Monday, November 14, 2011

Occupy Jackson Trash Trashes Downtown

The professional whiners at Occupy Jackson finally heeded the City's warning to get out of Smith Park.  But, just to piss off the Mayor, they moved their garbage dump to the sidewalk at the corner of Amite Street across from the Governor's Mansion.

For weeks now, we have heard spin from people like James Farrar who claim that the Occupy clan was actually cleaning up the park.  They're just good people doing a little protesting and leaving the world a little bit better than they found it.  Yeah...bullshit.

Here's the scene on the corner of the sidewalk as of Sunday morning:

This looks like shit.  These unemployed butt monkeys have taken a bunch of crap, stuffed it into cardboard boxes and placed it on display for every downtown resident, businessperson and government official to see.  Imagine how this trash piled on the sidewalk looks to someone who comes to Jackson to do business, or official guests of the Governor at the mansion.

The DJT wonders why Occupy Jackson doesn't trash the sidewalks in their own communities.  Why don't they pile this trash up on the sidewalks where they live--you know Madison, Rankin and Scott County?  Why must Occupy Jackson insist on trashing the community where we live?

The fact is that Occupy Jackson is not here to improve anything.  They have no respect for the community or the law.  Occupy Jackson created a phony controversy with Mayor Johnson, and this is their way of giving him their figurative middle finger.

How much longer will the Mayor and JPD tolerate this nonsense?


  1. The killer is that these redneck yahoos think that people here in the real world give a simple shit about them or what they are doing.

  2. 5:09. I assume you mean the fact that they are protesting, and their "mission" haha, because it PISSES ME OFF that they can trash my home with impunity. Bunch of classless, trashy vagrants.

    I give a happy shit about that.

  3. I see they still haven't been able to attract the 25 it would take to put them in violation of the assembly permit law. Can't someone arrest them for something so they can get their 15 minutes of fame and be done with it?

  4. I don't know about you, but I see this "protest" everyday and I just want to testify that miracles are happening at Occupy Sidewalk! There is an empty wheelchair on the corner to prove it!!!