Sunday, November 13, 2011

Level 3 Thugout Last Night

The Level 3 thug bar had another "dope" thugout party last night.  The festivities got started bright and early at midnight.  Thankfully, there were no fatalities.  But the Level 3 continued to do what it does best: create a nuisance in downtown Jackson. 

Perhaps it is asking too much for them to abide by complicated laws such as "Thou shall not start shooting at people in the middle of the street."  Or "Thou shalt not have butt naked strippers downtown."  And the equally difficult "Thou shalt not blast music all night that can be heard inside residences."  That being said, it is astounding that the Fresh Prince of New Orleans and his customers cannot abide by the most simple, common sense laws and ordinances. 

The Level 3 has been told over and over again that (1) its patrons cannot block the sidewalk in front of the club, and (2) its patrons cannot block traffic by sitting in their cars in the street in front of the club.  These are not just courteous and considerate suggestions.  They are laws.  As we saw this weekend, neither the Level 3 nor its patrons give a shit about the law.

For example, here's some really important asshat who thinks he is exempt from the rule against blocking traffic.  He sat on his thuggalicious ass and blocked this lane for 30 minutes while he chatted with another Level 3 patron.

Well, that's really no big deal.  At least not until something like this happens:

This is yet another mentally-challenged Level 3 patron who saw no problem whatsoever with parking in traffic.  The car that is pointed at an angle came within inches of hitting the moron who stopped in the middle of the lane to talk.

So, who's fault is this?  It's the Level 3 thug bar's fault.  Management has been told not to allow patrons to park in the street.  All the Fresh Prince has to do is tell the door man to tell them to park somewhere else.  That's it.  Problem solved.  But for some reason, the Level 3 thug bar won't do that.  Given the easiness of the solution, this refusal to remedy the problem seems to be nothing more than Saleem Baird and his pals extending their collective middle finger to the City of Jackson.

One of my all time personal favorite moves by Level 3 is it's insistence in creating a line that has to wait an hour to get in the club, when there ain't a damn soul inside.  Here was the scene last night:

And here's the end of the line:

The line eventually wrapped around the corner.  The effect of not letting these folks in the club (even though there was no legitimate reason not to), is that the thugs, thugettes and other patrons completely block the sidewalk.  This is illegal.  No other citizen can use the sidewalk because these people are blocking it.

This problem is caused solely by Saleem Baird and his friends.  These photos were taken around midnight.  There was not one customer in the club at the time.  Management just had not given approval to allow anyone inside yet.  The obvious reason for this is that having a line that stretches around the corner is good for business.  Other potential customers see this and think this must be the hottest club in Jackson.  Some may say we're cynical, but this fits with Saleem Baird's character.  He's a poser.  A bullshit artist.  JC Watts by day, Fiddy by night.  This is precisely the kind of cheap stunt someone like Baird would pull to increase the street cred of his club.

If Saleem Baird wants to use cheap ploys to give the false impression that his club is something other than a thug bar, that's his business.  However, when his idiotic plan causes his customers to block the sidewalk in violation of the law, then it becomes our problem.

Even after customers are eventually allowed into the club, Saleem Baird doesn't do a damn thing to prevent customers from walking outside to smoke a blunt cigarette and then endlessly loiter on the sidewalk.  This photograph was taken around 3:00 a.m.

Loitering and continuing to block the sidewalk is a problem that Level 3 could easily solve.  When people loiter outside, security should simply ask them to come back inside or leave.  Once again, Saleem daDream won't do this.  And once again, it appears that he refuses simply because the City wants him to.

Our fake-angry disadvantaged young businessman is actually creating the perfect situation for JPD, if only they would capitalize on it.  When a patron blocks the sidewalk or stops in traffic, officers can detain the customer to find out if he has warrants or is carrying half a key under the front seat.  Why JPD supervisors will not allow the street level officers to do this is a mystery.  Loitering and impeding traffic are minor offenses, but frequently lead to more serious felony arrests.  Pretty soon, word would get out that you better not go downtown if you've got warrants or are "holding" for someone.  The net effect is that thugs would stay out.

Perhaps one day some aggressive officers will take advantage of the Level 3's arrogance and stupidity, and put some numbers on the board for the good guys.


  1. If the city's code enforcement officers would just walk thru level 3 the problem would eliminate its self. They are illegally operating the 3rd floor of the club, it only has 1 stairway going up & down without a fire escape.

  2. Nice entry about b.s. this site is becoming jerry springer trashy

  3. Next time you are out snapping photos, get a close up of the booties.

  4. I want to ask a question... If the city says you cannot smoke in any bar or restaurant in the city of Jackson how can you get upset at a bar allowing their patrons to smoke outside???

  5. Look at the nightclub pictures on the CL's MetroMix. Lots of people smoking indoors at some of Jackson's fine venues.

  6. 7:37
    Now that would make a great story

  7. Posse in effect
    Hangin out is always hype

  8. Somebody alert that Sam Dabit guy whose family owns Lamia's Boutique and Fashion Corner, the businesses that operate by day which you can see in the sidewalk photos. Surely he wouldn't be too happy to see this thuglife going on in the wee hours outside his stores before his business opens.

  9. Sam Dabit is the piece of shit slumlord that owns the property and rents it to the Level 3.

  10. Dang-nabit, it's Sam Dabit! Go back to the Middle east Hagi.


  12. This has to be the funniest site online. Sounds like a lot of jealousy here!!!!! I think if it was a serious problem u guys should call local authorities. If u give me a email I can post some pics of some more side walk activity like a cash bar covering the whole side walk. Almost look like you was parked across from the venue, but u prob looked over that!! lmao. I also noticed how u pick ur battles

  13. Lol hope it makes the cut!!!! Also see wasn't anything posted about how people get super high and drunk run somebody over and flips truck downtown town no obtopsy released. Guess that's what hush money does!!!

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