Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Another Locker Room Thugout Last Night

DJT has received a report that there was another Locker Room Thugout last night.

Reports are that the Locker Room thug animals whooped and hollered all morning (3-4am), and there was significant property damage to several vehicles. Reports are also that the thugs were raising hell on the roof of the Millsaps building (you hear that, Henry Michel?).

As usual, JPD sat on its sorry ass and didn't do shit.


  1. JPD and this city administration SUCKS. How can this be happening and continue to go unaddressed? I want to give up and leave.

    This shit would not be tolerated in any civilized city. If we had known then....

  2. Informants tell DJT that the Locker Room thugs spilled over into the parking lot behind the Locker Room. If this is the parking lot on Roach Street that sits directly behind the Mayflower, it is also owned by thug enablers Seshadri Raju, and managed by Walter and Henry Michel.

    Shocker, huh?

  3. This crap is exactly what my Grand kids can' t understand when everyone talks about fond memories of eating at the Mayflower, Elite,
    and everything thing else that used to be a part of nice small Southern City . Not any more, I 'll be damned if I would park my car down there.

    These kids can't even comprehend that Northpark was at one time the premier retail center in the state.

    They stare at me in disbelief when I tell them MetroCenter was the place to hang out even before Northpark.

    Yeah, the Progressive "Great Society" model was an overwhelming victory for the social situation in the good Ole U S of A ......

  4. You sleep with dogs and you will wake up with fleas.

  5. They were probably celebrating election night...wait, I doubt they voted.

  6. I see a unique opportunity here. The JPD is always complaining about a shortage of qualified policeman. Well, on the coast in Waveland, most of the police force has been laid off due to budget woes. Now if you follow coastal news like I do, you will know that the Waveland PD was well know for it's heavy use of a policing tool called the TASER.

    So King Harvey, why don't you hire these out of work, POST certified officers and form a special downtown night detail with them. And be sure to hand out TASERs too because they WILL use them. Just make sure the liability insurance is paid up.


  7. At least 6 cars were broken into and the only thing left were police reports saying "we are looking into this." Should instill a lot of confidence in those of us who still have some hope of the revitalization of downtown.

  8. Don't live in Jx but enjoying reading your blog and understand your frustration. Property owners and business operators make all the difference. The responsible ones find a way to keep thugs away. Sometimes that means spending money on real professional security and running off troublemakers. Where I live I've seen this done several times. It's not easy and not cheap but it works. But the business owner is the key. Race and the fact it's a bar are not. Thugs and dangerous trashy bars come in all colors of the rainbow. Unfortunately when the inevitable bullets fly, the crackdown will come and will probably negatively impact reputable downtown nightspots as well.

  9. 9:00 You cant be further from truth. They voted frequently yesterday. Last time, thankfully.

  10. Having done business in Jackson in the past, I will tell you I will not ever go back until they are able to STOP robbery. Not impact the occurance of crime, but STOP it. Business was robbed blind and police force just didn't give a shit. I don't blame the police, they are focused on trying NOT to get shot and find violent criminals.

    Keep burying your head in the sand Jackson. I feel for you, Atlanta reached the most violent city in America with a murder a day before it woke up.

    The trash being cleaned up here is commendable and is a positive force exposing the truth about downtown.

  11. One of my friends was held up by a nice young black man with a shotgun the other night right outside F jones. When she went to the cops just a block away, they were assholes about it. JPD are thugs run by a bunch of low class non-swimmers. And yes, Non-swimmer is a euphemism, I use to say democrat. As long as the cops don't give a shit and you can't tell the criminals from the police, there isn't a snowball's chance in hell that I am gonna ever go back downtown at night.

  12. I have an even better suggestion...how about all racist white people just pack up and move to the mountains where you all can have a "perfect little life" with no crime..Shit..We as blacks may be misunderstood,but I wish all of you could MIND YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS...Why worry about something you hate???

  13. "Why worry about something you hate???"

    That one's easy. Because it's within 9mm kill range of our front doors. A thug bar, operated by a convicted killer. Seems to me that is something to be worried about.


    It is our business. See above explanation.

    "Racist white people"

    Blah blah blah. Won't work here race pimp. Nobody dislikes Sean Antonio King because he's black. He's disliked because he's a convicted killer running a thug bar in our neighborhood. Violent habitual offender. Get it?

    Also, before you start race-pimping too hard, you might want to check the stats of this site. Compare the number of posts about white-owned businesses with the number of posts about black-owned businesses. Those numbers might lead a reasonable person to think the DJT hated whitey as much as you do.

  14. 11/11 @7:03, we recommend your friend get this. Or if she has really small hands (or needs complete concealability), then perhaps this.