Friday, November 11, 2011

Why Can't Occupy Jackson Trash Follow the Law?

For weeks now, Occupy Jackson degenerates protestors have been bitching and moaning about how mean ol' Mayor Harvey Johnson is violating their First Amendment right to take over and trash Smith Park.  Well, now that more facts are emerging, we have discovered that our unemployed agitators are full of crap.

Here's the deal.  The City of Jackson has allowed these dirtbags to set up their silly tents and ridiculous third-grade quality signs in the park, to the asthetic detriment of downtown Jackson.  The City has allowed these unemployed butt monkeys to stay in the park from sunrise until dusk. 

Occupy Jackson claims that the City is violating its right to free speech, by refusing to allow them to camp overnight in the Park.  What they don't tell you is this:  Smith Park closes at dusk.  The closing time applies regardless if one is a protestor, a citizen walking his dog, or a bum looking for a place to huff fix-a-flat.  While Occupy Jackson trash cries that their freedom of speech is being violated, what they are actually demanding is special treatment.  These outsiders want to be exempt from the same laws that apply to every  citizen of the City of Jackson who wants to use Smith Park.

This controversy isn't about Mayor Johnson trampling First Amendment rights.  It's about a bunch of malcontents who think they are entitled to special treatment not afforded to everyone else.  Where they found this sense of entitlement is unknown.  However, this attitude may explain why so many of them are unemployed.

Come dusk today, if Occupy Jackson doesn't pack up and leave Smith Park in accordance with the law, we hope that JPD will introduce them to Lasko, Fido, Rin-Tin-Tin and the rest of the JPD "community policing" K-9 unit.


  1. They didn't lappreciate your photographing of their tents and license plates:

    Also, the girl says, "we are being represented by Jacob's law firm". Anybody know what firm that might be?

  2. They want their 15 minutes of fame. You are correct on the dusk issue. Smith Park is now finally inhabitable, and these children want the city to ignore the law. JPD should sweep the area at dusk and remove the spoiled children.

  3. I am going to go out on a limb here and stand on both sides of this argument and make comments directed at both sides.

    1: As a US Army veteran who served in the Airborne for 5 years and was one of those rough men who did violence on your behalf while you slept safe in your bed, I fully support your right to freedom of assembly and speech. After all, I swore an oath to die if need be for you to keep that right.

    2:Now the counter point. Occupy Jackson, please explain to me exactly what you are protesting about. High ATM fees ??? Then take it to BOA. Corporate america ??? Take it to that corporation. Taxes ??? Take it to your local politician.

    Occupy Jackson, I swore to defend to the death your right to do what you are doing but I don't have a clue what you are protesting about. I feel like you are protesting just for the sake of protesting and squandering those rights that us veterans fought and died for.

    Happy Veterans Day.

  4. Well stated, Mr. Army Veteran. Thank you for your service.

  5. Just because of your blog I am joining the protestors downtown thanks for the advertising!

  6. Hey you're welcome. Don't forget to come back and thank us again after you get a mouth full of pepper spray.

  7. For the love of God, wierdo, do join those silly loonie tunes. This is the most pathetic attempt of a "statement" imaginable.

    I see these idiots all day long, and laugh louder every time I walk by. Such a silly looking band of ragamuffins.

  8. Airborne, it's not whether or not they have a right to assemble. Of course they do, and you and thousands of others throughout our history have made sure we can exercise our rights. However, there are also rules, and one of those rules is that everyone has to be out of the park at dusk. What if they wanted to meet in the lobby of the court house at midnight? Do we unlock it so they can exercise their right to assembly? Gather up somewhere legal and I'm all for it. Bill Billingsley


  10. Airborne here again.

    The real point I guess I am trying to make is if you have a just cause to disobey civil authority then go for it, that concept is what created this country in the first place. BUT WTF IS THEIR JUST CAUSE ??? That is where I loose it. I mean anti-war,anti-tax, anti-big business, civil rights or whatever. They are so all over the board that they make no sense. In that case it is just anarchy for the sake of anarchy. If they could come up with a coherent platform that I agree with, then I could support them. Until then, I will gladly sit at home each night after work and drink beer while I watch youtube vids of protesters getting gassed and hit with rubber bullets. And I will probably laugh too.

  11. Are you the same Bill Billingsley who owns Anytime Fitness and lives in Madison, Ms?

  12. 5:41
    No he is the BB who used to own Gilberts Home Health

  13. Quote from the C/L of one of the protesters:

    "I'm down with getting arrested - just not during the week," said occupier Ernest Camel.

    Man, I can really get behind that kind of commitment. NOT.


  14. BB is a well respected person who is always willing to lend a bit of wisdom to a party of calamity. I too wonder the purpose of occupy Jackson. I can understand you selling grilled cheeses to buy a plane ticket to Wall Street, but occupy Jackson? Do you really want to occupy the very 99% that you hope to protest? I mean, they are on the verge of bankruptcy. Your occupation is hastening the demise of the very city you occupy by increasing the cost of hosting you.

  15. I heard Fire closed. Any word on that?

  16. My fitness centers are in Nashville, and I'm not sure how well respected I am since none of my county supervisor candidates won and I voted against 26 and 31, but everything else is correct. E-mail me at if you need to get more personal. BB

  17. Hey OJ... How about adding these line items to your protest agenda.

    1: While your at the city council meeting, ask them why they just allocated (blew) $100K to redo signage at the airport to rename the airport after someone that the airport is already named for.

    2: If you are worried about your safety in Smith Park overnight, ask them about the totally ineffective police presence in downtown Jackson that allows illegal clubs to operate and ask why we are paying for this non-policing with our tax dollars. As a matter of fact, while you are there, ask them if we even have a police chief, I saw one installed awhile back but that was it, not hide nor hare since.

    3:On to the county... I'll just say google Robert Graham and Radios and you can read for yourself why I'm pissed off.

    4: On to the State. As a true Independent voter for 29 years now I could really give a rats ass about parties but the stunt Tollison pulled switching parties was just down right fraud. Tell your boys in Oxford to protest his office for defrauding his electorate.

    5: on to the Fed...LOL... not much to say because they could give a rats ass about a little ole protest in Smith Park but HEY, swing by Wickers office and ask him about club owners on Capitol st. See item 1

  18. Correction; see Item 2