Friday, November 25, 2011

NEW RULE (No. 2)

If Occupy Jackson is going to make its point by quoting Jew-hating Russian authors, they must spell all the words correctly.

This sentiment was expressed in a book written by Russian anti-Semitic author Fyodor Dostoyevsky.  The title of the book, you ask?  The Idiot.  We kid you not.


  1. Dostoyevsky's one of the greatest authors to ever write. Some even say Crime and Punishment is the greatest novel of all time. Summing him up as "anti-Semitic" is more than a little misleading.

    Thomas Jefferson owned slaves; doesn't mean we can't glean some knowledge from things he said and wrote.

    Disclaimer: I don't have a position on the whole Occupy thing.

  2. Curt don't like them thar book larnin.

  3. I suppose if you view owning slaves as a bad thing. It would solve 90% of society's problems. Dostoyevsky was a jew hater. Let's not clean it up as "anti-semitic". So if 50% of our country can't manage their lives, they would be much better off as slaves, right? However, some would say the working class and welfare class are still on the plantation.

  4. Yeah Thomas Jefferson owned slaves. Quite a few hundred actually.
    Ole Tom was good to his "servants". Especially the those beautiful
    lil' girls that were "light skin" and bore a striking resemblance
    to his Pappy.

    Can anyone say " Sally " ?

    President Thomas Jefferson:
    " The Founding Father of Democratic Hypocrisy "

  5. "I suppose if you view owning slaves as a bad thing."

    Yes, I view human beings owning other human beings as a bad thing.

    "It would solve 90% of society's problems."

    I'm not even going to dignify that with a response.
    Dostoyevsky was a jew hater. Let's not clean it up as 'anti-semitic."

    I was just quoting Mr. Crowley; I wasn't trying to clean it up.

    "So if 50% of our country can't manage their lives, they would be much better off as slaves, right?"

    Who said 50% of the people in our country can't manage their lives? What constitutes not being able to manage one's life? I.e. What the hell are you talking about?

  6. Not being able as a adult to hold a job that would allow their sorry asses to pay income taxes. That is how 54% of our country lives. Blah blah 1%, failed public education, etc. Get off your lazy ass and go make money. You can buy rims and gold chains. (rolls eyes)

  7. Thanks Queen w/o a County ,

    Although I'm what used to be called middle class, and I have a steady job.. and I still pay income tax : I no longer buy fresh ribeyes on weekends because I'm trying to cut back on expenses.

    Then these unemployed people can afford rims ??? ... while also getting this NEW welfare free cell phone with unlimited roll over minutes ?

    You left off the price of gold teeth.

  8. Gold teeth are so 1980. It's all about the "bling grill" now. It's all kinds of Rankin County Klassy!

  9. Russian anti-Semitic author Fyodor Dostoyevsky

    Oh yes, that sums up Dostoevsky. Also, Tolstoy didn't like peasants, Flaubert was a right-wing bigot, and Mark Twain made fun of black people.

    As someone recently said of Donna Ladd, it's better when people stick to talking about subjects they know something about.

  10. Anderson:

    Our description of Dosto was literally true. He was Russian, and he was an anti-Semite. That being said, our description was grossly (and obviously) incomplete.