Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Name That Skank

It's time for the new DJT monthly contest we call "Name That Skank."

Here's how it works.  We show you a picture of an alleged skank.  If you think you know the identity of said alleged skank, post it in the comments section.  The first person to correctly identify the alleged skank wins the monthly "Name That Skank" prize package.  This month's prizes include a signed copy of "Pushing Play for Dummies," by DVDJ Reign.

And now, this month's skank:

Bonus Questions:

For bonus prizes, answer the following bonus questions:

1.  What was this angel's occupation and who was her employer at the time this photo was taken?; and

2.  Which white trash dive bar in downtown Jackson currently employs this hoe?

This month's bonus prize is a framed, autographed picture of DVDJ Clover's Probation Officer, with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by MDOC Commissioner Chris Epps.

Good Luck.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Club Volume Run By Drug Dealer

Club Volume, the downtown Jackson trash dive that Chip Matthews pretends not to own, has a rather "interesting" young fella at the helm.  Sam Pittman, a white dude who gave himself the street name "DVDJ Clover," is one of Chip's front-monkeys at Club Volume.  If that name sounds familiar, it may be because Samuel Pittman was one of Chip's partners in Fire, Chip's flagshit flagship bar that he doesn't own.

In addition to running the club, Sam Pittman "performs" there quite frequently.  About 4 nights a week he is at Club Volume rockin' his mad skills at pushing "PLAY." 

We don't know how long Samuel Pittman a/k/a Clover has been in the DJ business.  But we do know that in 2007, the Ridgeland Police Department charged him with being in the methamphetamine business.  On April 14, 2007, Ridgeland police officers arrested Samuel Pittman and charged him with possession of 2 to 10 grams of methamphetamine with intent to sell, transfer or distribute.  A Madison County grand jury agreed, and issued an indictment against Pittman three months later:

Club Volume Jackson MS Indictment Meth with Intent

Even though Pittman was apparently dumb enough to try to sling rock in Madison County, he wasn't dumb enough to go to trial.  Pittman plead guilty to the lesser included felony offense of Possession of Methamphetamine:

Club Volume Jackson MS Conviction Possession of Meth

Interesting move, as Pittman did not have a plea deal from the State.  The only "deal" the DA offered was to allow Pittman to plead to the lesser felony Possession charge.  There was no recommendation as to the sentence.  In September of 2008, Pittman was sentenced to 10 years in the custody of the Mississippi Department of Corrections, with 8 years and 6 months suspended, leaving a year-and-a-half to serve.  Pittman was also placed on 5 years of supervised probation after his release from prison.

Club Volume Jackson MS Sentence Possession of Meth

Club Volume Jackson MS Criminal Possession of Meth

By our calculation, Pittman is currently on probation for this conviction.  [Note:  Evidently MDOC has gotten a lot kinder and gentler here lately, as there was a time when a person on probation would get violated for hanging out in bars all night.]

Folks, this is exactly what we have been talking about with Chip Matthews.  The man is not capable of running a reputable business, nor is he capable of surrounding himself with reputable people.  Chip Matthews, for all his bullshit to the contrary, has never contributed one positive thing to downtown Jackson.  In the past few months alone, Chip has brought us (1) the state-line-dive rendition of the Blue Oyster Bar, (2) Mrs. Crotch Rocket October 2006, and now (3) Sir Meth-a-Lot.

If this is the management, can you imagine the quality of the clientele?  Considering that Club Volume is marketed to the lowest of the low class displaced Electric Cowboy crowd, is it really reasonable to believe this dump is going to have anything other than a negative impact on the community?

These are the kind of degenerates and lowlife white trash with whom Chip Matthews surrounds himself.  Chip landed his Meth Head friend upon our community, and sees no problem with it.  Chip Matthews quite simply does not give a rip about downtown Jackson.  He's willing to open any kind of nasty dive, and jump into bed with whatever pieces of crap he thinks it takes, in pursuit of actually having a business that lasted more than a month.  If that means bringing convicted meth felons who are still under supervision into our community, then he will do it.

Remember this post the next time you hear one of his illiterate hangers-on talking about how we're so mean, that these are good people trying to "give" us something nice, or whatever else pops into their chemically-powered turbo-charged brains at 3 a.m.

Chip, you need to pack your shit and get out of downtown Jackson.  And take your pal DVDJ 8-Ball with you.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Does this picture make me look fat?

Well here's one for the "Are you f---ing kidding me" file.

At a recent City Council meeting, our elected officials demonstrated how focused they are on issues that really have an impact on the residents of the City of Jackson.  Maintaining a disciplined approach to improving our decaying City, our elected officials don't waste time getting sidetracked by frivolous issues such as crime, broken sewers and raggedy streets.  No, they concentrate on more pressing and critical issues, such as why Frank Melton's portrait is not up at City Hall, and how it hurts Harvey Johnson's feelings that his own picture from his first term isn't up either.

According to the Clarion-Ledger, City Council President Frank Bluntson asked Mayor Harvey Johnson, Jr. about Melton's portrait at a recent City Council meeting.  Apparently, this isn't the first time Mr. Bluntson has addressed the issue with the Mayor.

We'd like to report that Mayor Johnson quickly put Mr. Bluntson in his place, telling the old man "With all the problems we have in the City of Jackson and you come at me with this bulls&!t? That's a disgrace!"

That's what we would like to report.  Unfortunately we can't, as King Harvey instead took the opportunity to let everyone know that he is still heavily intoxicated by his own Mayoral Majesty.  King Harvey explained that Melton's picture wasn't going up because King Harvey's portrait from his first term (just prior to Melton) hadn't been erected yet.  His Mayoral Highness decreed that Melton's picture would be placed on the wall, but not until King Harvey's own monument to Himself was placed there (Melton's portrait will be followed by yet another portrait of King Harvey commemorating the current term).

Just when Jackson residents start looking around wondering if Ashton Kutcher is going to jump out and inform them that they've been punk'd, it gets even better.  King Harvey further told the Council that he and his staff have been working diligently to correct the injustice known as Portraitgate.  His Majesty said the reason the portraits were not up yet was because

he and city officials have been trying to decide on the right picture and frame for a portrait of himself from his last stint in office.

"As soon as we get the framing switched out and hang my portrait, we'll probably get them both up at the same time."
Yep.  The passage of time has done nothing to reduce the size of the massive chips that adorn King Harvey's non-profit shoulders.  The Mayor's pettiness in refusing to place Melton's portrait until his own is placed reveals the childish and petty nature of King Harvey's personality.  His sensitive little feelings were bruised because the Council did not vote to erect his portrait after he left office (probably because they were trying to forget it).  Now that he's back for another ride on the taxpayer gravy train, King Harvey will correct this slight to his massive ego.

Pettiness aside, is King Harvey so vain and impressed with himself that he must waste the time of city officials to choose the perfect picture to memorialize his first term in office?  Is King Harvey's ego really that big?

There are major problems in the City of Jackson, yet this arrogant, self-absorbed, Pride-Ridin' bureaucrat is pissing away time trying to figure out which portrait and frame make him look less full of shit.  Let us save you some time, Mr. Mayor.  You look that way in all of them, so just pick one.

To help Mayor Johnson expedite the portrait selection process, the DJT suggests the following portrait for both terms, as it so accurately captures the essence of the Johnson Administrations:

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Denny Crane on Guns

Denny Crane demonstrates intelligent solutions to crime after getting the perception he is being robbed.

Advance Advisory to Race Pimps:  As Boston Legal fans know, Denny Crane was a caricature of the stereotypical ultra conservative, right wing, gun nut.  This scene was to perpetuate Crane's hard right credentials, not to stereotype any particular race.

No actual thugs were harmed in the making of this video.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Donna Ladd Hits Rock Bottom

The problem with calling out Donna Ladd when she lies authors irresponsible, half-baked crap, is that it gives her the thing she so desperately craves:  Attention.  Therein lies the problem with dealing with a 50 year-old woman with the permanent temperament of a 2 year-old.

The DJT was acutely aware that our post calling BS on her asinine and reckless essay about firearms would feed Donna's lifelong desire for attention.  But, considering that her drivel posed lethal risks to anyone foolish enough to follow Donna's advice, we felt it was necessary to let her have a little attention, in order to warn the public of the inherent danger of following Donna's advice.

Predictably, when the LaddFraud saw our post, the twits hit the fan.  Donna evidently did not care much for our fair and balanced critique of her patently stupid editorial (as well as her lack of any credentials in the personal protection field).  Donna turned her Twitter selector switch to full-auto and fired off a 4-round burst, each wildly missing her intended target. 

We publish the results of Donna's drive-by below for your comedic pleasure, each followed by some commentary from the DJT.

The old "I didn't do it" defense.  Yes, Donna, you did.  When the post first appeared on the JFP website, it clearly identified the author as "Donna Ladd."  For some reason, Donna's girlfriend Publisher Todd Stauffer ran over and took Donna's name off the post.  Donna now claims this was an error, and that the real author was the JFP "Editorial Board."  Right.

Don't you just love the dishonest hair-splitting?  She first moans that she didn't write this nonsense, but in the comments section to the post states that although she didn't write the story, she "agrees with it."  Donna Ladd is the Editor.  She agrees with the editorial.  Even if we stretch the benefit of the doubt beyond its functional capacity and assume Donna isn't lying, this is still a distinction without a difference.

This foolish editorial is yours, Donna.  Stop trying to blame others for this farce.

This one was as predictable as it is pathetic.  Whenever confronted with a strong opposing viewpoint, port-side intelligentsia like Donna Ladd respond by falsely labeling the opposition as either bigots or racists.  It's a transparent attempt to marginalize the opposition.  Sadly, this is a common tactic by some here in Jackson (just two weeks ago we had another little namby pamby do the same thing because he didn't like something we wrote).  There's not a damn thing "bigoted" in our post, unless one claims we are bigoted against insecure, dishonest, agenda-driven, narcissistic, know-it-all journalist-impersonators who give people "advice" that can get them killed.  As to that, we will concede the point.

And yes, Donna, we let people comment anonymously here.  We also let them say what they want, in whatever way they want, with only a few restrictions.  We much prefer this approach to yours, as we are not as comfortable with hypocrisy as you appear to be.  We don't shout down or ban commenters because they disagree with us, while letting our pets say whatever they wish.  We tolerate the occasional comment that goes off the reservation, in order to avoid the Pot-Meet-Donna system you have on your website.

Hun, you need professional help.  If the DJT is trying to "cash in" on fear, we're evidently not doing it right.  This site is designed to expose problems and the people that cause them in downtown Jackson.  In doing so, our intent is to alleviate those problems.  We do not expect or intend to make money.  In fact, this site, by its very nature, is a money-losing venture.  For example, the incident reports in the Standard Life Auto Burglaries post cost us $159.00.  Every time we acquire records for a post, we spend money, not to mention the time, fuel and effort expended in gathering the evidence we post here.  It is worth it to us to spend money to educate the public and clean up the riff-raff.  To say that the DJT tries to "cash in" by publicizing these issues is nothing short of an outright lie.

Donna's silly editorial did not make us "defensive," as she claims.  We responded to that editorial because it was ignorant and written by a person who is an all-knowing expert on everything.  It's not defensive to say that Donna Ladd does not know what she is talking about when it comes to personal protection.  It is, however, the truth.  Donna Ladd has no experience or training of any kind in law enforcement, security or personal protection.  Yet Cliffette Claven published this editorial giving people tactical advice on the use of firearms for personal protection.  Motivated by her lust for relevance and attention, Donna gave dangerous advice she is not qualified to give.  It's not "defensive" to say so.

Our favorite part of this bulltwit is Donna's statement that "people [meaning Donna Ladd] are choosing to do something other than hate about crime."  Implication, of course, being that we just sit around and bitch about crime, without doing anything about it.  Our question to Donna is, what exactly have you done to prevent crime?  As far as we can tell, the only thing you have done is tell people not to do the one thing that will prevent them from becoming the victims of some future JFP mentees.  So what specific action has the JFP taken to prevent crime? 

As far as your implication that we just "hate" about crime, you are, once again, a liar and a fraud.  The DJT doesn't like to toot its own horn, but just ask this violent career criminal what we've done about crime in downtown Jackson.  And while you're at it, ask him if he thinks he would be in jail right now if our friends from Springfield Armory had not been there to "assist" us in ending his 20+ year one-man crime wave. 

And finally, an invitation to visit the traffic-ailing JFP website.  Because, as we said in the beginning, this is nothing more than a desperate cry for attention by Donna.  Her crime "manifesto" fell in the woods, and even though many people were around, no one heard it.  The reason no one heard it is because no one is listening.

Look for more hissy fits from Donna in the near future.  Irrelevancy has reared its ugly head at the JFP.  And Donna Just.Can't.Stand.It.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Standard Life Flats Auto Burglaries

Some of the "Best of the New South" recently had an auto burglary field day outside the Standard Life building in downtown Jackson.

In the early morning hours of November 8, 2011, while Standard Life residents slept, some Jackson animals were outside the building breaking into their vehicles.

Standard Life Flats-Jackson MS-Auto Burglaries

A total of 5 vehicles were burglarized.  The modus operandi was the same for all five.  The PoS(s) unceremoniously broke a window, rummaged through the contents and took anything they desired.

Even though these crimes occurred at night, these acts were fairly brazen.  The vehicles were not parked in some dark and secluded parking lot.  The vehicles were parked directly in front of the Standard Life building.  [Note:  127 South Roach Street is the street address for Standard Life Flats.  203 East Pearl Street is approximately 30 yards from the main entrance to Standard Life].

The DJT sympathizes with the victims of these crimes.  We know how it feels to come out in the morning and have the perception that a window has been broken out of your vehicle.  We are well-familiar with the sinking feeling that comes with the perception that all your property has been stolen.  Auto burglary is a particularly maddening crime.  It's maddening not only because some S-O-B stole your stuff, but also because most auto burglaries are preventable.  The Standard Life auto burglaries were certainly preventable, as the burglars announced their intention to commit these crimes 2 days earlier.

On November 6, 2011, just after 1:00 a.m., five (5) cars were perceived to be burglarized just around the corner at 105 East Capitol Street.  These cars were parked on Capitol Street about a block from where the later Standard Life auto burglaries occurred.

Downtown Jackson MS Crime-Auto Burglaries-11-6-11

The break-ins on November 6 should have been a major red flag for those responsible for crime prevention in the area.  Auto burglars have a tendency to hit the same area multiple times before moving on to other areas.  The first time an auto burglar hits a particular area, his mission is not only to do a few jobs, but also to gather intelligence.  "Professional" auto burglars are looking for police and security patrol patterns, as well as citizen traffic and activity in the area.  If they are able to pull off their jobs without detection on the first visit (and there is not much heat), they will return to the area a short time later to hit it again.

An average downtown resident might reasonably presume that a burglar would not return to the same area only 2 days later to commit additional burglaries.  It just doesn't seem logical.  Therefore, no one expects them to return so soon.  Auto burglars know citizens do not expect them to return, and that's precisely why they do it.

While this information is outside the common knowledge of the average citizen, it is well-known to those in the business of crime prevention.  These same allegedly knowledgeable people sat on their asses and did nothing after the burglaries on November 6.  As a result, the thieves returned 48 hours later for some more low hanging fruit.  So who dropped the ball?

Standard Life Flats:  The DJT is one of David Watkins' biggest fans, but the person or persons responsible for security operations at Standard Life sucks.  [Note: We are assuming there is an employee dedicated specifically to security operations at the Watkins properties.  If not, then there are bigger issues than these auto burglaries].

Standard Life's security director obviously took no measures to prevent the burglaries.  The only question is whether he knew about the burglaries that occurred two nights earlier.  If he did not know of the burglaries, then he's asleep at the switch when it comes to tracking crime around the facility.  If he knew of the prior burglaries and did nothing, then he is recklessly lazy.  If he knew of the burglaries and did not realize that he needed to do something, then he lacks the knowledge to work in security period.

Jackson Police Department:  Before tearing off into the cops, we must make it clear that this is not the fault of patrol officers or their front-line supervisors.  The failures in this case are far outside patrol officers' responsibilities.  This is not a patrol problem, it is an investigation and intelligence problem.  This problem can be laid squarely at the feet of the hopelessly inept JPD Detective Division.  There are a few good detectives at JPD, but by and large, these are some of the most disorganized and unmotivated law enforcement officers we have encountered.

There is no excuse for not putting the area under surveillance by UCs for several days after the November 6 burglaries.  Perhaps a bait car and a plan to take down the burglars when they strike would have been in order.  But the so-called "detectives" did nothing proactive after the break-ins on November 6.  As a result, the criminals came back to hit the jackpot 2 nights later.

Auto burglaries go unsolved in Jackson because JPD's detectives are not motivated to solve them.  Investigating auto burglaries and apprehending the offenders requires taking immediate action.  It also involves hard work and sleepless nights.  Rather than effort, the detectives take a "Sh!t Happens" approach to auto burglaries.  That attitude is why these people are still out there burglarizing other citizens' cars.

[Note:  Of the few auto burglars that are caught, most are caught by attentive patrol officers who catch them in the act.  If it weren't for patrol officers, no auto burglar would ever be arrested in Jackson.]

Jackson Free Press:  The JFP failed by not mentoring, counseling and improving the self-esteem of the perpetrators so that they would stop stealing other people's stuff.

On a serious note, until we get dedicated, professional security directors and JPD detectives who actually want to make auto burglary arrests, we all better keep Safelite's number handy.  Odds are we will need it.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our Advice to Donna "Fondrazon" Ladd

UPDATED:  Added link to Donna's drivel below.

The DJT's advice to Donna Ladd:  Stop giving advice--particularly on matters of self defense.  We're seriously concerned that the 6 or 7 people who actually take Donna seriously might take her advice and get themselves killed.

A few weeks ago, the Fondrazon got her anti-gun boxers in a bunch over advice that some Jackson Police Officers allegedly gave to some Jackson Free Press Fondren Daily Worker staffers.  Multiple police officers allegedly advised Donna's minions that in order to protect themselves from crime, they should...GASP!...get a gun.  When Donna heard this she went off faster than an SKS at the Branch Davidian compound.

She called her pal Aunt Esther Chief Rebecca Coleman to tattle on the officers.  Tattling wasn't enough for the ever hysterical egomaniac, however.  She immediately penned a column congratulating herself on tattling to the Campus Cop Chief of Police.  Then, she turned all Sarah Brady on us and warned of the dangers of firearms possession by law-abiding citizens.

Donna showed great concern for the welfare of violent criminals who might get killed by an evildoer who lawfully possesses a firearm.  Donna cites half-baked statistics to persuade us that "guns 'intensify violence' in property-crime situations leading to more homicides."  Well, duh.  A homeowner with a firearm is likely to "intensify the violence" by cooking the perpetrator on the spot.  And yes, there is an increased risk of homicide, as the bad guy stands a good chance of becoming Dr. Hayne's newest patient.  On this point, the DJT asks, what's wrong with that?

Because Donna Ladd is an agenda-driven master of spin, she made these fallacious arguments in the context of burglary and other property crimes.  Never once did Donna mention the effect of lawful firearms possession on attempted violent crimes.  This is because such an argument would be utterly ridiculous.  Experts, logic and common sense unanimously agree that an armed citizen is less likely to be beaten, robbed, raped and/or murdered than an unarmed victim.  No citizen can predict when he or she will be the intended victim of a violent crime.  Only the violent criminals can decide that.  But if it happens, citizens can increase their chances of survival by following Rule #1 of getting mixed up in a gunfight:  Have a gun.  Donna completely omits any reference to violent crime because it didn't fit her agenda in the article.

By focusing on property crime, Donna reveals just how completely clueless she is when it comes to matters of self-defense.  We don't carry concealed because we're afraid someone is going to break into our cars and steal our Top Gun limited edition soundtrack.  We carry concealed because we don't want to be the victim of a Jackson thug who sticks a gun in our faces to "burglarize" us mano y mano.

Donna goes so far as to trot out the most ridiculous argument against firearms possession: that the guns become "loot" for burglars.  Good thinking, Donna.  Let's not arm ourselves because of the slim possibility a burglar will break in and steal the guns.  [Note to Donna:  Those of us who are serious about the use of firearms for self-defense don't leave our primary firearms unattended at the house or in the car.  They are on our persons--exactly where God and Gaston Glock intended them to be.]

Just when we think Donna could not get any more ridiculous, she offers up idiotic firearm safety advice to anyone who obtains a firearm.  Donna recommends that we use "locks that keep it secure from children and in the case your home or car is burglarized successfully."  That is asinine.  A locked gun is an unloaded gun, and there are few things in this world more useless than an unloaded gun.  To unload and trigger lock a firearm defeats the purpose of having the firearm in the first place.  Safety is of paramount importance, but there are other methods of securing firearms when not in one's immediate possession.  These alternative methods do not require making the firearm completely useless.

This little "firearms safety" lecture demonstrates how very little Donna Ladd and her live-in girlfriend Todd Stauffer know about firearms and personal protection.  For Donna to give this ridiculous advice, while being wholly ignorant of the defensive use of firearms, is nothing short of reckless.

We suspect that Donna's hyper-hysterical reaction to this phony controversy is only partly fueled by her irrational hatred of firearms.  Donna's reaction was, at least partially, a desperate cry for attention.  You see, Donna put a great deal of time and thought into her lackluster blockbuster "crime issue."  She treated the ignorant masses to the "JFP Crime Manifesto," as the cure to Jackson's perception crime problem.  It was to be Donna's greatest work, and her everlasting gift to the rest of us idiots who are less smart than she. 

Unfortunately for Donna, it flopped.  The JFP Crime Issue went nowhere.  She can't even get her most loyal members of the echo-chamber to log-in and tell her how awesomely intelligent she is for rehashing the same old failed crime prevention theories that have been floated around for 30 years.  Something tells us that when her crime prevention issue epically failed, she went into full-blown irrelevancy panic mode.  And Donna will never be irrelevant.  Never.  Donna had to fabricate this controversy about the alleged advice of certain JPD officers in an attempt to appear relevant, even if it's only the perception of relevance existing only in her own mind.  

Hopefully, most will recognize that Donna Ladd knows nothing about this topic, and will disregard her foolish statements.  Donna, you do not possess the education, training or experience to offer an opinion of any value on the issue of self-defense.  Your advice is worthless, irresponsible and potentially dangerous. 

Assuming you are telling the truth about the advice these officers gave, it is good advice.  Citizens would be well-advised to take personal protection recommendations from street-level police officers who know what they are talking about, and reject the unsolicited, ill-informed and unqualified opinions of an agenda-driven attention-whore.