Monday, October 31, 2011

DJT Responds to Threats from White Trash

Earlier today, some white trash posted a threat against DJT and another person who posts here. That threat included the following nugget:

I will admit some CRAZY folks in Rankin County.. That will kill your dumb
mouth running aZZ!...So keep saying more and you will SEE. These folks not
afraid of the law or jail!!

Since these meth heads likely have poor reading comprehension skills, DJT posts the following video response to their threats (NOTE: Frank Stillwell--that dude laying flat on his back not moving--wasn't afraid of "the law or jail" either).

Sunday, October 30, 2011

So Sayeth the Shepherd

Ted S. Orkin, Property Manager and Downtown Slumlord

Today, DJT would like to recognize Ted S. Orkin.  Without Ted S. Orkin, we would not have Wendy Ramage or Chip Matthews opening a human landfill downtown.  It's just not fair that he toils away in anonymity, while Ramage and Matthews get all the credit for their efforts to "improve" our community.  So, by God, DJT is here to make sure Orkin gets the credit he deserves.

Mr. Orkin is a property manager here in Jackson.  He is the founder and principal of Orkin Property Management.  According to Orkin's website, his business specializes in "Community Association Management." 

Mr. Orkin also owns a little property downtown.  Specifically, he owns the property at 206 West Capitol Street.  This is the location where the trashy Wendy's Playhouse is/was located.  Orkin leased this property to FIRE meat market peddler Chip Matthews.  Matthews, in turn, handed the place over to airhead front girl Wendy Ramage.

Over time, several low-rent garbage dump bars have been operated at this location.  Before it was Wendy's Playhouse, it was The Joint and a whole host of other notorious cesspools.

DJT was quite surprised to learn that Mr. Orkin was willing to go so far into the gutter to rent this place out.  Orkin's client list reads like a Who's Who of prime real estate and community associations.  Orkin's website boasts that he provides property management and real estate services to the following subdivisions and associations:

Annandale Estates   Madison, MS 
Bayridge Jackson, MS 
Belle TerreMadison, MS
BridgepointeBrandon, MS
Cypress LakeMadison, MS
FontanelleMadison, MS
Hatheway LakeMadison, MS
Johnstone & Britton LakeMadison, MS 
Montrose & La Roche’Ridgeland, MS
Overlook Pointe Ridgeland, MS
Shadowood and WendoverRidgeland, MS
SherbourneMadison, MS
WindrushRidgeland, MS
Wright’s Mill Madison, MS
Wow.  That's some prime real estate there.  I wonder if Ted Orkin's fancy clients know he does business with this kind of riff-raff.

How come Ted Orkin didn't lease Chip Matthews some property at Annandale or Wright's Mill to open his dives.  Or why not Avignon Office Park in Ridgeland (which Orkin also manages)?  Why not go find him some good solid commercial property in the City of Madison for another of his sewer clubs?

Ted Orkin didn't lease Chip Matthews property in Madison, Ridgeland or Brandon because he knew they wouldn't tolerate it.  Yet, Orkin has no problem renting Matthews property in our neighborhood to open up another white trash freak show.  And all within 9mm range of our front door.

We salute you, Ted Orkin.  Another real estate scumbag who doesn't give a shit about the community.

Everybody Take Cover--The White Trash is Thinking

Intel says that white trash Wendy Ramage and slimeball Chip Matthews have a new plan to bring something skanky to downtown.  The super secret plan appears to be to reopen the club under a different name.  Those dumbass downtown residents will never figure it out.  Score!

I never thought it would be that easy to get rid of Chip and Wendy.  White trash is like herpes.  Damn near impossible to get rid of it. 

Lock and load.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Goodness

Still falsely accusing DJT of "threatening" her.  But this is what caught the attention of the DJT Protective Services Division:
Roel Rosales:  So sorry bout ur club what a dick!  Can u get him back?

Wendy Ramage:  In the works.
DJT Terror Alert Level:  Elevated.

Wendy's Playhouse Closed?

Wendy Ramage has apparently decided to close her (not) club Wendy's Playhouse.  But she couldn't help giving it the Jerry Springer routine on the way off stage.  According to the Playhouse Facebook page,


Here's a screenshot just in case it disappears later:

While we appreciate and respect Ms. Ramage's business decision, we can not allow her to lie about the actions of DJT.

1.  DJT never said it was coming after "every night club in Jackson."  This is typical white trash, trailer park, drama-starting BS. 

The DJT command staff likes bars.  We even visit bars from time-to-time.  While there, we always sometimes consume lots of beer and intoxicating liquor.  We also like certain bars downtown.  We will never be "coming after" nice, respectable establishments that fit in, and do not detract from, the quality of life in our community.

2.  DJT has lied about nothing.  You come forward with any factual allegation that you think was a lie, and we will address it.

3.  We didn't know what "FIRE MAGOOS" was, so we had the DJT Research Team run it through Google the DJT Compartmented Intelligence Information System.  Apparently Ms. Ramage is referring to two different bars.  One being "Fire," the other being "Magoos."  (Is Magoos the old Mardi Gras/Voodoo place?).

DJT was unaware that the place called Magoos even existed before reading Ms. Ramage's post.  DJT has never mentioned this place.  As to Fire, as far as we know, Fire is not currently causing a problem in our community, or detracting from our quality of life.  While we did say we did not want "Little Fire" downtown, we never mentioned the actual Fire club.

At any rate, don't let the door hit you on the way out Ms. Ramage.

Opinions, Whorehouses, Comments, Rebuttals and SLAPP Lawsuit Threats

Since the trailer park is now up in arms and in full effect, it seems prudent to explain a few things to people who might not have paid close-enough attention in GED review class.

Statements of Fact vs. Statements of Opinion

This site contains both statements of fact and statements of opinion.  Those who are tempted to threaten DJT with a defamation lawsuit would be well-advised to learn the difference.  For example, calling someone "white trash" is a statement of opinion, not fact.  Statements of opinion are not defamatory.


For those who may be of dim intellect, we feel compelled to explain our use of the term "whorehouse."  Our use of the term "whorehouse" does not literally mean a place where one may enter and purchase sex with U.S. Currency.  Our use of the term "whorehouse" means a location where one might find people who are dressed like, look like, or are acting like whores (in a not-for-profit or pro bono capacity).

No person of reasonable, average intelligence would think that our use of the term "whorehouse" means actual prostitution.  However, we provide this explanation for those who might be reading this and be of substantially less than average intelligence.

In the event we discover a literal "whorehouse," you can rest assured that we will have a lot more details than simply calling it a whorehouse.


As some may have noticed, we do not censor comments here.  We allow anonymous posting, and do not delete or screen comments that disagree with, attack or even threaten us.  Just as this is a forum to express our opinion, we will allow those that disagree with us to express theirs.  You're welcome.


In the event any of the people highlighted on this site wish to show us that we're wrong, or just put a good cussing on us, you are welcome to do so.  We will publish your thoughts.

And if we discover that we really are wrong (which is unlikely), we will correct the error.

SLAPP Lawsuit Threats

We have great respect for the freedoms of speech and expression.  Our respect for these freedoms is such that we allow people to trash us on our own site, even though we have no obligation to do so.  Obviously, we are quite protective of these rights.  We don't take well to threats of lawsuits that attempt to extort us into removing our opinions.  These are commonly referred to as "SLAPP" suits.

Anyone who is tempted to file a SLAPP suit against us should be prepared to get SLAPPed back.  And we won't quit SLAPPing until the threat is neutralized.  This applies both to would-be plaintiffs, as well as any potential low-rent mouthpiece looking for a nuisance settlement.

Our opinions will not be removed.  We will not pay one dime to settle your frivolous claims.  That's our policy and it ain't gonna change.

If there are any questions, please let us know.  We thank you for your support.

Wendy's Playhouse, or Fire-Lite?

Our conversation with Wendy Ramage yesterday revealed some interesting facts about her operation that we didn't know, and verified a few things that we suspected.  It seems there's more to Wendy's Playhouse than meets the butt-naked eye.

Surprisingly, Ms. Ramage denied that she was operating a club at this location.  Despite unmistakable advertising to the contrary, Ms. Ramage claimed that her operation was not a club at all.  According to Ms. Ramage, Wendy's Playhouse simply plans and stages events at the location.  Ms. Ramage would not respond when we asked her if she had a license to do business in the City of Jackson. 

Ms. Ramage revealed that her partner in the business venture was Chip Matthews.  Mr. Matthews is the owner of the infamous FIRE meat market on 209 Commerce Street.  She further stated that Mr. Matthews held the license to operate a club on the premises.  Ms. Ramage claimed that Mr. Matthews even "owned" the building where her (not) club does business (Note: Matthews actually rents the building from an upstanding real estate professional that we will recognize in a separate post).

We subsequently discovered that Matthews was actually calling the shots and speaking on behalf of Wendy's Playhouse.

Matthews' lease.  Matthews' license.  Matthews speaking on behalf of the business.  Is it possible that Wendy Ramage is just the "front man," and that this is Chip Matthews' attempt to get a foothold downtown (at the same time the Farish Street projects are proceeding)?  If so, why not just come right out and let everyone know that this is his operation?

Could it be that Mr. Matthews didn't advertise his involvement because of the Category 5 shitstorm it would have created?  Can you imagine the reaction of developers and residents if they realized that "little FIRE" was coming downtown?  It would not have been pretty.

Circumstantial evidence is that Chip Matthews is ass-deep in Wendy's Playhouse.  Of course, we could be wrong.  Mr. Matthews is welcome to provide any evidence to the contrary and we will post it.  Until then, the DJT Investigations Division will continue digging.

So You're Not Scared of Getting a DUI in Jackson?

Picture this.  You're from Rankin County and want to have some fun at one of the boom-boom garbage dumps that have cropped up downtown.  The kind of place that would never be allowed in your community.  You pull up and park in the dive's dimly lit parking lot.  Your Rankin County tag clearly displayed on the bumper.

You leave at 2am feeling good.  Unbeknownst to you, concerned downtown residents are watching.  One of them anonymously calls Flowood and Pearl PD to report a suspected drunk driver.  Dispatch sends out a BOLO (be on the lookout) call to all officers.

Fast forward 20 minutes.

It's 0220 hours.  Officer Billy Joe Hammer is 10-8, sitting in a parking lot off Highway 80.  He's fresh out of DUI-SFST Instructor School.  Locked, cocked and ready to put Rankin County foot to some drunk driving ass.  He sees a vehicle--your vehicle--and it matches the BOLO call in every detail.

Whatcha think he's gonna do?

Friday, October 28, 2011

Opening Night at Wendy's Playhouse

Ya know, I got to thinking earlier tonight.  Perhaps I was being too judgmental about Wendy Ramage and her Playhouse.  Perhaps she was telling the truth about wanting to bring some class to downtown.  Maybe I was unfair to Ms. Ramage. 

Just as I was drafting a public apology to Ms. Ramage, I received an emergency message on the Tactical Action Line from an officer assigned to the elite DJT Intelligence Division.  The duty Agent informed me that one of our clandestine Skankwatch teams had located irrefutable evidence of trashy activity at the Playhouse.  Using a series of cutouts and dead-drops, we have obtained the evidence and post it here for your review.

Classy stuff, indeed.

Wendy Ramage is Pissed!--UPDATED

Just got off the phone with Wendy Ramage, and she is pissed!!!!!!

Details later.

UPDATED--So I was trying to eat lunch when the receptionist buzzed me and said that Miss. Kitty Wendy Ramage was on the phone.  She was quite upset with your humble correspondent's reporting about her establishment.  All attempts to persuade Ms. Ramage that my reporting was fair and balanced (and even truthful) were futile. 

Ms. Rankin County appeared most annoyed with the statement that she was "white trash" and that I referred to her operation as a "whorehouse" (although that word was struck through).  Then there was the obligatory threat to sue me for slander (actually it would be libel, but whatever).  Of course, I will be hearing from "her attorney" (who's office is apparently located in a van down by the Rankin side of the Pearl River).  Blah blah blah.

It appears Ms. Ramage cannot make her little country mind wrap around the concept that calling her white trash is a statement of opinion, not of fact.  However, even if it was a statement of fact, truth is a defense.  And there's definitely a lot of evidence supporting the allegation that she is white trash.  In support of that allegation, I offer Exhibits A, B, C and D, as follows:

In the words of Megyn Kelly, "we report, you decide."

Ms. Ramage also disclosed a few tidbits about her club that I did not know (like the fact that she doesn't have a license).  More on the rest of the conversation in Part 2.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Senator Roger Wicker and the Level 3 f/k/a Touch Thug Bar

Residents of downtown Jackson are all too familiar with the Level 3 thug bar, located at 105 East Capitol Street in downtown Jackson.  This place has had several names through the years, including Touch, Gaters and others.

These days, the Level 3 is known as a place where mobs of drunken animals gather for a little late night/early morning fun.  After the patrons finish getting drunk beyond belief and playing with illegal strippers, they pile out into the street en masse for more revelry.  And by "revelry," we mean that they go out into the street and recklessly discharge firearms for no good reason and generally make themselves a nuisance to law-abiding citizens.

So imagine our surprise when we learned that Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker (R) has a close connection to the Level 3 f/k/a Touch thug bar.  While we don't know if the straight-laced family values conservative has actually gone to the Level 3 to get his freak on, we do know that one of his staffers has a business interest in this thug bar.

Meet Saleem Baird. 

The staffer in question is a young fellow named Saleem Baird.  Mr. Baird serves as Senator Wicker's "Legislative Correspondent."  For these services, Mr. Baird is paid over $50,000.00 a year in taxpayer money.  No word on how much of that he uses to thug-up our downtown neighborhood at Level 3/Touch.

It seems quite strange that a conservative Senator like Mr. Wicker would allow a staffer to have a business interest in this type of night club.  It becomes even more strange when one considers Senator Wicker's close connection with the ultra-conservative religious-right American Family Association.  Something tells me Rev. Wildmon would not approve of the debauchery that goes on at this place.

Maybe one day Senator Wicker can tell us how he feels about one of his staffers being involved in this den of iniquity.  Until then, we'll keep an eye out for Senator Wicker walking around downtown wearing a wifebeater and Cincinnati Reds cap and smoking a blunt.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wendy's Playhouse-Rankin County Trash Comes to Downtown

Now announcing the grand opening of downtown Jackson's newest nuisance establishment.  Wendy's Whorehouse Playhouse has opened at 206 West Capitol Street in Jackson.

This abomination is located directly across the street from the Locker Room.  Wendy's Playhouse is owned by Louise Hathcock Wendy Ramage, who hails from Rankin County.  According to the club's Facebook page, you can

Great.  While the rest of the community tries to sleep, Rankin County's finest white trash comes in, sets up her own little Boar's Nest and raises hell all night.

Wendy Ramage is a...uh..."model" in her spare time.  When Ms. Ramage is not working at the Shamrock Motel Wendy's Playhouse, she is busy with modeling shoots (presumably at car shows and tractor pulls).  Here's some of Ms. Ramage's best work from her website.

Just what we needed.  More trash in the neighborhood.  I wonder why the lovely Ms. Ramage didn't open her little establishment in her own trailerhood over in Brandon.  And don't we have enough of our own trash down here?  Do we really need Rankin County's trash too?

Oh well.  At least she has good motives, as her Facebook page says, she only wants to "bring a lil' uptown to downtown Jackson."  Well thanks so much for classing the place up for us Wendy!

The Real Villains in Downtown Jackson

The real villains in downtown Jackson are not the people who are actually breaking the law, disturbing the peace and otherwise dirtying up our neighborhood.  Blaming these people for acting like animals is like blaming a cockroach for crawling into the cupboard.  It's just what they do.

The true villains are the irresponsible property owners who rent to these jackwagons in the first place.  If the property owners would refuse to rent to the riff-raff, these problems would not exist.  Is it too much to ask for property owners to have a little consideration for the community and not rent property to a bunch of grab-ass hooligans who want to open a makeshift beer joint on Capitol?  How about requiring a reasonable closing time (2am) in the lease?  How about evicting tenants who violate the law or building code?  How about taking some security measures to make the property reasonably safe and fit for law-abiding citizens?

In other words, is it too much to ask for downtown property owners to give a shit about the community where their property is located?

The irresponsible, greedy property owners are the true bad guys who are ruining downtown.  Without them, there would be no thugs and criminals hanging out among us.

Dirty White Boy Identified

As stated in a previous post, the Locker Room thug bar has a mysterious friend, whose behavior we found a bit odd.  We code-named this unidentified white male "Dirty White Boy."  Here's a picture of DWB, apparently after a shower and a change of clothes (he never looked this clean when he was roaming around the Millsaps Building):

DWB was subsequently identified as Benjamin Boyd a/k/a Benji Boyd.  Benjamin Boyd occupies a small rooftop apartment that sits atop the Millsaps Building.  Part of the roof contains the apartment, while the other part is an open rooftop.

We observed things about Benjamin Boyd's behavior that were out of the ordinary.  Though Boyd "lives" in the apartment, he is gone for days at a time.  Boyd enters the building at odd hours, often accompanied by persons who do not appear to have any legitimate reason to be inside an office building.  Benjamin Boyd also appears to have no regular employment or source of income.  Needless to say, Benjamin Boyd is not your typical downtown Jackson resident.  Furthermore, his appearance is not that of someone a person would expect to see roaming freely about a professional office building.

It only took one face-to-face encounter with Benji Boyd to realize that he was not someone who was going to contribute anything positive to the downtown Jackson community.  During a conversation with Boyd, he stated that he was an "independent filmmaker" (INSERT JOKE OF YOUR CHOICE).  He stated that he had a house in Wisconsin and spent part of his time there.  Boyd tried very hard to give the impression that he was a major player in the entertainment industry.  He vowed that he planned to provide something "Jackson has never had before." 

During the conversation, Benjamin Boyd was visibly nervous, shaking and sweating.  His mouth was running in overdrive, while his pupils were completely dilated (while standing under a strong florescent light).

Boyd stated that he was constructing a deck on the rooftop to "entertain business associates."  This was an odd statement, considering that Boyd was always dressed and groomed as a vagrant.  What possible business associates could he have?

As it turns out, Boyd was lying about the purpose of the rooftop deck, but definitely telling the truth about building something "Jackson has never had before."  More on that next time.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Welcome to Downtown Jackson Trash

We welcome you to the Downtown Jackson Trash blog.  This blog chronicles the exploits of irresponsible property owners, white trash, thugs, vagrants, road whores and other reprobates who strive to keep downtown Jackson, Mississippi a low-rent ghetto.

For every decent, hard-working businessman who invests money to make downtown Jackson a better place, there are at least 10 human cockroaches crawling around trying to make a fast buck, by any means necessary.  Unfortunately for those of us who live down here, these lowlifes hurt our quality of life.  The reason these scumbags are able to operate freely is because they do so anonymously.  In other words, no one knows who the scumbags are.  Ever wonder who runs the thug bars on Capitol Street?  Or more importantly, what prominent doctor and real estate firm rent to them?  Well wonder no more.

The DJT blog is here to make sure these upstanding citizens get the recognition they deserve.