Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Rule, Part II

The DJT previously reported that the Jackson Downtown Neighborhood Association (JDNA) did not appear at the City Council meeting on November 21 to address Occupy Jackson's demand to camp out in Smith Park.  At that meeting, only former Jackson Mayor Kane Ditto appeared in opposition to the request.  The Council ultimately referred the matter to the Council's Planning Committee for further consideration.  The Committee was scheduled to meet the following day.

After the meeting, we contacted JDNA to determine the reason for JDNA's silence.  Specifically, we asked the following questions: (1) What is JDNA's position as to the occupiers' demands to camp out overnight in Smith Park, and (2) Whether JDNA had communicated its position to the City Council.

We got a response shortly after 9 a.m. on November 22.  The response was that the JDNA had not taken a position one way or the other.  Sometime between 9 a.m. and the time of the Planning Committee meeting, the JDNA evidently adopted a position in opposition to the occupiers' request.  Members of the organization appeared before the Committee and voiced opposition to overnight camping.  The Committee ultimately decided to recommend a compromise measure that would allow Occupy Jackson to stay in Smith Park until 11 p.m.

The DJT previously criticized JDNA for not appearing at the City Council meeting on November 21 to oppose Occupy Jackson, and for failing to adopt a position on the issue at all.  That criticism was both accurate and fair.  However, it would be patently unfair if we did not commend (and thank) JDNA for quickly adopting a position and appearing at the Planning Committee meeting the following day. 


  1. Quit trying to be nice Crowley. JDNA=pussies. If they did their job there would be no need for the DJT blog.

  2. Not pussies, 813. Progressives.

  3. 8:13 and 10:07. You are again, talking to yourself, and you know you are. You are a weak, insignificant zero, that for years has stalked, stalked, and stalked those that are trying to help our city. Wnen will you finally outgrow your compulsive, sick, obsessive, sad and wierd criticism of those that care? JJ, DJT, Cain, CL, W/E? Grow the fuck up.