Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Real Villains in Downtown Jackson

The real villains in downtown Jackson are not the people who are actually breaking the law, disturbing the peace and otherwise dirtying up our neighborhood.  Blaming these people for acting like animals is like blaming a cockroach for crawling into the cupboard.  It's just what they do.

The true villains are the irresponsible property owners who rent to these jackwagons in the first place.  If the property owners would refuse to rent to the riff-raff, these problems would not exist.  Is it too much to ask for property owners to have a little consideration for the community and not rent property to a bunch of grab-ass hooligans who want to open a makeshift beer joint on Capitol?  How about requiring a reasonable closing time (2am) in the lease?  How about evicting tenants who violate the law or building code?  How about taking some security measures to make the property reasonably safe and fit for law-abiding citizens?

In other words, is it too much to ask for downtown property owners to give a shit about the community where their property is located?

The irresponsible, greedy property owners are the true bad guys who are ruining downtown.  Without them, there would be no thugs and criminals hanging out among us.


  1. Well said Curt Crowley.

  2. In Madison if the police is called out to a rent house more than three time then the people are order to move out.

  3. I think that, 8:27, is the point of this blog. No other city endures this stuff. People are frustrated, and government is sitting on their hands.

  4. At 535pm, a scumbag posted a comment on here, and did it under someone else's name. It was removed.

    Scumbag, if you would like to repost your absurd comment anonymously or using your real name (yeah, right) feel free to do so and we will leave it up.

  5. 6:04, you are entirely wrong. The difference is whether the city officials enforce their laws or ignore them. The responsible party here is the City of Jackson. If you want a closing time, the City has the ability to create one. But then it would apply to other venues, not just the ones that Curt and Ben are trying to attack here. White people's places, like Martins, and Hal&Mals, and Fennians would have to close at those same times, not just the black bars that operate on Capitol Street.

    Curt and Ben are trying to get pressure put on folks via this attack website when in fact the problem is with Jackson City officials and the JPD. If there are all these bad things going on downtown, CALL THE COPS. If you have done that and nothing is being done, attack the ineptitude of JPD. Its not the owner, or manager, of a building to enforce the law. I'm sure that they have terms in their leases that the buildings will be operated in accordance with all city ordinances. Curt - do you want your landlord to say that you have to close your office at a time they determine? If so, you wouldn't be there to stick a gun in someone's face while they attempt to break into your office.

    Put the blame where it lies. Jackson city officials, JPD, and while you are at it, tell Ben that Downtown Partners is taking the wrong approach here. Understand that they don't want the finger pointing in certain directions, but this racist attack isn't going to work either.

  6. Race Pimp 5:44, you are full of crap on a number of issues.

    JPD does not bring the animals downtown, the businesses do. That would be the owner, manager, etc. You cannot run a business that brings unruly thugs into an area to cause havoc, and then escape responsibility for regulating their behavior. It is NOT JPD's job to clean up your mess. If regulating the behavior of your mob cuts into your profit, that's too bad.

    When a building burns down, do we blame the Fire Department? No. We blame the sorry bastard who set the fire.

    The weak race card won't work here. Look around. We hit all evildoers, regardless of race. If anything, we have been disproportionately tough on white-owned businesses.

    And finally, Mr. Allen has no involvement or input with this site. While I appreciate Mr. Allen's efforts to improve downtown, DJT is far too stubborn to allow anyone else to control the content of this site.

  7. 5:44. Closing hours, CLOSING HOURS, are at 2 p.m. except ENTERTAINMENT DISTRICTS. That is the law. These clubs have the same rules. Some obey them, some don't (and with no consequences, I will add).