Sunday, December 4, 2011

Donna Ladd Hits Rock Bottom

The problem with calling out Donna Ladd when she lies authors irresponsible, half-baked crap, is that it gives her the thing she so desperately craves:  Attention.  Therein lies the problem with dealing with a 50 year-old woman with the permanent temperament of a 2 year-old.

The DJT was acutely aware that our post calling BS on her asinine and reckless essay about firearms would feed Donna's lifelong desire for attention.  But, considering that her drivel posed lethal risks to anyone foolish enough to follow Donna's advice, we felt it was necessary to let her have a little attention, in order to warn the public of the inherent danger of following Donna's advice.

Predictably, when the LaddFraud saw our post, the twits hit the fan.  Donna evidently did not care much for our fair and balanced critique of her patently stupid editorial (as well as her lack of any credentials in the personal protection field).  Donna turned her Twitter selector switch to full-auto and fired off a 4-round burst, each wildly missing her intended target. 

We publish the results of Donna's drive-by below for your comedic pleasure, each followed by some commentary from the DJT.

The old "I didn't do it" defense.  Yes, Donna, you did.  When the post first appeared on the JFP website, it clearly identified the author as "Donna Ladd."  For some reason, Donna's girlfriend Publisher Todd Stauffer ran over and took Donna's name off the post.  Donna now claims this was an error, and that the real author was the JFP "Editorial Board."  Right.

Don't you just love the dishonest hair-splitting?  She first moans that she didn't write this nonsense, but in the comments section to the post states that although she didn't write the story, she "agrees with it."  Donna Ladd is the Editor.  She agrees with the editorial.  Even if we stretch the benefit of the doubt beyond its functional capacity and assume Donna isn't lying, this is still a distinction without a difference.

This foolish editorial is yours, Donna.  Stop trying to blame others for this farce.

This one was as predictable as it is pathetic.  Whenever confronted with a strong opposing viewpoint, port-side intelligentsia like Donna Ladd respond by falsely labeling the opposition as either bigots or racists.  It's a transparent attempt to marginalize the opposition.  Sadly, this is a common tactic by some here in Jackson (just two weeks ago we had another little namby pamby do the same thing because he didn't like something we wrote).  There's not a damn thing "bigoted" in our post, unless one claims we are bigoted against insecure, dishonest, agenda-driven, narcissistic, know-it-all journalist-impersonators who give people "advice" that can get them killed.  As to that, we will concede the point.

And yes, Donna, we let people comment anonymously here.  We also let them say what they want, in whatever way they want, with only a few restrictions.  We much prefer this approach to yours, as we are not as comfortable with hypocrisy as you appear to be.  We don't shout down or ban commenters because they disagree with us, while letting our pets say whatever they wish.  We tolerate the occasional comment that goes off the reservation, in order to avoid the Pot-Meet-Donna system you have on your website.

Hun, you need professional help.  If the DJT is trying to "cash in" on fear, we're evidently not doing it right.  This site is designed to expose problems and the people that cause them in downtown Jackson.  In doing so, our intent is to alleviate those problems.  We do not expect or intend to make money.  In fact, this site, by its very nature, is a money-losing venture.  For example, the incident reports in the Standard Life Auto Burglaries post cost us $159.00.  Every time we acquire records for a post, we spend money, not to mention the time, fuel and effort expended in gathering the evidence we post here.  It is worth it to us to spend money to educate the public and clean up the riff-raff.  To say that the DJT tries to "cash in" by publicizing these issues is nothing short of an outright lie.

Donna's silly editorial did not make us "defensive," as she claims.  We responded to that editorial because it was ignorant and written by a person who is an all-knowing expert on everything.  It's not defensive to say that Donna Ladd does not know what she is talking about when it comes to personal protection.  It is, however, the truth.  Donna Ladd has no experience or training of any kind in law enforcement, security or personal protection.  Yet Cliffette Claven published this editorial giving people tactical advice on the use of firearms for personal protection.  Motivated by her lust for relevance and attention, Donna gave dangerous advice she is not qualified to give.  It's not "defensive" to say so.

Our favorite part of this bulltwit is Donna's statement that "people [meaning Donna Ladd] are choosing to do something other than hate about crime."  Implication, of course, being that we just sit around and bitch about crime, without doing anything about it.  Our question to Donna is, what exactly have you done to prevent crime?  As far as we can tell, the only thing you have done is tell people not to do the one thing that will prevent them from becoming the victims of some future JFP mentees.  So what specific action has the JFP taken to prevent crime? 

As far as your implication that we just "hate" about crime, you are, once again, a liar and a fraud.  The DJT doesn't like to toot its own horn, but just ask this violent career criminal what we've done about crime in downtown Jackson.  And while you're at it, ask him if he thinks he would be in jail right now if our friends from Springfield Armory had not been there to "assist" us in ending his 20+ year one-man crime wave. 

And finally, an invitation to visit the traffic-ailing JFP website.  Because, as we said in the beginning, this is nothing more than a desperate cry for attention by Donna.  Her crime "manifesto" fell in the woods, and even though many people were around, no one heard it.  The reason no one heard it is because no one is listening.

Look for more hissy fits from Donna in the near future.  Irrelevancy has reared its ugly head at the JFP.  And Donna Just.Can't.Stand.It.


  1. There is something STRANGE about a 50 year "old maid" hanging out with kids all of the time.

  2. Thank God she never procreated.

  3. What is the confusing thing is that she so adores her opinion. She talks to herself over and over.

  4. I don't read the Freak press and don't go to their website. I feel so clean.

  5. she would make a psychoanalyst have a nervous breakdown with all her Superego-Id conflict, daddy and mommy issues, and of course latency.

  6. Let me repeat what our highly competent Police Chief had to say on the matter in said article:

    "When reached for comment, Jackson Police Chief Rebecca Coleman said, however, that it is not JPD's policy to tell residents to purchase guns for safety. The department's Quality of Life and Crime Prevention units give safety presentations and tips on what citizens should do in potentially dangerous situations. As an alternative to guns, Coleman suggested that citizens secure their vehicles, be aware of their surroundings and park vehicles in well-lighted areas."

    Boy !!! That advice really prevented all those Standard Life Auto Burglaries. Must be the vehicle owners fault somehow anyway.


  7. This has nothing to do with this woman, but I know she is reading this, and have a question that I sincerely would like the answer to, if anyone (including the pervert) knows:

    I went to Comcast last week and waited over an hour for a service representative (to upgrade a high def box), because the place was FULL of black people paying their bill in cash. I was told that this is the case at the first of every month.

    Why is this the case? Do they not have checking accounts? I moved here from Seattle a few months ago, and continue to be amazed at certain habits and behaviors I encounter.

    Do black people pay their electric bill, etc in the same methods?

  8. @3:43. Funny you say that. I have a friend who moved here from an area close to where you are from. Bleeding heart year later he's a gun toting Repub counting down the days to get out of this shithole. It's been a real eye opening experience for him.

  9. Curt,

    You need to sign up for a twitter account and tweet your posts automatically.


  10. 343, I just have to ask, who pray tell is "the pervert?"

  11. Betting it is the Amazon woman that hangs out with children all day, every day. 2 bagger bitch.

  12. @ 3:43 .

    Welcome to the light.

    Your observations and reactions are actually quite normal
    for all "progressive / liberals" that have spent time living in the
    Deep South.

    Don't grieve. Good effort ! Ya'll tried . Now enjoy the result.

    Again, we welcome you into the light !

    BTW : Don't forget to obtain your concealed hand gun permit .

  13. Hey Crowley,
    You are falling behind you used to give us a new blog daily!!!!!

  14. I've had to slow down a bit to take care of some pressing issues at my real job (e.g. paying the rent, etc.).

    Working on a few stories now that should go over well.

  15. i hate the free press because they constantly shove down your throat how terrible it is to be anyone other a democrat she covers her pages with constant racism topics that honestly no one brings up except people like her and bashes white people...would someone please pat her on the back now that's what she wants"oh congradulations you are sooo nice to black people"...she is why we can't get rid of racism

  16. Here's Donna, moving back to the sticks to enlighten the unwashed redneck masses to whom she is so superior because, hey, she lived in New York City. She constantly seems surprised that people in Mississippi are A) educated and informed, often moreso than she and B) not motivated solely by racism and hatred. It is the mantra of the liberal, particularly the liberal from the northeast or the west, that everyone in the South is stupid, ignorant, non-hygienic, poor and in desperate need of the enlightenment of the dogmatic left. Their worldview is so set that they cannot handle the reality that shakes their false foundation, so they resort to namecalling and denial.

    I give you exhibit A.