Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Meet Anthony Demon Jones a/k/a Tony Jones

Name:          Anthony Demon Jones

Alias:            The Defendant

Employer:     The Locker Room

Occupation:  Violent Habitual Offender

Hobbies:       Stealing
                     Getting his ass kicked by JPD

Today DJT recognizes Anthony Demon Jones.  Mr. Jones was recently approved for a likely full-ride, lifetime scholarship to Thug University.  The scholarship, sponsored by Hinds County District Attorney Robert S. Smith's Special Habitual Intervention Team (S.H.I.T.) program, offers a full-range of services for individuals who require State assistance in their daily lives.

DA Smith stated that Mr. Jones' selection shows that persistence pays off.  "Mr. Jones submitted 18 applications to previous administrations, but was rejected each time," Smith said.  To make sure he got approved this time, Jones submitted two applications to the S.H.I.T. program.  Before the DA's office could process the first application, Jones applied again.  That's unusual, according to Smith, "We have lots of applicants, but most only apply once."  This determination caught the attention of the DA's office.  "With determination like that, Anthony Demon Jones is just the type of candidate we want in the S.H.I.T. program."

Couldn't have said it any better ourselves, Mr. Smith.

[Note:  All quotes attributed to District Attorney Robert Smith are complete fabrications.  Mr. Smith, to DJT's knowledge, never said those things.]


  1. Is he the prick that tried to rob CC?

  2. The one and only. Works at the locker room. His record is almost as bad as his boss Sean Antonio king. But demon here hasn't murdered anybody yet.

  3. But people wanting to do something about this and a convicted 2 time felon running this illegal bar(s) til 4 in the mornning and the disgusting shit at the other bars are racists.

  4. How and any responsible, serious black person, man or woman, defend this disgusting behavior?

  5. 10:07 change that to any serious PERSON *period*, and I will agree.

  6. With a little SEO you should be able to be #1 under "Seshadri Raju, MD Jackson MS"

    That would get his attention...