Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wendy's Playhouse, or Fire-Lite?

Our conversation with Wendy Ramage yesterday revealed some interesting facts about her operation that we didn't know, and verified a few things that we suspected.  It seems there's more to Wendy's Playhouse than meets the butt-naked eye.

Surprisingly, Ms. Ramage denied that she was operating a club at this location.  Despite unmistakable advertising to the contrary, Ms. Ramage claimed that her operation was not a club at all.  According to Ms. Ramage, Wendy's Playhouse simply plans and stages events at the location.  Ms. Ramage would not respond when we asked her if she had a license to do business in the City of Jackson. 

Ms. Ramage revealed that her partner in the business venture was Chip Matthews.  Mr. Matthews is the owner of the infamous FIRE meat market on 209 Commerce Street.  She further stated that Mr. Matthews held the license to operate a club on the premises.  Ms. Ramage claimed that Mr. Matthews even "owned" the building where her (not) club does business (Note: Matthews actually rents the building from an upstanding real estate professional that we will recognize in a separate post).

We subsequently discovered that Matthews was actually calling the shots and speaking on behalf of Wendy's Playhouse.

Matthews' lease.  Matthews' license.  Matthews speaking on behalf of the business.  Is it possible that Wendy Ramage is just the "front man," and that this is Chip Matthews' attempt to get a foothold downtown (at the same time the Farish Street projects are proceeding)?  If so, why not just come right out and let everyone know that this is his operation?

Could it be that Mr. Matthews didn't advertise his involvement because of the Category 5 shitstorm it would have created?  Can you imagine the reaction of developers and residents if they realized that "little FIRE" was coming downtown?  It would not have been pretty.

Circumstantial evidence is that Chip Matthews is ass-deep in Wendy's Playhouse.  Of course, we could be wrong.  Mr. Matthews is welcome to provide any evidence to the contrary and we will post it.  Until then, the DJT Investigations Division will continue digging.


  1. Elegant looking chap. I bet he is also tattoo city under that coat.

  2. He kind of looks nervous .

  3. The bastard still owes me money.

  4. GD does he have a mother? Holy shit. He brings a lot to the table I would bet. Is he related to that titty bar ex-magnate that got Armtrong's ass in jail, John Adams?

  5. At least the lezbo carpet munchers and those queer guys who prefer a warm hairy MALE ass hole rather than a Woman's vagina kept to themselves.

    Wendy's trashy Ass "fans" were all over the place.

    Not too cool.

  6. The above comment was about "Dick and Jane's" .. the closed
    Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, Transvestite, and other assorted Freak Show
    Bar managed by said Chipster.

  7. Damn what a winner. Sheesh. Why does this not happen in Madison? (yes that is rhetorical for you Rankin County go look up rhetorical)