Friday, December 2, 2011

Standard Life Flats Auto Burglaries

Some of the "Best of the New South" recently had an auto burglary field day outside the Standard Life building in downtown Jackson.

In the early morning hours of November 8, 2011, while Standard Life residents slept, some Jackson animals were outside the building breaking into their vehicles.

Standard Life Flats-Jackson MS-Auto Burglaries

A total of 5 vehicles were burglarized.  The modus operandi was the same for all five.  The PoS(s) unceremoniously broke a window, rummaged through the contents and took anything they desired.

Even though these crimes occurred at night, these acts were fairly brazen.  The vehicles were not parked in some dark and secluded parking lot.  The vehicles were parked directly in front of the Standard Life building.  [Note:  127 South Roach Street is the street address for Standard Life Flats.  203 East Pearl Street is approximately 30 yards from the main entrance to Standard Life].

The DJT sympathizes with the victims of these crimes.  We know how it feels to come out in the morning and have the perception that a window has been broken out of your vehicle.  We are well-familiar with the sinking feeling that comes with the perception that all your property has been stolen.  Auto burglary is a particularly maddening crime.  It's maddening not only because some S-O-B stole your stuff, but also because most auto burglaries are preventable.  The Standard Life auto burglaries were certainly preventable, as the burglars announced their intention to commit these crimes 2 days earlier.

On November 6, 2011, just after 1:00 a.m., five (5) cars were perceived to be burglarized just around the corner at 105 East Capitol Street.  These cars were parked on Capitol Street about a block from where the later Standard Life auto burglaries occurred.

Downtown Jackson MS Crime-Auto Burglaries-11-6-11

The break-ins on November 6 should have been a major red flag for those responsible for crime prevention in the area.  Auto burglars have a tendency to hit the same area multiple times before moving on to other areas.  The first time an auto burglar hits a particular area, his mission is not only to do a few jobs, but also to gather intelligence.  "Professional" auto burglars are looking for police and security patrol patterns, as well as citizen traffic and activity in the area.  If they are able to pull off their jobs without detection on the first visit (and there is not much heat), they will return to the area a short time later to hit it again.

An average downtown resident might reasonably presume that a burglar would not return to the same area only 2 days later to commit additional burglaries.  It just doesn't seem logical.  Therefore, no one expects them to return so soon.  Auto burglars know citizens do not expect them to return, and that's precisely why they do it.

While this information is outside the common knowledge of the average citizen, it is well-known to those in the business of crime prevention.  These same allegedly knowledgeable people sat on their asses and did nothing after the burglaries on November 6.  As a result, the thieves returned 48 hours later for some more low hanging fruit.  So who dropped the ball?

Standard Life Flats:  The DJT is one of David Watkins' biggest fans, but the person or persons responsible for security operations at Standard Life sucks.  [Note: We are assuming there is an employee dedicated specifically to security operations at the Watkins properties.  If not, then there are bigger issues than these auto burglaries].

Standard Life's security director obviously took no measures to prevent the burglaries.  The only question is whether he knew about the burglaries that occurred two nights earlier.  If he did not know of the burglaries, then he's asleep at the switch when it comes to tracking crime around the facility.  If he knew of the prior burglaries and did nothing, then he is recklessly lazy.  If he knew of the burglaries and did not realize that he needed to do something, then he lacks the knowledge to work in security period.

Jackson Police Department:  Before tearing off into the cops, we must make it clear that this is not the fault of patrol officers or their front-line supervisors.  The failures in this case are far outside patrol officers' responsibilities.  This is not a patrol problem, it is an investigation and intelligence problem.  This problem can be laid squarely at the feet of the hopelessly inept JPD Detective Division.  There are a few good detectives at JPD, but by and large, these are some of the most disorganized and unmotivated law enforcement officers we have encountered.

There is no excuse for not putting the area under surveillance by UCs for several days after the November 6 burglaries.  Perhaps a bait car and a plan to take down the burglars when they strike would have been in order.  But the so-called "detectives" did nothing proactive after the break-ins on November 6.  As a result, the criminals came back to hit the jackpot 2 nights later.

Auto burglaries go unsolved in Jackson because JPD's detectives are not motivated to solve them.  Investigating auto burglaries and apprehending the offenders requires taking immediate action.  It also involves hard work and sleepless nights.  Rather than effort, the detectives take a "Sh!t Happens" approach to auto burglaries.  That attitude is why these people are still out there burglarizing other citizens' cars.

[Note:  Of the few auto burglars that are caught, most are caught by attentive patrol officers who catch them in the act.  If it weren't for patrol officers, no auto burglar would ever be arrested in Jackson.]

Jackson Free Press:  The JFP failed by not mentoring, counseling and improving the self-esteem of the perpetrators so that they would stop stealing other people's stuff.

On a serious note, until we get dedicated, professional security directors and JPD detectives who actually want to make auto burglary arrests, we all better keep Safelite's number handy.  Odds are we will need it.


  1. So much for thinking downtown was safe. What happened to the security guard on the corner at standard life? I have seen him there in the daytime. Is he just window dressing that people can see during the day to make people think its safe and then leaves before the thugs go to work?

  2. This pisses me off. When we moved in they told us it was safe. Full time security. Then somebody walks up and breaks into cars that close. I know Crime happens everywhere. I would have leased anyway. They did not have to lie to get me to live there. But if I had know they did not have security like they said I would have made sure to park somewhere else.

  3. There are parking places within locked areas which are available for Standard Life and King Edward residents. When I leased my apartment at Standard Life, it was recommended that I take advantage of this, and I did.

    There is a significant security and police presence downtown, especially surrounding the Standard Life and King Edward buildings. As development downtown continues, even more security and police presence will be added.

    It is impossible to prevent all crime. Cars are burglarized in all parts of the Jackson metropolitan area and all parts of the country for that matter. Unfortunately, when there are 5-10 (or more) cars close together in the early morning hours, that is an easy target for burglars. This is the risk in any urban residential area anywhere in the U.S., not just Jackson, MS.

  4. Well the blame the victim crowd is here.

    They told us they had security. I can see the security in the daytime and even after sunset. He stands on the corner across from the lot where this happened. I guess they are too cheap to pay him to stay for 3rd shift when the criminals are out. But they sure can pay him to be seen between 8-5 so all the white folks can see him and think it is safe downtown.

    I would have parked in the garage if they hadn't bull@*&!!ed about having security.

    I'm sick of hearing about crime happens everywhere as an excuse for when it happens here. I don't care what goes on in other places. I don't park my car in those cities. I park it here.

  5. 10:40am: "There is a significant security and police presence downtown, especially surrounding the Standard Life and King Edward buildings."

    You are correct, but only for 2/3 of the day. After 2am, the "police presence" is virtually nonexistent (as always, it's important to note that this is not a patrol officer problem, it's a command staff problem). Don't let that patrol car parked on the street behind the King Ed garage fool you. It is unoccupied. A police car without a police officer attached to it isn't much of a presence.

    You are also correct that there is security standing in front of the Hilton Garden Inn/King Ed frontside 24/7. However, they are stationary, not roving. Unless someone commits a crime under their noses, they won't even know it's happening. Incredibly, they are also *unarmed.* Even if they did see a crime going down, they are virtually powerless to stop it.

    With regard to what goes on in other cities, 11:39 makes a good point. We cannot let the fact that "crime happens everywhere" justify a tolerance of *any* level of crime in our community. One auto burglary is one too many, and all hell should break loose whenever one occurs.

  6. It appears that the both of you expect the impossible. Auto burglaries are ubiquitous. The City of Jackson is not in a unique position as compared to other cities such that it has unlimited resources to place a patrol officer beside every car throughout the city, which is what would have to be done to completely eliminate auto burglaries. It is not an issue of tolerating crime, as you suggest. It is an issue of whether JPD is doing what it reasonably can to reduce crime. Both of you seem to suggest that the mere fact that there have been auto burglaries means JPD has failed. To point out that this is absurd for the reason stated above does not equate to tolerating crime.

    JPD has had an increased presence downtown as the number of residents in the downtown area have increased. This does not mean that things are perfect, but the crime statistics I have reviewed indicate that there is less crime in the downtown area than just about anywhere in the city. As someone who has lived downtown for the past 6 months, I can say I have less concern about my personal safety while I have been downtown than I do while at any other location in the city. It is easy to become frustrated after one has been the victim of a crime; however, carelessly blaming JPD and those who have invested significant amounts of money in making life downtown possible is not the solution. I would suggest that working with these groups is more likely to achieve results.

  7. Depends on what you mean by JPD. If you mean the street level officers, then I agree with you. Most are hard-working, motivated officers doing the best they can. If, however, you mean the detectives and dead weight command staff, then I can't agree with you.

    No one wants an "officer by every car.". However, a little effort by detectives would be helpful.

    The comments the DJT has posted should not be interpreted as a swipe at Mr. Watkins. As we stated in the post, we're big fans. At the same time, it's evident someone in his organization dropped the ball. Just because we point that out doesn't mean we think Watkins Dev. is any less great than before.

  8. " Auto burglaries are ubiquitous. "

    ... Yeah, in the City of Jackson & Hinds County

    Not so much in Madison , Rankin , or even Copiah Counties .

    But I suppose that's only perception .

  9. Just so you know that is only perception, I used to live in rankin county in a very nice neighborhood and my brothers car got broken into in our very own driveway! You don't see cops driving around houses in neighborhoods to prevent break-ins, so why do you expect it just because you live downtown? I have also been downtown in standard life for 6 months and have never once felt unsafe! The security guards are very friendly and have always responded promptly when we have had problems with neighbors! We were told up front not to park on the streets as there have been problems with robberies that are beyond standard life's control! Where these people are parking that have been burglarized is not owned by standard life, therefore it is not standard life's obligation to protect their property! If you want to have safe parking, pay the fee to park in either the standard life gated lot or the king Edward garage! I have done this the whole time and have never had a problem! Unless you have taken these measures to protect your own vehicle then you have no ground to stand on blaming everyone else!!! Stop complaining and blaming and take control of your own situation! You people are not the only victims in the world!!!

  10. Oh, and if you think it's unsafe and hate it so much, then move out!!! There's plenty of other people on waiting list that would love to live where you live!!!

  11. 1024, why are you getting so bent out of shape? One person posted about his car getting broken into. That person (correctly) noted the absence of the security guard at night. An officer on that corner would have thwarted those burglaries. Why so angry about those comments?

  12. How safe did you feel when somebody shot up the front of the convention center a few weeks ago?

    10:22/10:24 = Watkins employee/jdna wine tasting committee chair

  13. Secure your vehicle, be aware of your surroundings and park in a well lit area and all will be well. ROFLMFAO

  14. Yeah 10:22 , everyone agrees that crime also exists in Madison & Rankin.

    But such crimes are not ubiquitous. Isolated perhaps, but not ubiquitous
    ( except Canton ) .

  15. 'everyone agrees that crime also exists in Madison & Rankin.'

    Because Jackson thugs come to Madison and Rankin and commit the crimes.