Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our Advice to Donna "Fondrazon" Ladd

UPDATED:  Added link to Donna's drivel below.

The DJT's advice to Donna Ladd:  Stop giving advice--particularly on matters of self defense.  We're seriously concerned that the 6 or 7 people who actually take Donna seriously might take her advice and get themselves killed.

A few weeks ago, the Fondrazon got her anti-gun boxers in a bunch over advice that some Jackson Police Officers allegedly gave to some Jackson Free Press Fondren Daily Worker staffers.  Multiple police officers allegedly advised Donna's minions that in order to protect themselves from crime, they should...GASP!...get a gun.  When Donna heard this she went off faster than an SKS at the Branch Davidian compound.

She called her pal Aunt Esther Chief Rebecca Coleman to tattle on the officers.  Tattling wasn't enough for the ever hysterical egomaniac, however.  She immediately penned a column congratulating herself on tattling to the Campus Cop Chief of Police.  Then, she turned all Sarah Brady on us and warned of the dangers of firearms possession by law-abiding citizens.

Donna showed great concern for the welfare of violent criminals who might get killed by an evildoer who lawfully possesses a firearm.  Donna cites half-baked statistics to persuade us that "guns 'intensify violence' in property-crime situations leading to more homicides."  Well, duh.  A homeowner with a firearm is likely to "intensify the violence" by cooking the perpetrator on the spot.  And yes, there is an increased risk of homicide, as the bad guy stands a good chance of becoming Dr. Hayne's newest patient.  On this point, the DJT asks, what's wrong with that?

Because Donna Ladd is an agenda-driven master of spin, she made these fallacious arguments in the context of burglary and other property crimes.  Never once did Donna mention the effect of lawful firearms possession on attempted violent crimes.  This is because such an argument would be utterly ridiculous.  Experts, logic and common sense unanimously agree that an armed citizen is less likely to be beaten, robbed, raped and/or murdered than an unarmed victim.  No citizen can predict when he or she will be the intended victim of a violent crime.  Only the violent criminals can decide that.  But if it happens, citizens can increase their chances of survival by following Rule #1 of getting mixed up in a gunfight:  Have a gun.  Donna completely omits any reference to violent crime because it didn't fit her agenda in the article.

By focusing on property crime, Donna reveals just how completely clueless she is when it comes to matters of self-defense.  We don't carry concealed because we're afraid someone is going to break into our cars and steal our Top Gun limited edition soundtrack.  We carry concealed because we don't want to be the victim of a Jackson thug who sticks a gun in our faces to "burglarize" us mano y mano.

Donna goes so far as to trot out the most ridiculous argument against firearms possession: that the guns become "loot" for burglars.  Good thinking, Donna.  Let's not arm ourselves because of the slim possibility a burglar will break in and steal the guns.  [Note to Donna:  Those of us who are serious about the use of firearms for self-defense don't leave our primary firearms unattended at the house or in the car.  They are on our persons--exactly where God and Gaston Glock intended them to be.]

Just when we think Donna could not get any more ridiculous, she offers up idiotic firearm safety advice to anyone who obtains a firearm.  Donna recommends that we use "locks that keep it secure from children and in the case your home or car is burglarized successfully."  That is asinine.  A locked gun is an unloaded gun, and there are few things in this world more useless than an unloaded gun.  To unload and trigger lock a firearm defeats the purpose of having the firearm in the first place.  Safety is of paramount importance, but there are other methods of securing firearms when not in one's immediate possession.  These alternative methods do not require making the firearm completely useless.

This little "firearms safety" lecture demonstrates how very little Donna Ladd and her live-in girlfriend Todd Stauffer know about firearms and personal protection.  For Donna to give this ridiculous advice, while being wholly ignorant of the defensive use of firearms, is nothing short of reckless.

We suspect that Donna's hyper-hysterical reaction to this phony controversy is only partly fueled by her irrational hatred of firearms.  Donna's reaction was, at least partially, a desperate cry for attention.  You see, Donna put a great deal of time and thought into her lackluster blockbuster "crime issue."  She treated the ignorant masses to the "JFP Crime Manifesto," as the cure to Jackson's perception crime problem.  It was to be Donna's greatest work, and her everlasting gift to the rest of us idiots who are less smart than she. 

Unfortunately for Donna, it flopped.  The JFP Crime Issue went nowhere.  She can't even get her most loyal members of the echo-chamber to log-in and tell her how awesomely intelligent she is for rehashing the same old failed crime prevention theories that have been floated around for 30 years.  Something tells us that when her crime prevention issue epically failed, she went into full-blown irrelevancy panic mode.  And Donna will never be irrelevant.  Never.  Donna had to fabricate this controversy about the alleged advice of certain JPD officers in an attempt to appear relevant, even if it's only the perception of relevance existing only in her own mind.  

Hopefully, most will recognize that Donna Ladd knows nothing about this topic, and will disregard her foolish statements.  Donna, you do not possess the education, training or experience to offer an opinion of any value on the issue of self-defense.  Your advice is worthless, irresponsible and potentially dangerous. 

Assuming you are telling the truth about the advice these officers gave, it is good advice.  Citizens would be well-advised to take personal protection recommendations from street-level police officers who know what they are talking about, and reject the unsolicited, ill-informed and unqualified opinions of an agenda-driven attention-whore.


  1. I thought the officer's "Action Statement" of telling the public to arm themselves was a great "Action" that community members can "Take Action" on with regards to reversing the crime in Jackson. Excellent article with many salient points that are well thought through.

    Who is this Ladd person?

  2. I am all for being armed. I would have no problem putting a bullet into someone trying to hurt me or my family. I am very grateful I know how to aim and shoot a gun.
    Regarding children- yes, guns should be kept out of the reach of children...BUT children need to be educated on firearms. We have a child who knows all about our gun collection but is educated to know not to touch them. He isn't going to sneak off and play russian roulette because he knows he is NOT to touch them. If you hide them away like a dirty secret then kids are going to be that much interested in them.
    People have to learn to stand up for themselves and quit being a victim. GUNS ARE NOT BAD. People make them bad when they abuse them. This is 2011 and Hinds County is one step away from being Crenshaw or Queens- there are thugs everywhere. Protect yourself. Believe me, if a thug comes in an looks down the barrel of a 45, they aren't coming back.

  3. Yep......I had this vision of the news room at the Fondren Bugle with the staff carrying lots of heat, underarm shoulder holsters and a couple of staff wearing two bandoliers.

    Couple of sawed-off shotguns (think Tony Soprano) would be useful.

  4. 1:08- Donna Ladd is the editor of the Jackson Free Press

  5. "...her live-in **girlfriend** Todd Stauffer..."

    Lmao. I'm thinking that is not a typo.

  6. Donna is a frigid bitch who hasn't achieved orgasm since watching the 2008 Obama election returns.

  7. But...but...but...Donna went to the range with Cliff Cargill once! Surely that makes her an expert now, right?

    I'm sure Cliff had the best of intentions by offering her some firearm instruction, but it was pearls before swine, if you ask me.

  8. Rebekah left out that Donna Ladd is also the best damn journalist in the history of organized journalism. And not just in this galaxy, but in all galaxies.

    Source: Donna Ladd

  9. Eat the antipesto! C'mon, if you want to solve hunger, just eat the antipesto. Na-na-na-na-na! I can't hear you. Did you eat the antipesto from the NIF (Nick's in Fondren).

  10. Oops. I got that wrong. It's READ the MANIFESTO. Shit. Sorry. And it is going to solve all the problems of Jackson or something like that.

  11. A link to the story would've been nice. And zap the comment at 2:39.

  12. Might add the link later. Haven't decided if I want to give her free traffic or not.

  13. I need firearms advice from Donna Ladd like a need sobriety advice from Stuart Irby.

  14. Donna is an agenda driven blithering idiot!!

  15. Donna Ladd is an idiot!! If she wants to run around unprotected/unarmed don't expect the rest of us to do the same!!

  16. OK. I got it wrong. It is "antipasto". It's kinda' like Manifesto. I've been away from NY for too long.

    I don't want to have to "esplain" myself to some dark removal of light to overcome my facsimile of an attempt to be humorous.

  17. But remember 6:49,

    There is no crime in Fondren... or within the entire Jackson city limits for that matter.

    It's all perception.

    And that's the truth ...


  18. keep it up nice blog.. thanks for sharing


  20. Study after study has found that in areas where law abiding folk are allowed to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights, VIOLENT crime has gone DOWN, compared to when people are told they can't have guns. Just Do a search on gun control vs violent crime. It just makes sense- If you were a felonious POS, would you rape and pillage where the victims might be armed, or would you do your business where you knew they were not capable of putting 3 230gr projectiles in your thoracic cavity and 2 in your empty skull? Just common sense.

  21. What's wrong with you people?

    Sure, Donna can be self-righteous on occasion, but the JFP only wants Jackson to be a great place to live. In my opinion, it is.

    Is there a crime problem? Yes. But, do I have to strap on a flack jacket and double pistol holster to walk out of my house in Fondren every day? No.

    I don't have a gun, and I won't any time soon, because I'm smart, and I can deal with situations as they arise. If someone holds a gun to my head and asks for my wallet, I will give it to him, then call and have my cards cancelled.

    I liked this blog for a while, but when you start attacking people who also want this city to be a better place (just like you), I have to question what your real intent is.

    Now, you're just starting to sound like a crazy commenter on the Clarion Ledger site who just has anger issues.

  22. what happens when they just don't want your purse-they want to rape you?? What are you going to do?? CC is just trying to let you know that there are certain situations you can't predict will happen and protecting yourself is what you need to do...I, myself, once listened to people like Donna, but I found out that it is complete bullshit. So CC is trying to make Jackson a better AND safer place-that is his intent-plain and simple.

  23. So when they put the gun to your head the second, third, fourth and fifth times you just gonna cough up your wallet again?

  24. A bomb could fall on my house or a tornado could hit, but that doesn't justify building a concrete shelter in my backyard.

    Bad shit happens, but in my 10 years of living in Belhaven and Fondren, the worst thing that has ever happened to me was that someone stole my checkbook out of my car one night when i left the windows open.

    You can throw out hypotheticals all day long, but people get raped, murdered, and robbed everywhere. Don't act like it's happening on every block of the city 24 hours a day, because it isn't. I refuse to live in fear in my neighborhood because there's nothing to fear here.

    If you would spend more time in Jackson than just driving into work at 8 and back to Rankin at 5, you would know where you're supposed to go, and where you're not supposed to go.

  25. 8:26
    You are not smarter than anyone because you think you do not need a gun. I hope you are never presented with a situation where a gun might have been handy...I truly mean that. But your mindset is so beyond reality that I have to assume that you have been sheltered a majority of your life. I respect your right to choose your method...but again...that does not make you smarter. I challenge you to talk to people who have been through these situations before you voice your opinion with such ease. Its not always as simple as just handing over your wallet and then going on your merry way. I respect the fact that guns scare some people. I had to teach my wife guns and gun safety. She is not an avid shooter by any means now but she is comforted by the fact that if I am away, she can protect our family if need be. You choose your way, I'll choose mine, and you just hope and pray that if things ever go bad for you that someone like myself is there to help you out. I'd rather be a living "idiot" than a dead or beaten "intellect". Just something for you to chew on.

  26. I learned to shoot a 22 rifle when I was 4 years old. I enjoy shooting guns, and have no problem with people who want to have guns.

    It is my choice to not carry a gun. If you want to haul a heavy-ass gun around all the time, that's fine. Carry a grenade launcher. I don't care.

    But, don't berate me for doing things my way. Don't berate Donna for presenting another option.

    I'm not sure you would be as brave as you say when presented with the situation where you have to end a person's life.

  27. When you spend time in Jackson, you know where you're not supposed to go? Really?

    Does that include the middle of the Belhaven neighborhood, at 7:45 AM, on a weekday? Because that's where my wife was mugged at gunpoint.

  28. 8:26 and 10:01 - I think that is CC's intent: that there shouldn't have to be places "where you're supposed to go and where you're not supposed to go." Downtown Jackson should be safe to be able to "go" there anytime, especially if there are [upscale] residences on site.

    Further, the post did not mention that only in the city limits of Jackson (or downtown, or Belhaven and Fondren) should people own a gun for safety. You're right, violent crime happens everywhere, and everyone everywhere should take precautions to protect themselves from such crime. As a previous poster commented, in the areas where citizens own guns, violent crime has diminished. Thus, the advice from the JPD officer to carry a gun for protection should help Jackson (and elsewhere) become safer and allow for more places "where you're supposed to go."

    No one is saying that everyone should go out and buy guns willy-nilly. I think everyone can agree that gun ownership comes with responsibility and an understanding of safety. Bottom line is you need to protect yourself, and handing over your wallet does not protect anything when it's your person the perp wants.

  29. I'm with Mark. I've heard too many stories across the spectrum of ACTUAL crime committed against people I know. The constant berating and excusing of crime in the manner DL uses only desensitizes people to the realities of crime. It further marginalizes the discussion to a couple of percentages.

    I commend DJT for taking a stand and for rightfully pointing out that the advice DL has presented is in fact dangerous in the face of reality in DT Jackson.

  30. Hmmm...interesting...considering the prestigious NE Jackson neighborhood we moved out of this summer has regular break ins. My 80+ year old grandfather was also beaten in his front yard...on 11am in the morning.
    I am glad you haven't had anything happen while gracing Fondren with your presence, but you will change your mind once it does moron.
    The fact of the matter is that HINDS COUNTY has gone downhill and will continue to dwindle down a sad shitpath until someone steps up and does something about the crime.
    I would have zero problem taking someone's life if it meant saving mine. Does that make me a bad person? I don't know. What I do know is that I have zero sympathy for anyone who commits a crime- especially someone who steals, rapes, or beats an innoccent person.
    When I think about the 2 black thugs who beat my grandfather, it makes me want to grab a gun and find them and beat the shit out of them.
    If you choose to live in never never land where you tiptoe through the butterflies and rainbows, fine. But for the majority of us, we know better. I hate it has come to this, but it has. People need to stand up for theirselves AND their properties. A thug would not give any of us a second thought before shooting us- so why should we give them any respect???

  31. 8:26, you sound like a reasonable person. We're not going to berate you for not carrying a firearm. That's your decision.

    As someone else noted, however, the success or failure of the approach you have chosen depends entirely upon the benevolence and sound judgment of an armed, violent criminal. That is the primary weakness in your theory.

    Donna Ladd has every right to an opinion as to whether firearms should be legal. The problem is that her article went way beyond giving an opinion. She ventured out and gave technical/tactical advice regarding firearms. We can think of no person less qualified than Donna Ladd to offer this type of advice. That's the point--she doesn't know what she is talking about. Taking her advice is a potenially lethal error.

    Another problem is that she took this opportunity to advocate her rabid anti-gun stance, under the guise of a legitimate crime/safety issue. That's nothing less than dishonest.

    Finally, we think it is deplorable that she (1) ratted out police officers who did nothing wrong and violated no departmental policy, and (2) wasted the time of the Chief of Police on a "controversy" that exists only within the confines of the electrical fire known as her brain.

    You may think Donna Ladd's motives are purely for the betterment of Jackson. That's fine, but please forgive us if we contend otherwise. Donna Ladd operates for the aggrandizement of Donna Ladd, and for no other purpose.

    Your Local Angry Commenter

  32. Look at the JCC spokesman/woman (not sure) @ 255 use the same talking point as DL. maybe because she's a par time reporter/hack for DL.

  33. On the ultimate issue of whether armed citizens deter crime, I highly recommend the video where John Stossel put the lie to gun control BS.

    Pay special attention at 2:30 on the video where Stossel interviews 5 violent offenders serving prison sentences. Bottom line: "They fear an armed victim much more than the police."

  34. Sure wish you had a like button for some these comments. We gots some smart (ass) folks on here. Win.

  35. Curt,

    It was very generous of you to link to Fondrazon. To take the high road and link to is to show great compassion and empathy. For Fondrazon to gloat in it only demonstrates her continued frustration with the truth about her truth in life; crazy is not a good place to be.

    Again, it is wonderful to see you support those who are unable to formulate a thought for themselves because they have to maintain a persona in order to maintain what is left of the credibility they believe they possess.

    You, sire, are the saintly one.

    She on the other hand engages, as one of her commenters so aptly put it, in "hit pieces" and nasty commentary under the guise of "advice" when in fact it is only a personal vendetta against a blogger she cannot compete with in the journalistic arena.

    Curt, continue on the high road, let the Fondrazon wallow in the gutters hocking bars.


  36. The old saying goes " I would rather have a gun and not need it than need a gun and not have it"

  37. You two obviously have different opinions, but as someone mentioned earlier, it's also obvious that she genuinely wants to improve Jackson. Is it really necessary to write a pissed-off 1,015 word post that ends with a line that refers to her as a whore? Are there not more pressing issues to write about than this?

    It's apparent that you have more issues with Ladd than just this editorial piece. There's some underlying history, here. So what is it, Crowley?

  38. Joshua, welcome to the Jackson-Metro area. It's good to have you. You must be new here or you would not be asking such questions. Research through some other blog archives and get a feel for Ms. Ladd's shenanigans through the years. You will understand why folks respond to her the way Crowley did. Nothing personal, just Donna.

  39. Joshua, we never called Fondrazon a "whore." The term we used is "attention whore." Big difference. A whore is someone who engages in sexual acts for money. An attention whore is a person who craves attention so much that he or she will do anything to get it.

    And yes this post was necessary. Tattling on cops who did nothing wrong just to give Donna another "look at me, look at me!" moment was deplorable. That, standing alone, was reason enough to skewer her ass.

    Donna Ladd has never done anything to me personally, so your insinuation that th post was motivated by "some history" is false.

  40. The Officers will most likely be reprimanded for this during this administration. The Police are not police anymore they are scared to do their jobs for fear of getting suspended by this secretary on wheels administration. Jackson I hope can elect a mayor that is pro-police that can hire a chief that will unleashed the police on the thugs and scum of the city. Citizen need to arm themselves to protect themselves for personal injury due to the rampant thuganomics of jackson. Mr. Crowley knows first had what being armed can do for you in a tight spot.

  41. 1:56, your first sentence is probably the thing that irritates us the most about the editorial Donna didn't write. These officers did nothing wrong, yet Donna made a big stink over this nonsense and ratted them out to Aunt Esther. She went out of her way to get these officers in trouble, in a pathetic quest to get the attention Daddy never gave her. That pisses us off.

    We do not care (nor are we surprised) when Donna throws little hysterical tantrums for attention. But when she does it at the expenses of honest police officers trying to do their jobs, then we're going to make it *our* problem.

  42. "God and Gaston Glock.". I like it.

  43. Now, you're just starting to sound like a crazy commenter on the Clarion Ledger site who just has anger issues.

    $100 that's Ladd.

  44. Mr.Crowley you are correct , the department is patiently waiting for January 1, 2013 for a Chief to come. The whole administration needs to be wiped out. Hopefully Jackson will not re-elect Harvey who appoints campus police as heads.