt you down and make you pay.  No exceptions.

OK, well, almost no exceptions.


  1. Wish Mr. Hood would focus some of his efforts on good 'ol Shit Matthews, there are probably a few good skeletons in that closet (fo sho)!

  2. wish he would stop trying to mike moore and stop crying when he dont get his way

  3. @11:28 you means you don't like da man... Spoken like a true redneck ignoramus