Saturday, March 31, 2012

Judge Tomie Green's Illegal Sentence Given to Anthony Demon Jones

In our last post, we discussed the disgraceful and abysmal performance of the Hinds County District Attorney in giving 10-time violent habitual offender Anthony Demon Jones the sweetheart plea deal of a lifetime.  Of course, Judge Tomie Green, arguably the worst judge in America, approved the plea deal.

On closer examination of this farce, it appears that not only did the District Attorney and America's Worst Judge act in reckless disregard of public safety, they acted illegally in giving this gift to Mr. Jones.

As we previously reported, 10-time prior convicted felon Anthony Demon Jones was given a sentence of 7 years, with 2 years suspended, and 5 years to serve, as to all 3 pending felony indictments against him.  Judge Green then sentenced Jones to "3 YEARS SUPERVISED PROBATION."  Obviously, that sentence is a disgraceful betrayal of the public trust, given Anthony Demon Jones' record and current crime spree.  What makes it even more shameful is that the sentence was illegal.

Jones' Sentencing Orders

Mississippi law does not allow the Judge to suspend time in the case of a person who has been previously convicted of a felony crime, and place that person on "supervised probation."  Mississippi Code Section 47-7-33 provides that the trial judge may suspend a sentence of a defendant and order probation for a period of time.  During the period of probation, the portion of the suspended sentence remains "hanging over the defendant's head," and may be imposed if he violates the terms and conditions of supervised release.  However, Section 47-7-33 explicitly provides that a sentence shall not be suspended or the defendant placed on probation "where the defendant has been convicted of a felony on a previous occasion in any court or courts of the United States and of any state or territories thereof."

Now that Section seems pretty damn easy to understand.  But, not surprisingly, Judge Tomie Green just can't quite get it.  Anthony Demon Jones had been convicted of a felony on a previous occasion (10 previous occasions, to be precise), so Judge Green was clearly prohibited from suspending any portion of the sentence and placing him on supervised probation.  But she did it anyway. 

Perhaps Judge Green would know more about the law if she spent a little more time studying it, and a little less time sticking her nose into Sheriff Lewis' business.  If Judge Green can't even perform the very simple tasks she was elected to do, what the hell makes her think she is qualified to tell the Sheriff how to do his job.  I know that protecting her bailiff-bellhops is a matter of urgent public concern, but I'm sure most citizens of Hinds County would prefer that Judge Green do her job properly, and let other elected officials do the same. 

Perhaps a little less time writing stupid poems, and a little more time reading the Mississippi Code, might enable Tomie Green to give the citizens of Hinds County the service they deserve. 

In the last post, we asked why Hinds County District Attorney Robert Smith would give sweetheart deals to Anthony Demon Jones and his manslaughtering, coke-dealing employer.  This time we ask why Hinds County Circuit Judge Tomie Green can't comply with the simplest of simple laws.  Why did Judge Green suspend a portion of Anthony Demon Jones' sentence and order supervised probation, when it was unlawful to do so?

Many do not know this, but the DJT is an amateur sh*thouse poet in his own right.  While you ponder the above questions, we leave you with this closing verse.
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Read the law Judge Green,
And you'll look less like a fool.

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