Friday, November 18, 2011

Does Madison County Resident Chip Matthews Own Fire?

Several readers have commented that Madison County scum merchant Chip Matthews owns Fire.  This appears to be a widely-held belief.  Chip did a drive-by on another post and made it a point to say that the only business license he held was for some other location--not Fire.  However, the undisputed Baron of Bullshit stopped just short of denying an ownership interest in Fire.

We know that Chip's modus operandi is to open bars, and then go to great lengths to hide his involvement in them.  So naturally, the DJT wanted to poke around in this pile of feces to see what was under it.

According to the Secretary of State, FIRE, LLC was created on November 7, 2005.  Members of the corporation include Charles E. Matthews, Jr., Cecil Fox, Jr. and Samuel Pittman.  Here's the Certificate of Formation:

Fire Club Jackson MS-Certificate of Formation

On an incestuous note, "Samuel Pittman" is the same name ("Sam Pittman") listed by Club Volume patsy DJ Cornbread on his Facebook page:

Less than a year later, the Three Stooges broke up.  On June 14, 2006, they submitted a Certificate of Amendment (signed by all three) to the Secretary of State.  The amendment removed the Chipster from the LLC and replaced him as registered agent.  This left Cecil C. Fox, Jr. and Samuel Pittman as members of the corporation.

Fire Club Jackson MS Certificate of Amendment 6-14-06

Six months later, the Fire starters filed yet another Certificate of Amendment.  This time, they removed Samuel Pittman and added F. Earl Fyke, IV as a member of the LLC.

Fire Club Jackson MS Certificate of Amendment 1-22-07

As it stands now, those are the members of the corporation.  So Chip is telling the truth.  He has abolutely nothing to do with FIRE.  And we believe him. 

Yeah, right.

That's an awful lot of change in membership in such a short period of time.  It's also inconsistent with Chip's actions in appearing to be skank deep in Fire's operations.  The DJT wonders what is really going on here.  Why is Chip so secretive about his involvement in these dives?  Who is Cecil C. Fox, Jr.?  F. Earl Fyke, IV? 

Wonder how long it's going to take us to put this little scum-puzzle together.


  1. So what if he is behind the scene and has front men running it for him leave chip alone

  2. If I'm not mistaken, Cecil Fox owns the Madison COunty Co-op and Earl IV is an entrepreneur whose daddy is a respected doctor in Jackson. Both men are very well thought of gentlemen. Is Fire closed?

  3. So 2 live in Canton and one in CLINTON. Can you imagine opening one of these scumbuckets in CLINTON. Probably work in parts of Canton, but NOT downtown. CLINTON would provoke massive heart attacks.

    Assholes want to spread their scum here in our downtown.

    And 4:08 for God's sake, learn English grammer.

  4. Is Earl Fyke IV the son or grandson of the famous (wealthy) MD Earl Fyke?

  5. @408 you must be one of Chip's whores. tell him to be a man and put his name on his "work" instead of a cowardly little bitch.

  6. I do enjoy this blog, and I have been following it for several weeks. I knew it was only a matter of time before my name was mentioned in reference to Club Fire.

    I am more than happy to set the record straight. I had an ownership interest in Club Fire, as a member of Fire LLC, up until April of 2007. I bought into the business some time in 2006, but I retired (as did Cecil Fox) from the nightclub business when Fire LLC sold Club Fire in April of 2007. I have not had any ownership interest or influence in any nightclub or bar since that time. I am much happier, much less stressed, and I get a lot more sleep. I thought that owning a nightclub would be fun and profitable. It had it's moments, but it was not for me. I also found myself working 80 hours/week and making less than the bathroom attendant.

    Fire LLC technically does not exist anymore, and it has not owned or done anything since the sale of Club Fire in 2007. I am not an accountant, but it may have been left active for a few years after we sold the business for tax reasons (ie spreading a loss out over so many years). We have purposely not paid our renewal fee in several years, which should have resulted in the Secretary of State deactivating the LLC.

    I am a young entrepreneur living in Jackson, and my business is also based in Jackson. Up until a year ago, I also lived in downtown Jackson for about 10 years. I believe (and hope) that I have a good reputation around town as a person and as a businessman. Yes, my father is a physician. Yes, my grandfather was a doctor as well, but he passed away a few years ago. I wouldn't describe either as famous or wealthy, but I suppose both terms are relative.

    I am all for free speech, and I appreciate the intent of this blog. I agree that there are some things happening in downtown that should concern all of us. I think that laws and codes should be enforced. If we need tougher laws and codes, then we should work to get those on the books. I think that we should also speak out. However, I think that the "investigators" at DJT have a responsibility to get the facts straight before posting. I don't appreciate the implication that I am currently involved in a "scum puzzle", although I am amused. When I owned Fire (almost 5 years ago), we operated a clean, safe, and fun night club. We paid our staff, paid our bills, paid our rent, and paid our taxes. I am glad that I got out when I did, but I am not ashamed for having been involved.

    I do not think there was any malicious intent on the part of DJT in associating my name with the current ownership of Club Fire. It is a fact that I was involved with Club Fire in the past. I think that it was an honest mistake, due in part to Fire LLC still being listed on the Secretary of State's website. Again, I just think DJT should do a little better job vetting the information it uncovers prior to posting. I'm not angry about it, and I wish DJT the best of luck in it's search for the truth.

    Thanks for the opportunity to respond and comment.

    Earl Fyke

    P.S. Cecil Fox does not own the Madison County Co-Op.

  7. Mr. Fyke, thanks for commenting.

    As of this moment, Fire LLC is still a valid LLC in good standing in Mississippi, and you are a member of the company. We reported those facts accurately. As far as "vetting" the information, it was verified by the Secretary of State.

    So why did Chip bow out of the company after only 11 months?

  8. Apparently, some additional clarification is needed.

    Fire LLC owned the business known as Club Fire until April of 2007 when Fire LLC sold Club Fire. Club Fire was purchased by another company at that time. At the time of the sale, Fire LLC had two members, myself and Cecil Fox. Neither of us are or were ever involved in the LLC that purchased Club Fire from Fire LLC in April of 2007. Fire LLC does not own Club Fire and has not owned Club Fire since April 2007. The fact that Fire LLC, according to the Secretary of State's Office, still exists as an LLC in good standing is irrelevant. It exists in name only. I also verified, prior to my initial commend, that it was still listed on their website. I don't deny being a member. But as I said in my previous comment, it doesn't own anything and it doesn't conduct any type of business. It hasn't since April 2007. The Secretary of State should have deactivated it years ago.

    I agree that you accurately reported my being a member of Fire LLC. I also agree that you accurately reported Fire LLC being a valid LLC in good standing in Mississippi. However, there was an implication on the part of DJT that Fire LLC and its members (Cecil Fox and Earl Fyke) are currently involved with Club Fire. This is not true, but I do understand why it is confusing.

    To properly vet this information, DJT should have contacted me directly and asked about my involvement with Club Fire. I have nothing to hide, and I'm not hard to find. You got the facts right; you just got the wrong set of facts.

    As for Chip, you would need to ask him about his involvement with Club Fire or any other businesses. I can only speak for myself.

    Again, good luck and thanks for the opportunity to comment and respond.

    Earl Fyke

  9. @4:21 a co-op is not owned by one person. A co-op is owned by members who are usually also customers.

  10. So, Earl, to whom (or what) who did you/Fire LLC sale Club Fire in 2007?

  11. Regardless, one of the "owners" is a felon that lives with his Mom. And downloads lots of music.

  12. Hey daddys money stop bullshitting us. Fyke is just like his boy Chip. He won't answer why Chip left in 2007, even tho he damn well knows why. Now he won't answer 7:25 question about who he sole Fire to in 2007.

    If you want us to believe the BS you wrote trying to make yourself look like you arent dirty as chip, you need to tell the whole truth. Answer these questions. You and chipper got the same pattern, you just use bigger words.

    Chip Matthews = Earl Fyke = Scum.

  13. Easy anonymous--- I know Earl Fyke & you need to understand something before you share your limited knowledge opinion.
    It is one thing to state facts that happened. It is another to state something absurd and want people to believe you because you are upset. Maybe that is not a question Earl NEEDS to answer?
    And how in the world do these two men have the same pattern in the slightest?

  14. @11/18 4:21
    Cecil Fox is a "well thought of gentleman"?????
    In whose circles? Talk with some of the folks in Canton.......

  15. F. Earl Fyke IV aka "daddys money"November 20, 2011 at 10:20 AM

    Well, I am certainly not a felon. I can also tell you that none of the members of Fire LLC were felons during their respective periods of ownership of Club Fire. None of the current members of Fire LLC are felons (remember, Fire LLC hasn't owned Club Fire since 2007, but the Secretary of State still lists it is an active corporation). If any of the past members of Fire LLC (ie past owners of Club Fire) are currently felons, that occurred after that person ceased being a member of Fire LLC and owner of Club Fire. I'm pretty sure even Chip Matthews isn't a felon.

    I entered into this discussion initially to clarify my involvement in Fire LLC and Club Fire. I think that I have done that, even though some people apparently don't believe me. I don't think it is my place to comment on who/what purchased Club Fire from Fire LLC in 2007. I don't think its a secret, and I believe it is public record.

    This will be my final comment. I have said all that I want and need to say. Unfortunately, this blog has gone from a venue for healthy exchanges of ideas and a quest to better Jackson to a place for people to anonymously bash others. I don't see this as productive. I will not directly respond to unfounded and untrue personal attacks. I believe that my good name and reputation will stand on its own.

    Again, thanks for the opportunity to respond and comment one last time.

    Earl Fyke

  16. Would someone please come up with the solution to stop the attacks. I am willing to transfer leases or what ever to stop the attacks on me and my friends and former associates.

    thank you
    chip matthews

  17. This is worse than a local band forum

  18. Downtown Jackson Trash is the new The Morton Downey Jr. Show.

  19. This discussion would be comical if it weren't so desctructive. "DJT-Office of the Commissioner" puts me in the mind of an overzealous cross-examiner. These businessmens' motivations are nobody's business unless a crime has been committed. Is one even being alleged? I defend anyone's right to free speech, but please use that freedome responsibly. Signed, Matt Brennan

  20. It is not overzealous for the community to voice objections to a nuisance. Chip Matthews motivation IS the community's business when his track record shows that he is not going to do anything positive here.

  21. Hi, "Anonymous 2:09" - Is this Curt Crowley? Voicing opinions is not being overzealous, but your argument lacks a strong foundation. You're going to have to be more specific than name calling and generalities to be taken seriously. The accusation of not doing anything positive could be leveled at quite a large portion of Jackson's population. It's obvious you have an ax to grind with people who don't entertain themselves in a manner acceptable to you, and an ax to grind with Chip Matthews specifically. I don't really care the reason for either of these beefs. You're entitled to them. But if you want to gain traction, make a more cohesive argument. "Running out" everyone from Jackson who doesn't fit your (ahem, "the community's") ideals looks a lot like segregation-era behavior. Good luck with that. Signed, Matt Brennan

  22. Mr. Brennan, when I post you can see the name above. I don't post anonymously, on this or any other blog.

    Save the segregation nonsense for somewhere else. We've addressed it ad nauseum and don't care to address it again.

    Finally, the opinions you see expressed here (posts and comments) do represent a majority of the members of the community. The only dissenters we get are people who don't live here.

  23. And for the record, while we allow dissenters to post their opinions, we really don't give a rip what non-residents think. They don't live here. We do.