Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ted S. Orkin, Property Manager and Downtown Slumlord

Today, DJT would like to recognize Ted S. Orkin.  Without Ted S. Orkin, we would not have Wendy Ramage or Chip Matthews opening a human landfill downtown.  It's just not fair that he toils away in anonymity, while Ramage and Matthews get all the credit for their efforts to "improve" our community.  So, by God, DJT is here to make sure Orkin gets the credit he deserves.

Mr. Orkin is a property manager here in Jackson.  He is the founder and principal of Orkin Property Management.  According to Orkin's website, his business specializes in "Community Association Management." 

Mr. Orkin also owns a little property downtown.  Specifically, he owns the property at 206 West Capitol Street.  This is the location where the trashy Wendy's Playhouse is/was located.  Orkin leased this property to FIRE meat market peddler Chip Matthews.  Matthews, in turn, handed the place over to airhead front girl Wendy Ramage.

Over time, several low-rent garbage dump bars have been operated at this location.  Before it was Wendy's Playhouse, it was The Joint and a whole host of other notorious cesspools.

DJT was quite surprised to learn that Mr. Orkin was willing to go so far into the gutter to rent this place out.  Orkin's client list reads like a Who's Who of prime real estate and community associations.  Orkin's website boasts that he provides property management and real estate services to the following subdivisions and associations:

Annandale Estates   Madison, MS 
Bayridge Jackson, MS 
Belle TerreMadison, MS
BridgepointeBrandon, MS
Cypress LakeMadison, MS
FontanelleMadison, MS
Hatheway LakeMadison, MS
Johnstone & Britton LakeMadison, MS 
Montrose & La Roche’Ridgeland, MS
Overlook Pointe Ridgeland, MS
Shadowood and WendoverRidgeland, MS
SherbourneMadison, MS
WindrushRidgeland, MS
Wright’s Mill Madison, MS
Wow.  That's some prime real estate there.  I wonder if Ted Orkin's fancy clients know he does business with this kind of riff-raff.

How come Ted Orkin didn't lease Chip Matthews some property at Annandale or Wright's Mill to open his dives.  Or why not Avignon Office Park in Ridgeland (which Orkin also manages)?  Why not go find him some good solid commercial property in the City of Madison for another of his sewer clubs?

Ted Orkin didn't lease Chip Matthews property in Madison, Ridgeland or Brandon because he knew they wouldn't tolerate it.  Yet, Orkin has no problem renting Matthews property in our neighborhood to open up another white trash freak show.  And all within 9mm range of our front door.

We salute you, Ted Orkin.  Another real estate scumbag who doesn't give a shit about the community.


  1. Doesn't Orkin also own the land that "Fire" is in now?

  2. Up until right now, I thought Ted was a stand up guy.

  3. I feel like moving away from Madison. I get the feeling Madison is going to have an adult bar with naked stuff dancing around.

  4. What a piece of shit. Orkin running around with big shots during the day then laying up with gay bar freak chip Matthews at night.

  5. Just go plant a spork on him and pull ur gun on him Curtis

  6. Maybe this explains the Zoning Change Applied For notice at the intersection of 463 and Reunion Parkway - he's bringing quality downtown "entertainment" to the suburbanites who pay him the homeowner's association fees every January ;-)

  7. More pineapples in reunion uh...

  8. Don't move to the jungle and complain about mosquitoes. Dive bars, like unemployment, will always exist, and they will typically exist in areas that ALREADY have high crime and low property values. It is unrealistic for you to move into such an area and suddenly expect everything around you to become low crime, high property value, Leave It to Beaver. What you are looking for exists - in Madison and Rankin. Fork out the cash like the rest of us and move there, or STFU.

    And no one would like to see a thriving, revitalized downtown as much as me but, due to our far right, religious zealot atmosphere, I don't think we have enough trendy gay professional people to move there and fix the place up.

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    If you want to make the same point without including that web address, please do so and it will be published.