Thursday, January 26, 2012

JFP Hurts Tat Monkeys' Feelings

The DJT is very familiar with the thin-skinned nature of the tat-monkey crew that supports downtown Jackson trash bins like Club Volume.  Every time we post a story about the community-killers, we get a barrage of logic-challenged BS comments defending the white trash way of life.

Recently, we witnessed a public temper tantrum by some of our more conspicuous tat monkeys that confirmed what we've known for some time:  They are all a bunch of little over-indulged, spoiled crybabies with entitlement issues.

Apparently, the local tat monkeys are miffed that they were not included in the Jackson Free Press "Best Of" list this year.  So miffed, in fact, that they formed a Facebook page called Anti JFP (Jackson False Press)

So how pissed are they?  Check this out:

In addition to this tat trafficker, the bartenders are also distraught:

And then there's some miscellaneous rumblings:

They were also kind enough to give the DJT a random shout-out, although we have nothing to do with the JFP:

But it was refreshing to see a white guy proclaiming his African American heritage:

And not so refreshing to see the obligatory jab at the "lushes at Parlor Market:"

Seriously, though, how pathetic and silly must one be to start crying because they didn't win an award?  They got their feelings hurt because they didn't win a JFP "Best Of" award?  Seriously?  And they're pissed off enough to make a Facebook page to whine about it?  Do the idiots not realize that the "best of" is voted on by people who read JFP?  If more people had voted for them, they would have won.  They did not get enough votes.  Therefore, they lost.  Maybe they should get their subhuman white trash friends to put the pipe down and go vote for them.  Or maybe they just suck.

Losers.  Spoiled brats.  Over-indulged, self-entitled, crybaby bitches.  Fatherless animals that Mommy never told "No."  They just don't understand that they are not entitled to win awards.  Not entitled to make a nuisance of themselves in other folks' neighborhoods.  Not entitled to trash communities.  Not entitled to sell drugs.  Not entitled, period.

Regular readers of the DJT know that we hold a dim view of Donna Ladd and the JFP.  Like many people, we hold the JFP in such low regard that we really don't care what they think (unless, of course, they do something that threatens personal safety or intentionally hurts people).  That being said, who is so jealous, petty and pathetic that they form a Facebook page because some obscure, irrelevant drink special flyer didn't recognize their mad skills at white trashery?