Saturday, October 29, 2011

Opinions, Whorehouses, Comments, Rebuttals and SLAPP Lawsuit Threats

Since the trailer park is now up in arms and in full effect, it seems prudent to explain a few things to people who might not have paid close-enough attention in GED review class.

Statements of Fact vs. Statements of Opinion

This site contains both statements of fact and statements of opinion.  Those who are tempted to threaten DJT with a defamation lawsuit would be well-advised to learn the difference.  For example, calling someone "white trash" is a statement of opinion, not fact.  Statements of opinion are not defamatory.


For those who may be of dim intellect, we feel compelled to explain our use of the term "whorehouse."  Our use of the term "whorehouse" does not literally mean a place where one may enter and purchase sex with U.S. Currency.  Our use of the term "whorehouse" means a location where one might find people who are dressed like, look like, or are acting like whores (in a not-for-profit or pro bono capacity).

No person of reasonable, average intelligence would think that our use of the term "whorehouse" means actual prostitution.  However, we provide this explanation for those who might be reading this and be of substantially less than average intelligence.

In the event we discover a literal "whorehouse," you can rest assured that we will have a lot more details than simply calling it a whorehouse.


As some may have noticed, we do not censor comments here.  We allow anonymous posting, and do not delete or screen comments that disagree with, attack or even threaten us.  Just as this is a forum to express our opinion, we will allow those that disagree with us to express theirs.  You're welcome.


In the event any of the people highlighted on this site wish to show us that we're wrong, or just put a good cussing on us, you are welcome to do so.  We will publish your thoughts.

And if we discover that we really are wrong (which is unlikely), we will correct the error.

SLAPP Lawsuit Threats

We have great respect for the freedoms of speech and expression.  Our respect for these freedoms is such that we allow people to trash us on our own site, even though we have no obligation to do so.  Obviously, we are quite protective of these rights.  We don't take well to threats of lawsuits that attempt to extort us into removing our opinions.  These are commonly referred to as "SLAPP" suits.

Anyone who is tempted to file a SLAPP suit against us should be prepared to get SLAPPed back.  And we won't quit SLAPPing until the threat is neutralized.  This applies both to would-be plaintiffs, as well as any potential low-rent mouthpiece looking for a nuisance settlement.

Our opinions will not be removed.  We will not pay one dime to settle your frivolous claims.  That's our policy and it ain't gonna change.

If there are any questions, please let us know.  We thank you for your support.


  1. I think the attorney living in the van under the Hwy 80 Bridge just left the area.

  2. Curt this city needs to erect a statue downtown in your honor.

  3. Does hoping that she is actually stupid enough to pursue a lawsuit make me a bad person? The resulting legal drubbing she/they will undoubtedly take should provide plenty of fodder for future posts.

    Keep shining that light in the dark corners Curt.