Saturday, November 26, 2011

Benji Boyd Arrested. Henry Michel Hides Under His Desk

The DJT previously wrote about the Millsaps Building, which in our estimation is an incubator for crime in downtown Jackson.  One of the primary offenders is one Benjamin Boyd, also known as Dirty White Boy.  Among other things, Boyd built the illegal rooftop bar known as the Skybox (or Skyyboxx or Sykyboxx, depending on how many rocks one has smoked).  The property manager, Henry Michel, received numerous complaints about Boyd's illegal construction, yet did nothing.  According to Henry, since Dirty White Boy wasn't doing anything illegal (and paid his rent on time), he could not evict the miscreant from the building. 

City of Jackson Code Enforcement subsequently paid a visit to the illegal rooftop bar.  Rooftop bars are not allowed in the City of Jackson.  Another problem was that Boyd's construction skills aren't exactly a model of industry standards.  While there are several examples, this is the DJT's personal favorite:

The DJT is not an electrician, but this just didn't look too safe.  Halfass wiring aside, this was uncovered and exposed to the elements.  Something about rainwater + electricity just made us nervous.  (Note that Henry Michel had previously looked at this and saw no problem). 

Code enforcement ordered Boyd to dismantle all this crap immediately.  All Boyd had to do was take down this "construction" and there would be no penalty--not even a citation.  So Boyd did what any red-blooded downtown Jackson trash would do:  he refused to take it down.

Two weeks later, Code Enforcement came back to inspect the property again.  Somehow, they found out that Boyd did not take down the bar as ordered.  This time, they brought the JPD Precinct 5 Commander and another police officer with them.  When the officers arrived, Benji was none too happy.  When code enforcement tried to talk to Benji, he put a cussing on them that would have made Bobby Knight blush.  Despite giving him several opportunities to shut up and allow access to the property, Boyd refused.  His final words to the officers were:  "PO-LEESE in Jackson ain't SHIT!"

And you know what happened next:

Benji Boyd Jackson MS Arrest Report

That's right, they arrested his sorry ass.  (NOTE:  This document is not the officer's narrative report.  This document is an MPRA incident report, which is a Clerk's short synopsis of the arresting officer's report).

Even after this incident, Henry Michel refused to regulate Dirty White Boy's conduct.  He continued to proclaim that "he isn't doing anything wrong so I can't evict him."  Well Henry, how about this for a reason to evict the dirtbag?:  (1) As stated in the report, his construction violated City code.  Using the premises to engage in an unlawful activity is always grounds for eviction; (2) Committing a crime and getting arrested on the leased premises also justifies eviction; (3) Disrupting other businesses by committing #1 and 2 is another grounds for eviction.

Despite receiving this and other evidence of DWB's conduct, Henry Michel hid under his desk and did nothing.  As a result, Benji Boyd finished the rooftop construction and the Skybox fire trap was open for business.  Henry Michel is complicit in the activities of Boyd and the Locker Room, just the same as if he was a partner in the venture.  And, in many ways, we suppose he is. 

The next time you see Henry Michel or Walter Michel, make sure and tell them both how much you appreciate their efforts to make downtown Jackson all it can be.


  1. That's great!! I love a good "laugh outloud" story. Good job Curt!!

  2. Thanks CC for staying on top of this crap.

    While most people laugh at
    sweet little Benji : " The dirty,
    odd... Delta .... Holendale,Mississippi..
    .. Ball Room Dance Maestro , - White Boy "

    The people seem to be much more disappointed with
    the "Brothers Michel" .

  3. DJT. Downtown's REAL neighborhood association.

  4. Here's my question. If this piece of white trash can afford the rent, then why not toss his ass out and get some other brother in there? Surely to God the Michels can't be THAT hard up for renters.

  5. Lord, yeah. I'm glad nobody got hurt.

  6. Bwahahahahahaha!!!!!! Thanks, Curt! Lesley Priest

  7. Fantastic article! What a dumb ass. I'm with Reb on this one, the belly laugh factor is a whopping "11"!!!